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2020's Top 10 Best Automatic Cat Food Dispensing Stations: Fully-Programmable with Personalized Feeding Schedules & Portion Control

An Automatic Cat Feeder is an automated food dispensing station that automatically dispenses cat food to it’s feeding bowl at your designated time or the exact moment when instructed by the pet parent. A good quality automatic feeder saves you the hassle of manually feeding your cat, which means your kitty always gets her feed on time, even when you are out and about!

Cat Feeders come in varying options — ranging from fully-automatic cat feeders to semi-automatic ones, wet food to dry food dispensers, and timer-operated stations to smartphone-controlled ones.

To help you find the best pet feeder that satisfies both you and your pet’s expectations, we’ve reviewed the 2021’s Top 10 Automatic Cat Feeding Stations and rated them according to their functionality and operating methodology.

The Best Automatic Cat Feeding Stations of 2021

Verdict Product Workability Score
Best Overall PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic 95%
Best All-in-One Roffie Automatic Cat Feeder 95%
Best Smart Cat Feeder PETKIT WiFi Pet Feeder 90%
Best Automatic Wet Food Cat Feeder Cat Mate C500 Feeder 90%
Best Pet Feeder w/ Automatic Water Dispenser UPSKY Cat Feeder 90%
Best Budget Pick AmazonBasics Cat Federer 97%
Best Automatic Cat Feeder w/ Microchip SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder 98%
Best Jam-Free Automated Cat Feeder HoneyGuardian A36 Cat Feeder 95%
The Most Technologically-Advanced DOGNESS Automatic Feeding Station 95%
Best for Multi-Cat Household Homdox 7L Automatic Cat Food Dispenser 97%

This list includes various types of cat food dispensing stations such as Automatic Cat Feeders, Gravity Cat Feeders, Slow Eating Cat Feeders; feeders for wet, dry, and semi-humid pet food; feeders with a sensor, storage box, handle, chip, camera, and timer; and feline feeders controlled by phone, Google Home, and Alexa.

1). PetSafe Simply Feed Automatic (Our Top No.1 Pick & The Best Automated Cat Feeder Overall)

An automatic cat feeding station that incorporates all the features of being the best Automated Cat Feeder. Schedule meals with flexible meal portions and always stay ensured of fresh food being smoothly served to your kitty!
Storage Size: 24 Cups
Portion Control: 1/8 Cup to 4 Cups
Available Timers: 12 Timers

The PetSafe Simply Feed is a technologically-advanced, automatic cat feeder. The unit holds up to 24 cups of dry or semi-moist food, which can be dispensed in 1/8-cup to 4-cup portions for up to 12x times a day.

Scheduling the meals and selecting the portion sizes is quick and easy – all thanks to the LCD screen and built-in timer with uncomplicated settings. This means you never have to worry about if you can’t make it home for dinner. The PetSafe station has you covered to make sure your pet doesn’t miss a meal.

Furthermore, the meal portion calculator gives you full control of how much food should be dispensed at a specific time. You can go with immediate-feed, slow-feed, and the normal-feed option to ensure your kitty is fed neither too much nor too little in your absence.

The dispenser is properly sealed, which means the kitty’s food stays fresh and mold-free for a long time, and the locking lid makes it impossible for aggressive cats to break the lid open or steal food.

With PetSafe Simply Feed, food is always smoothly dispensed to your cat. There’s a smooth-sliding roller inside, which catches food from the storage compartment and dispenses it straight into the stainless steel feeding bowl underneath on your designated time. There are no jams, and no risks of kibble getting stuck. Being portable and operated by 4 D-Cell batteries, make this product also an ideal automatic cat feeder for travelling.

  • Programmable Feeding
  • Flexible Meal Portions
  • Feeding-Size Control
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Anti-Jam Prevention
  • Portable & Battery Operated
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Couple of kernels fall when the box is pushed and dragged. Your cat may learn this trick and outsmart the device.
  • There’s no option to cancel, reset, or edit a feeding. In such cases, you have to remove the batteries, insert them again, and set the feeding schedule by starting all over again.

2). Roffie Automatic Cat Feeder (The Best All-in-One Cat Feeder)

Roffie is not just an automatic cat feeder. In fact, it’s a technologically-advanced food dispensing station that comes equipped with nifty extra perks of voice-recording, distribution alarm, and infrared detection sensors.
Storage Size: 7 ltr. (29 Cups)
Portion Control: 2 tsp. to 4.5 cups
Available Timers: 4 timers per day

Featuring a massive 7-liter (29-cups) dry food holder, the Roffie Automatic ensures your kitty is kept properly fed for days at a time and without you ever worrying about forgetting mealtime again.

This advanced-tech dispensing station incorporates a Programmable Timer for up to 4 meals a day with complete control over portion size. With a few clicks of the buttons, you can set a specific time for each meal and even set how much food should be dispensed for each mealtime. The smallest portion size is 2 teaspoons and goes as much as 4.5 cups.

The feeder also lets owners turn on an alarm bell or record a short voice message to be played the moment before the kitty’s meal is dispensed. It’s ideal for calling your furry friend to come munch on her favorite snack – adding that personal touch.

The top lid of Roffie Automatic forms a type of seal, thus keeping the kibble fresh and preventing your cat from stealing the food. Furthermore, the infrared detection sensor knows how much food needs to be dispensed to prevent over-flowiing.

Roffie Automatic Cat Feeder is powered by a power adapter and 3 D-size batteries. In case of a blackout or electricity supply cut, the feeder will itself switch to the batteries. This means your pet will never miss its meal.

  • Large Food Capacity
  • Meal Scheduling w/ Portion Control
  • Slow-Feeding w/ Smallest Food Quantity Dispensation
  • Voice Recording Feature
  • Distribution Alarm
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Sleek & Stylish Design
  • Infrared Detection to prevent food overflows
  • Suitable for Dry Food only
  • Supports 0.2-0.6 food pellet sizes only

3). PETKIT WiFi Pet Feeder (The Best Smart Automatic Cat Feeder)

A Wifi-enabled high-tech feeder that hooks up to your smartphone, for convenient on-the-go control of your kitty’s diet. Fill the bin, schedule a dispensing time, or dispense food anytime via your phone!
Storage Size: 3.3 lbs
Portion Control: 5 gm to 100 gm
Available Timers: 10 timers per day

The PETKIT Feeder works just like any other automatic pet feeder, but the inclusion of high-tech perks make it a real crowd-pleaser. The hopper has a 3.3 lbs dry-food storage capacity, and the programmable feeder allows scheduling up to 10 meals a day.

For each meal dispensation, you are free to select a portion size ranging from 1/20 cup to 1/2 cups (5g-100g) to fit your pet’s unique feeding needs.

The PETKIT Pet Feeder can also be operated using PETKIT’s smartphone-app. This allows you to feed your pet anytime, anywhere in your desired food quantity by using your smartphone. The application also features a “Feed Now” option, to feed your cat outside of scheduled feeding times.

The Alexa integration is a Bonus Genius, which means you can even ask your Amazon Echo Device to feed snacks to your cat!

The feeder is made even more supreme with the inclusion of a low-food sensor that automatically notifies you when food levels are low; double fresh lock system that keeps the food fresh, dry, and secured throughout the day; and back-up batteries to ensure your kitty never misses its meal in case of a power failure.

PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder remembers the settings as long as you want them. It means there’s no need to set timers on routine basis, unless and until you want to change the feeding schedule.

  • Feed from your phone
  • Works with Alexa
  • Portion Control Feature
  • Remote & Scheduled Feeding
  • Schedule up to 10 meals a day
  • Double Fresh Lock System
  • Low Food Sensor
  • Emergency Battery Backup
  • Detachable & Easy to Clean
  • The food storage capacity is not big.
  • The feeder supports dry cat food only.
  • Users have complained that the feeder takes a long time to pair with their smartphone, and there are times when it does not connect at all.
  • The PETKIT smartphone application is not updated frequently, and may crash again and again in newer Android or iOS versions.

4). Cat Mate C500 Feeder (The Best Automatic Wet Food Cat Feeder)

With 5-different feeding compartments, the Cat Mate C500 smartly stores and automatically dispenses different varieties and textures of food — dry, wet, and semi-moist — on the designated time.
Storage Size: 3/4 lb. per compartment
Portion Control: NA
Available Timers: 5 timers per day

While a majority of pet feeding stations support dry and one-type of food only, the Cat Mate C500 is unique in a sense that it features five different food compartments to serve up to five meals a day. Each compartment has a storage capacity of 3/4 lb. of food.

You can either fill all the compartments with the same type of food or fill them with different food types to serve your kitty with a new delicious snack every time!

All the 5-feeding compartments can be scheduled to release food at this and this time of a day. The mechanism is rotary. The moment the time comes for a feeding compartment to release the food, the inside motor spins the 5 bowls in a circular motion and exposes the one to your cat for which you have set the timer. All other compartments remain securely hidden and are only exposed when their time arrives.

Programming the feeding schedule is super-easy. Once set, the feeding times for each of the 5 boxes are digitally displayed on the LCD-display.

Since wet cat food is more likely to get stale fast, so the two cooling ice packs and a tight lid on the top keeps it fresh and prevents the formation of bacteria or mold. Users have said that it can keep wet food fresh for a maximum of 36 hours, which is pretty decent.

  • Supports Wet, Dry & Semi-Moist Food
  • Features 5 different food compartments
  • LCD w/ Digital Timer
  • Portable Design
  • Battery Operated
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ice Packs for Freshness
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Low Storage Capacity
  • Many users have filed complaints regarding the bowls’ alignment,. that goes bad very often. This causes the bowls to split by the opening, wrong bowl being exposed, and the same bowl being exposed each time.
  • The rotation motor malfunctions.

5). UPSKY Cat Feeder (The Best Pet Feeder w/ Automatic Water Dispenser)

Keep your kitty hydrated throughout the day, with fresh automatic supply of water. With UPSKY Feeder, you never have to worry about your cat being deprived of water, even when you are away for a couple of days!
Storage Size: 17oz (500 ml)

The UPSKY cat feeding station offers a simple pet feeding bowl and an automatic water dispenser. A 17oz (500 ml) large capacity bottle sits on the station, which keeps the underneath bowl always filled with fresh water.

The innovative design with floating disk – prevents water spills, prevents wetting cat’s mouth and hair when drinking, and keeps the water clean. The dispenser is completely safe for cats, as it adopts food-grade PC material, which is non-toxic and contains no strange smells.

The station also features a transparent glass bowl, which sits in a separate compartment and is used to feed food to your cat.

  • 2-in-1 Cat Feeder
  • Automatic Water Dispenser
  • Innovative Design
  • No Water Spills
  • No Chances of Pet Getting Wet
  • Detachable & Easy to Clean
  • Made from food-grade PC material
  • Does not contain an automatic food dispenser
  • Limited functionality

6). AmazonBasics Gravity Cat Federer + Waterer (The Best Budget Pick)

Keep your cat properly fed and hydrated with the Amazon Basics Gravity Pet Feeding Station. It is highly-affordable and works marvels!
Storage Size: Food Dispenser = 6 Pounds, Water Dispenser= 1 Gallon
Portion Control: NA
Available Timers: NA

The AmazonBasics Gravity is a 2-in-1 cat feeding station, featuring both a feeder and waterer to fulfill the daily food and hydration requirements of your feline.

The feeding station uses Gravity Technology to automatically dispense a fresh and new supply of food from the top storage hoppers into the eating bowl underneath.

The food-storage hopper with extra-wide mouth and removable lid holds up to 6 pounds of dry pet food. And the water-storage bottle holds up to 1 gallon of water. The top lids and bases are made of PP, and the storage hoppers are made of transparent PET, which allows for checking food levels at a glance.

There are comfortable carrying handles, which allows pet parents to single-handedly lift the station and move it from one place to another. The non-skid rubber feet are there for grip and stability. Cleaning the dispensers is a breeze.

  • Affordable
  • Works without batteries or electricity
  • No log jams
  • Huge Storage Hoppers
  • Suitable for multiple-pet households
  • Pets have 24/7 access to fresh food and water
  • No Programmable Feeding Schedule
  • No Portion Control
  • Also because the water and food are always full, large breeds can easily make a mess or wolf down on food too much.

7). SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder (The Best Automatic Cat Feeder w/ Microchip)

SureFeed Pet Feeder isn’t just a traditional pet feeder, it is an innovatively advanced Microchip Pet Food Dispensing Station that serves food to authorised kitties only!
Storage Size: 13.5 fl. oz – wet or dry pet food
Portion Control: NA
Available Timers: NA

Pets can be greedy, and it’s normal for one kitty to steal another’s food. Luckily, Surefeed has developed an automatic cat feeding station for such cases.

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder dispenses food only when a pet with a veterinary implanted microchip or RFID neckline tag comes before its sensor. It just opens for that particular pet, therefore preventing non-RFID pets from taking food from one another’s dishes.

Do you have numerous cats in your home? Does one naughty cat take the other pet’s food? The Microchip Pet Feeder by SureFeed has made feeding times the least distressing. It utilizes the pet’s Microchip ID or RFID neck area tag to speak with the feeder to open for that specific pet and dispense food to that specific pet only!

This feeder is ideal for multi-pet families to keep voracious pets from getting overweight and to ensure the right food is apportioned to the right pet. The cover of the feeder closes onto a fixed bowl, which keeps food fresh and free from bacteria. There’s also a cat training mode that closes the top in stages to empower untrained pets to become accustomed to the movement.

In short, the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is an ideal purchase decision for every one of those family units, where pets peek into one another’s food and steal other’s food portions as well. With SureFeed Pet Feeder, you are constantly guaranteed that the right food is offered to the right pet!

  • Equipped with Microchip Technology
  • Dispenses food to authorized cats only
  • Prevents food stealing
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Can be used for training
  • Cunning and ill-mannered cats can snatch the food. There is enough room between the sensor bar and the feeder lid that another cat can either fit its head in and eat or stick a paw through and hook out food. The unauthorized cat can push in next to the “owner” of the feeder and eat all of the food as long as the “owner” stays under the hood.

8). HoneyGuardian A36 Cat Feeder (The Best Jam-Free Automated Cat Feeder)

The HoneyGuardian A36 ensures a smooth dispensation of cat food, from the storage hopper straight into the feeding bowl underneath with NO JAMS & NO LAGS!
Storage Size: 13 Cups
Portion Control: 1 to 80 portions
Available Timers: 6 timers per day

Kibbles getting stuck inside the dispenser is a common issue found in automatic cat feeding stations. This causes malfunction and the dispenser to stop working. However, HoneyGuardian A36 is not the same…

It’s a highly-powerful automatic pet feeding station that is powered by a motor to prevent the food from blocking. Even if the food blocks inside, the motor rotates to and fro to release the stuck kibble inside!

The hopper has a storage capacity of 13-cup dry food, and the machine can be programmed to dispense 1 to 80 food portions of 1/16 cup each per meal, 6x times a day. Once you program the feeding plans, the machine will follow them permanently, unless and until you edit or reset the device to its default settings.

If you prefer, you can even use it’s programmable voice callout feature to record a 10-second voice message to be played when food is dispensed, letting your cat know that it’s the time to eat or calling your kitten to have her meal. nad

Like all other feeding units, the HoneyGuardian A36 is both battery and electricity operated. In case of a power outage, the feeder continues to function on 4 D-size batteries. Furthermore, the inclusion of cozy perks like Low Food Alarm, Flashing Light, Touch LCD, Clock, Locking Lid, and Built-in Infrared Sensors make this product a Hot Choice!

  • Motor Inversion for Smooth Food Dispensation
  • Infrared Technology to Detect & Fix Stuck Food
  • Meal Portion Control
  • Programmable Food Release Schedule
  • Settings remain saved permanently
  • Low Food Alert
  • Pet Proof Dispenser
  • Touch LCD
  • Locking Lid
  • Some users say that the programming is not easy for them, as the device uses military time to schedule feeding times.
  • Some users have also complained that the machine makes a loud noise while dispensing food.
  • Buttons are not buttons, they are touch-sensitive areas that don’t give you any feedback.

9). DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Cat Smart Feeder with Camera (The Most Technologically-Advanced)

A smart feeding station allows you to set up automatic feedings with personalized portion sizes, as well as monitor your cat’s activity and interact with it using the Live WiFi Camera!
Storage Size: 6.5 lbs
Portion Control: Personalized
Available Timers: Unlimited

The DOGNESS Smart Pet Feeder features a two-way audio system through which you can interact with your cat anytime using your smartphone; and a WiFI Camera which allows you to see what she’s up to, with HD-video being displayed in real-time in your smartphone.

The feeder is huge enough to store 6.5 lbs (3kg) of dry cat food in its tightly sealed pet-proof container. Inside the hopper, there’s a small pocket that holds 3 packages of desiccant to keep the food dry and free from bacteria.

With DOGNESS Smart Feeder, you can set up automatic feedings for your pet, with personalized portion sizes and scheduled times. You have full control over how many timers to set and how much kibble to dispense each time.

  • Fully Self-Operating Cat Food Dispenser
  • Schedule Meal Times w/ Portion Control
  • Slow-Feeding Option
  • Live Camera Tracking
  • Huge Storage Capacity
  • Dual Power Supply
  • Food Stays Fresh
  • 2-Way Voice Chat System
  • Works on only 2.4GHz frequency WiFi
  • Price is high
  • Some users have complained about connectivity problems

10). Homdox 7L Automatic Cat Food Dispenser (Best for Multi-Cat Household)

Featuring a huge 7-liter hopper with programmable feed scheduling and portion control, the Homdox Pet Feeder can go for up to weeks and the eating tray is wide enough to accommodate multiple cats, simultaneously!
Storage Size: 7-liter
Portion Control: 2 tablespoons to 5 cups
Available Timers: 4 timers per day

Got multiple cats in your home? Buy Homdox Pet Feeder and keep all your kitties properly fed. The 7-liter hopper can store up to 28 cups of dry food at a time, and it can be programmed to dispense food in portions (ranging from 2 tablespoons to 5 cups) four times a day.

The eating tray is wide enough to accommodate multiple cats, simultaneously. To make mealtime happy, the Homdox 7L features a voice-recorder with a speaker. You can record your voice message, and it will be played at the time of food dispensation. The dispenser is dual-powered, and also features an infrared detector to prevent food from spilling.

  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Feed Multiple Cats Simultaneously
  • Programmable Feeding Schedule
  • Personalized Portion Control
  • Record Voice Message
  • Dual-Power Supply
  • Infrared Induction
  • Microphone is not of good quality. Recorded voice not plays clear.
  • It does not have a memory, so you’ll have to reprogram it after a shut down or unplug without the “D” batteries.
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