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2020's Top Best Self-Dispensing Automatic Dog Food Dispensers: Fully-Automated, Gravity, Programmable, Portion Control

Routinely feeding your dog on proper breakfast, meal, and lunch times is an uphill battle, especially for those parents who are either snowed under their daily job duties or have to stay outdoors for long durations of work. This is where automatic dog feeders come to your aid — routinely dispensing meals to your pooches on scheduled meal times with your personalized portion control.

But not all dog feeders are worth the investment. Some lag, some jam, and some actually don’t even follow up with your programmed commands.

The team at PetsBeast performed a deep-research, dived into the user testimonials of every available feeder on Amazon, analyzed the good and the cons, and even performed self-tests on most of the dog feeding supplies — so as to provide you with Automatic Dog Food Dispensers that are worth the money and guarantee peak performance.

Our Top Pick: Roffie Dog Food Dispenser


We have rated Roffie Dispenser as the best automatic canine feeding station of 2021. This high-tech feeder features huge 7-liter hopper storage with programmable feeding schedules and portion control. Nifty extra perks like voice-recording, infrared detection sensors, jam-free machinery, and distribution alarm further raise its bar and make this product shine among the rest!

Best Automatic Dog Feeders of 2021

Here we’ve listed the best picks of the bunch. But before we dive into the deep details, here’s a helicopter view of the 2021’s Top-Rated Automatic Dog Feeders that are on the market today.


Roffie Dog Feeding Station
  • Verdict:Best Overall
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AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder
  • Verdict:Most Affordable
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DOGNESS WiFi Canine Feeder
  • Verdict:Most Smart
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Homdox Automatic Dog Food Dispenser
  • Verdict:Best Slow-Feeder
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Pet Lodge Chow Hound Automatic Dog Feeder
  • Verdict:For Large Dogs
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Furbo Dog Smart Treat Tosser
  • Verdict:Best Treat-Tosser
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Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer w/ Microban
  • Verdict:Best Waterer
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PetSafe Wet Dog Food Dispenser
  • Verdict:Best Automatic Wet Food Feeder
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BELOPEZZ Smart Automatic Dog Food Dispensing Station
  • Verdict:Best for Puppies
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 PetsBeast’s Top No.1 Pick: Roffie Dog Feeding Station

With a huge food storage capacity, programmable feeding schedule, meal portion control adjustment, and added perks of voice-recording and distribution alarm — the Roffie Food Dispensers seems something straight outta heavens!
Storage Size: 28 Cups
Portion Control: 2 TBSP. to 4.5 Cups
Timers p/ Day: Four

If you are looking for the best purchase of 2021, look no other than the Roffie Dog Food Dispenser. It has a massive 7-liter hopper that can store 28-cups of dry dog food. The feeder is fully-automated and programmable.

For each 24 hour cycle, you can set 4-different meal dispensing times. There’s a portion-control feature as well, which allows you to select the food quantity for each meal. You can go with 2 tablespoons dry food per meal, all the way up to 4.5 cups of food per meal dispensation.

The automatic feeder also allows pet parents to turn on the Alarm-Tone or record their 10-second voice message to be played at the time of meal dispensation. This is especially helpful in cases, where you want to call your dog to have his meal in your absence.

The top lid of Roffie shuts seal packed, thus keeping the dog food inside the hopper fresh and dry. Furthermore, there’s an infrared detection sensor just above the feeding bowl underneath, which detects how much food needs to be dispensed to prevent overflowing.

What makes us love this pet feeder even more, is its dual-powered operation. You can run it on D-size batteries, through a power adapter, or turn ON both the options, so that in case of a blackout or dead battery – the feeder continues its operation on the backup option.

What Customers Say About This Product: As of now, the Roffie Dog Feeding Station enjoys its position as the best selling item on Amazon. By the time of writing this, the product scores a positive gold-star rating of 4.5, with 90% showing their likeness and 10% showing their dislikeness for this product.

A majority of users have shown great confidence in this product, for being so accurate and super-good in feeding their canines. They don’t have to worry about their dog running out of food, as the dispenser has a huge food storage capacity to keep their pooches properly fed for 2-3 days. Furthermore, there are no lags and jams which further relieves every pet parent’s stress.

The Good
  • Large Food Reservoir
  • Meal Scheduling w/ Portion Control
  • Voice Recording Feature
  • Distribution Alarm
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Infrared Detection to prevent food overflows
  • Dual-Powered
The Bad
  • Supports 0.2-0.6 dry food pellet size only
  • The reset procedure is some times glitchy

Best Budget Pick: AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder

An affordable-yet-top-class feeder to keep your dogs properly fed for days, without manual feeding.
Storage Size: 6 Pounds
Portion Control: N/A
Available Timers: N/A

The AmazonBasics Gravity Feeder is the best option for those who don’t have the money to buy smart dog feeders. Featuring gravity innovation, the dispenser keeps your canines properly fed through a continuous, fresh supply of food from the top storage reservoir into the feeding bowl underneath.

As long as your dog keeps on munching on his delicious kibble, the dispenser keeps on dispensing more and more food to keep the bowl underneath full 24/7.

There’s nothing high-tech in this product. For example, programmable feeding and portion control features aren’t there. But even then, this product does the job of automatically keeping your canine fed all the time.

Despite the low price-tag, the built quality of AmazonBasics Gravity Feeder is excellent. The top lids and bases are made of PP, and the storage hoppers are made of transparent PET, which allows for checking food levels at a glance. There are comfortable carrying handles, which allows pet parents to single-handedly lift the station and move it from one place to another. And the non-skid rubber feet are there for strong stability.

If needed, you can purchase a complete package at discounted rates. It includes two feeding stations – Gravity Pet Food Dispenser and Gravity Pet Water Dispenser.

What Customers About This Product: The AmazonBasic Self-Dispensing Gravity Dog Feeder enjoys its position as one of the best-selling pet feeding stations on Amazon and also a proud Amazon’s Best Choice tag holder. By the time of writing this, the product has a positive gold-star rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, with 90%+ users going gaga over this product’s amazing workability!

Users love this product for being so economically priced, easy to use, and durable. It does not malfunction, never stops working, and always keeps their pooches fed with fresh food. Some users say that the product’s only drawback is the absence of portion control, as some dogs who have the bad habit of wolfing down on food, may munch more than needed, thus upsetting their stomach.

The Good
  • Affordable
  • Works without batteries or electricity
  • No log jams
  • Huge Storage Hoppers
  • Suitable for multiple-pet households
  • Pets have 24/7 access to fresh food and water
The Bad
  • No Programmable Feeding Schedule
  • No Portion Control
  • Also because the water and food are always full, aggressive dogs can easily make a mess
  • Glutton dogs or aggressive eaters may overeat the food

Best Smart Pick: DOGNESS WiFi Canine Feeder

A savvy feeder that allows you to set up programmed feedings with customized portion adjustments, screen your dog’s LIVE activity, and interface with it using the HD WiFi Camera!
Storage Size: 6.5 lbs
Portion Control: Fully-Personalized
Timers p/ Day: Unlimited

The DOGNESS Smart Dog Feeder pars many other feeders in terms of its workability, innovation, and savviness. The product features a huge 6.5 lbs reservoir, which has a capacity of holding 3kg of dry dog food.

What we loved so much about this product, is that unlike other feeders that just limit you with 4 to 8 timers per day, the DOGNESS Feeder provides you the option to program unlimited feeding schedules with personalized portion controls. But the savviness does not end here…

This dog feeder has a camera lens, audio speaker, and mic integrated on its sleek and stylish body. The feeding station is pairable with your android or iOS smartphone, after which you can not just remotely control how much to feed and when to feed, but also live interact with your pooch through the 2-way audio chat system and monitor your pooch’s Real-Time activity through the high-definition camera.

What Customers Say About This Product: The DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Dog Smart Feeder has a rating of 4.2 stars on Amazon. Almost 80% of users have expressed their satisfaction with this product and have highly recommended it to other users as well.

Customers say that the DOGNESS Automatic Food Dispenser has freed them from the stress of manual feeding. They have quoted this product as powerful, robust, and ninja in its job. The only thing that makes other 20% users dissatisfied with this product, is that it only supports 2.4GHz frequency WiFi network + customers say that they face connectivity problems in pairing the smart feeder with their smartphones.

The Good
  • Fully Self-Operating Cat Food Dispenser
  • Schedule Meal Times w/ Portion Control
  • Slow-Feeding Option
  • Live Camera Tracking
  • Huge Storage Capacity
  • Dual Power Supply
  • Food Stays Fresh
  • 2-Way Voice Chat System
  • Smartphone Controlled
The Bad
  • Works on only 2.4GHz frequency WiFi
  • Price is high
  • Some users have complained about connectivity problems

Best Slow Feeding: Homdox Automatic Dog Food Dispenser

With the ability to set portion control size as low as 2 tablespoons and having all the characteristics of a premium feeder, the Homdox Dog Food Dispenser makes an ideal slow-feeding station!
Storage Size: 7-liter
Portion Control: 2 tablespoons to 5 cups
Timers p/ Day: Four

The Homdox Automatic is our top pick for the best feeding station for those glutton dogs who hog down on food like there’s no tomorrow. Overeating can lead to severe health problems, which may even lead your canine to death’s door. Obesity, joint-straining, restlessness, bloating, gas, and upset stomach are some of the common problems associated with overeating in dogs.

Although not every pet dog has a habit of stuffing itself with excess food, but if your canine is a Billy-bunter-type one, then you surely need a slow-feeding station like the Homdox Automatic.

This smart dog food dispenser has a huge 7-liter food reservoir, which easily stores around 29 cups of dry kibble. Being fully-programmable, you can set up to 4 different timers a day for the feeder to automatically dispense food.

The best advantage you get with Homdox is the personalized portion control adjustment which goes as low as 2 tablespoons and as high as 5 cups. For greedy-eaters, you can keep the dispensation settings to slow-feeding and rest leave the job on the Homdox!

To make mealtime engaging, the product features a voice-recorder with a speaker. You can record a short voice message to be played at the time of food dispensation. The dispenser is dual-powered, and also features an infrared detector to prevent kibble overflow.

What Customers Say About This Product: The Homdox 7L Automatic Pet Feeders has the highest positive rating of 4.8 golden-stars on Amazon. 97% of users have liked this product for being so awesome.

Customers have appreciated Homdox Food Dispenser for being their dog’s best automatic slow-feeding partner. They love this product for its reliability, the voice-recording feature, the built quality, and the wide feeding bowl underneath. If not inclusioned with a military clock, the product could have gained 5 out of 5 stars.

The Good
  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Programmable Feeding Schedule
  • Personalized Portion Control
  • Record Voice Message
  • Dual-Power Supply
  • Infrared Induction
  • Slow-Feeding w/ Smallest Food Quantity Dispensation
The Bad
  • Microphone is not of good quality. Recorded voice not plays clear.
  • It does not have a memory, so you’ll have to reprogram it after a shut down

Best for Large Dog Breeds: Pet Lodge Chow Hound Automatic Dog Feeder

A giant dog feeding station for large muscular dog breeds who rely on heavy meal portions. Small feeders can’t resist them, either!
Storage Size: 25 lbs or 50 lbs
Portion Control: N/A
Timers p/ Day: N/A

The Pet Lodge Little Giant Chow Hound is a huge 25 lb. galvanized-steel dog feeder for large dog breeds like Bulldogs, Labradors, and German shepherds. The feeder is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and its tough-galvanized-steel structure is both durable and rust-resistant.

The feeder does not contain a programmable feeding schedule or portion control. It has a huge food storage container, from where dry food is dispensed via an angled-chute down into the feeding tray in a controlled manner. Your dog will itself have to open the magnetized door with their snouts to access the food inside.

For multiple dog households, there is a 50-lbs feeder available as well.

What Users Say About This Product: The Little Giant Dog Feeder has a positive rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, with 95% of satisfied users.

Customers say that the Little Giant is a perfect feeder for their dogs. Small 6 or 7-liter feeders are not suited for large and aggressive dog breeds. They are easily knocked out by aggressive chewers. The Pet Lodge Little Giant Dog Feeder is a robust solution for such cases.

“Our dogs stopped fighting over food and around food almost immediately. It is very easy to load food into the feeder. The top panel opens and the opening is big enough to make pouring the food easy and spilling the food unlikely. It is rain-proof. It is constructed well enough and there are a couple of ledges that make it unlikely rain will ever enter the feeder. We never have to worry about manually feeding our dogs,” says an Amazon user.

Customers say that the only downside is that they don’t have a food limit control. This has worried some owners whose dogs have food aggression. But not every customer is offended by this.

“When dogs are full, they stop eating and only eat when they are hungry. Thus, no issues with food aggression, and it makes for a great feeder when we are out of town for the weekend,” says a customer.

The Good
  • Giant Food Reservoir
  • Tough Galvanized-Steel Body
  • Resistant to wear/tear, dog bites, and rust
  • Can be placed outdoors
  • Rain-Proof
  • Keeps dog fed for several weeks
  • Magnetic-closing door to prevent pests
The Bad
  • Some dogs are afraid to open the magnetized door with their snouts
  • Some dogs need training to get accustomed to this feeder
  • There’s no portion control

Best Treat Tossing: Furbo Dog Smart Treat Tosser

The world’s best treat tossing feeding station, integrated with live camera tracking and 2-way audio chat. The product allows you to toss treats remotely using a smartphone!
Storage Capacity: 30-40 Treats
Portion Control: Personalized
Available Timers: Personalized

Furbo Dog is a smart dog treat tosser that comes equipped with characteristics – unexcelled and unmatchable by any of the pet feeders. You can toss treats remotely using your smartphone, whenever you want (regardless if you are at home or away).

The item accompanies a camera that permits you to screen your pet on your smartphone and monitor its Real-Time activity with a 160-degree wide-angle. Also, there’s a 2-way audio chat system through which you can remotely send voice messages to your canine or interact with it anytime, anywhere.

Furbo Dog Pet Feeder is outfitted with sensors that monitor your pet’s activity and send you instant alerts on your cell phone. You will get an alert if your pooch is barking; the sensor even detects if there’s a person present with your pet in your absence; and either your pet is resting or playing. This is incredibly useful in situations when you are outdoors – permitting you to screen, talk, and watch what’s happening back at home in your nonattendance!

What Users Say About This Product: Furbo Dog is the world’s best smart dog treat tosser with a remote-tossing feature, camera, and activity-monitoring sensors. The product has a rating of 4.5-stars on Amazon and a tag of Amazon’s No.1 Best Selling Item!

Customers say that Furbo Dog Treat Tosser is awesome as they can remotely toss treats to their dog from a distant location or from even abroad. The only downside is that you have to purchase a premium monthly-subscription after one month of usage, to activate Live Camera and alerts.

The Good
  • Toss Treats Remotely from Anywhere
  • 1080p Full HD Camera & Night Vision
  • 2-Way Audio & BARKING ALERT
  • Fun Treat Tossing
  • Smartphone-Controlled
The Bad
  • You have to purchase monthly subscription to unlock all the premium features such as Live Camera Tracking and Barking Alerts.

Best Automatic Filtered Water Dispenser: Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer w/ Microban

The Petmate Replendish Waterer with Microban provides your dog with a continuous flow of fresh, filtered water so busy pet guardians have fewer refills to make and pets remain hydrated with cool, clean water 24/7!
Storage Size: 0.5 GAL to 4 GAL
Portion Control: Continuous
Timers p/ Day: N/A

The Petmate Replendish is a gravity pet waterer, that comes with different gallon-sizes ranging from 0.5 GAL to 4 GAL. Featuring gravity innovation, the dispenser keeps your canines properly hydrated through a continuous, fresh supply of filtered water from the top water reservoir into the drinking bowl underneath.

What makes this waterer the best pick of the bunch, is the Microban Antimicrobial Protection that keeps the water fresh and prevents the formation of stain, mold, and odor-causing bacteria. Plus, there’s a charcoal filter that removes waterborne pathogens.

What Customers Say About This Product: The product has a 4.5-stars rating on Amazon, with 95% of users extremely delighted with this product.

For pet guardians who are swamped with a lot of work, this automatic dog water feeder ensures their canine has 24/7 access to freshwater supply. Customers say that they are extremely delighted that the product delivers fresh, filtered water to their canines. Most customers can’t stop appreciating this waterer because of its Microban Antimicrobial Protection and charcoal filter.

The Good
  • 24/7 Continuous Supply of Fresh Filtered Water
  • Microban Antimicrobial Protection
  • Charcoal Filter
The Bad
  • Naughty dogs can make a mess by throwing the water outside the bowl

Best for Wet Food: PetSafe Wet Dog Food Dispenser

With 5-different feeding compartments, the PetSafe Feeder can store and automatically dispense different varieties and textures of food — dry, wet, and semi-moist — on your programmed feeding schedule.
Storage Size: 1 Cup p/ Bowl
Portion Control: Personalized
Timers p/ Day: Five

The PetSafe Automatic is our top pick for the best automatic dog feeder for wet food. This circular-shaped feeder features 5-different feeding bowls, which can hold food of any texture – be it wet, dry or semi-moist. Each bowl has a 1-cup food holding capacity.

All of the 5-feeding bowls can be scheduled to release food at this and this time of a day. The mechanism is rotary. The moment the time comes for a feeding compartment to release the food, the inside motor spins the 5 bowls in a circular motion and exposes the one to your dog for which you have set the timer. All other compartments remain securely hidden and are only exposed when their time arrives.

There’s a small LCD with digital timer, on which you can set food release times for each of the food compartments. The product is dual-powered and the feeding tray is dishwasher-safe.

What Customers Say About This Product: The PetSafe Automatic Wet Dog Food has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon, with 80% of users extremely satisfied with the workability of this product.

Customers say that they like PetSafe because it is a one-in-a-million-product that can automatically dispense wet dog food, as well. Plus, it has five feeding bowls that allow pet owners to nourish their dogs with various food varieties at different meal times of the day. Customers say that the only downside of this product is the rotary-alignment sometimes goes wrong. Plus, aggressive pooches can easily turn the feeder upside down!

The Good
  • Supports Wet Food
  • Personalize meals
  • Easy to Clean / Dishwasher Safe
  • 5-Different Feeding Compartments
  • Battery Operated
The Bad
  • Some users have filed complaints regarding the bowls’ alignment,. that goes bad very often. This causes the bowls to split by the opening, wrong bowl being exposed, and the same bowl being exposed each time.
  • The rotation motor malfunctions.

Best for Puppies: BELOPEZZ Smart Automatic Dog Food Dispensing Station

Ideal for cute-little pooches, the BELOPEZZ is a time and amount programmable feeder for your pup’s proper nourishment and development of good eating habits.
Storage Capacity: 3-liters
Portion Control: 1-39 dial
Timers p/ Day: Four

The BELOPEZZ Smart Automatic Automatic is best suited for small dog breeds and puppies. It has a 3-liter reservoir, which can be programmed to release food at 4-different intervals of the day. There’s a 1-39 dial for controlling the meal portion and setting how much quantity to be released. The infrared induction sensor prevents food from overflowing. The unit also has a speaker with voice-recording feature and leak-proof airtight compartment to keep food fresh for longer.

What Customers Say About This Product: The BELOZPEZZ Smart Automatic is featured in Amazon’s Best Choice products and has a rating of 4.8-stars, with 98% of satisfied users.

Customers say that this product is a wonderful innovation. “You can place the feeder anywhere. If you don’t like batteries a convenient USB power adapter is available. The voice recorder is perfect. My dog always comes running for food when he hears an electric can opener noise, so I recorded it along with my voice command. It works flawlessly. It does not even jam or lag,” says an Amazon customer.

The Good
  • Time and amount programmable
  • Voice Recording Feature
  • Digital LCD
  • Built-in IR Detector for Jam-Free Dispensation
  • High quality ABS housing, anti-abrasion and drop, and environment-friendly
The Bad
  • Some customers have complained that with this feeder, it takes them too much time tweaking the portion and timing.

What is an Automatic Dog Feeder?

Automatic pet feeders use automated innovation to dispense food to your pet at your designated time. It is a perfect solution for all those pet parents who want to automate the daily pet feeding activity, as the Pet Feeder self-operates and self-feeds, requiring no manual action of feeding the pet.

The automatic feeder automatically dispenses pet food to it’s feeding bowl at your designated time and chosen food-portion control. A good quality automatic feeder saves you the hassle of manually feeding your dog, which means your doggie always gets his feed on time, even when you are out and about!

Who Should Buy An Automatic Dog Feeder?

Automatic Dog Feeders suit every pet parent. A majority of us remain busy – either in our daily household chores or remain snowed under our 9 to 5 jobs. Furthermore, maintaining a fixed dog feeding routine is almost impossible. Therefore, an automatic pet feeder is the best way to keep your dog both fed and hydrated on fixed breakfast, lunch, and dinner times.

Most automatic feeders have a huge storage capacity, which can keep your canines nourished for 3-4 days. When away from home, this gives you the peace of mind that your pet will be properly fed on the right meal times in your absence.

A majority of feeders, feature portion control as well, allowing you to adjust portion sizes for each of the meals. You can go with slow-feeding, normal-feeding, or select how many grams of food should be presented to your dog. This ensures that your pet is fed neither too low nor too much in your absence.

Important Features to Consider

An automatic dog feeder should be sturdy, robust, durable, secure, air-tight, and made with pet-safe quality materials. Here are the important features to consider when buying an automatic dog feeder:

Hopper Storage: Before making a purchase decision, it’s important that you take notice of the dispenser’s food storage reservoir, called the hopper. Different feeders have different-sized food storage compartments. If you remain busy throughout the day, then even a 3-liter dispenser will work fine for you. If you regularly go on outdoor trips and can’t give proper attention to your dog for 48-72 hours straight, then a 7-liter feeder is what we recommend. If you have multiple large dogs in your house, then a huge 25 lbs or 50 lbs dog feeder needs to be considered.

Power Supply: The purpose of an automatic food dispenser is to ensure a continuous supply of food to your dog in your absence. Therefore, if you are buying a smart-electric feeder, ensure it has a backup power option available as well. This would be extremely helpful in case of a power-supply cut, as the feeder will switch to the backup power option (i.e the batteries) to dispense food to your pet.

Easy-to-Clean: Look for feeders that are easily cleanable. Most feeders feature easily-detachable components, which makes cleaning easier. Some also feature dish-washer safe components.

Product Quality: Buy feeders that are made of pet-safe quality material. Robustness, durability, and stability are other important factors to consider so that the feeder can withstand those aggressive chews and kicks. We also recommend paying attention to the open/close lid of the storage container. It should close seal-packed so that you are ensured of no bacteria, no pests, and no mold formation inside the reservoir.

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