Best Bird Toys

2020's Top Best Bird Toys for: Preening, Foraging, Training, Chewing & Exercise

Owning a pet bird is an entirely different experience than owning a pet cat or a canine. But just because it is a bird, it does not mean that you keep it caged alone in a wired-aviary. Apart from a secure shelter and nourishment, a bird needs something to satisfy their natural foraging instincts. And this is where the need for “best bird toys” arises.

Best Bird Toys

The life of a house-trained bird is very much different from its wild cousins, but what all of them have in common – is their natural foraging instinct, the habit of perching, and the love for hanging on different surfaces with their talons.

While birds in wild fulfill their psychological needs by spending time in dense forests and jungles where they get the most perfect natural habitat, birds in the home are usually deprived of such luxuries that they get in the wild – which in turn makes them develop disruptive and aggressive behaviors like biting their owners, pulling out their feathers, and making excessive shrieks and cries.

Best Bird Toys to Buy in 2020 (Reviewed)

At Pets Beast, we have reviewed the best toy products to buy for your bird. Either you have a conure, parakeet, cockatiel, budgie, or African grey parrot – these top listed bird toys are guaranteed to provide all feathered-breeds with an optimal exercise, mental stimulation, and fulfillment of natural foraging instinct. Made from 100% pet-safe quality material, you can buy any of these products with confidence.


71wl8IBA4BL. AC SL1500
RYPET Playing Toy for Birds & Parrots
  • Verdict:Best Overall
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71q9K2v5fuL. AC SL1500
SuperBird Creations SB541 Crinkle Little Star
  • Verdict:Best for Small Birds
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Best Bird Toys
SB747 Chewable Flying Trapeze
  • Verdict:Best Comforting
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71jIcyAs2OL. AC SL1001
PETUOL Natural Wood Big Bird Toy
  • Verdict:Best for Large Birds
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61XZkKQKvcL. AC SL1000
PINCHUANG SHANTU Foraging Shredder Toy
  • Verdict:Best Foraging
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51LwbgTYvSL. AC SL1001
QBLEEV Stacking & Basketball Toy
  • Verdict:Best Exercising
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71sAorvGnsL. AC SL1150
Wesco Pet Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy
  • Verdict:Best Chewing
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71 atDsTRdL. AC SL1500
JETEHO 30-Pack Rattan Toy Balls
  • Verdict:Best Preening
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61qAYKsLDTL. AC SL1200
WONTEE Bird Toy Set
  • Verdict:Best Training
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 Our Best Pick: RYPET Playing Toy for Birds & Parrots

71wl8IBA4BL. AC SL1500
Featuring in bright-colored blocks with physical activity and mental stimulations, the RYPET Toy is wholesome of goodness!
Dimensions: 13cm x 35cm/5.12” x 13.78”

RYPET is suited for all bird and parrot breeds. It features blocks, ropes, knots, and multiple layers – all designed in bright colors to entice the bird. The vertically-arranged blocks encourage the bird to climb and explore. And the cotton-ropes are there to keep birds busy in untieing the cotton rope knots and fulfilling their natural urge to chew.

There are different multi-colored components attached to each other, which can provide your bird hours of fun. The soft-wood blocks satisfy their natural chewing instinct, helping them to preen and condition their beaks.

For your bird’s complete well-being, the RYPET Bird Chewing Toy is made of pure natural softwood and cotton rope. All the dyes used, are edible pigment and complete with handmade for much better durability and longevity.

What Customers Say About This Product: The RYPET Toy has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, is one of the best selling items on the giant eCommerce platform, and has a 98% positive feedback.

Customers say that this product is welcomed by their pet parrots, and it keeps them entertained for unlimited hours. Some users have also claimed that this product has diminished their bird’s loneliness, and the wood blocks are something which birds love chewing.

The Good
  • 100% Natural Softwood & Cotton
  • Non-Toxic Dyes
  • Provides Hours of Fun
  • Reduces Aggression & Loneliness
  • Entertains all bird-types and breeds
The Bad
  • This toy is easily destroyable by large parrot species such as African Grey.

Best For Small Birds: SuperBird Creations SB541 Crinkle Little Star

71q9K2v5fuL. AC SL1500
Safe to bite and beautifully colored, this may resemble a mess of different components on a rope, but this toy really works to give a lot of incitement to tiny winged creatures!
Dimensions: 6.5 x 3 x 3 inches

The SB541 Crinkle Little Star is best-suited for small bird breeds like Parrotlets, Cockatiels, and Parakeets. The toy is handmade using the best quality natural vine components, multi-colored plastic beads, and crinkled paper shreds. Various stimulating materials have been messed up altogether to keep your bird engaged both physically and mentally.

The best thing we love about this playing toy, are the colorful crinkle shreds which catch your bird’s interest to pull out, destroy, and satisfy their natural foraging instinct. Some smart parrots may also enjoy nesting in the pulled-out crinkled shreds. For added jollification, there’s an inclusion of a tiny fun bell that keeps birds entertained with its tring-tring!

What Customers Say About This Product: SuperBird Creations Little Star Toy has an Amazon rating of 4.3-stars, with up to 90% of users purely satisfied with their purchase decision.

Customers say this toy product has helped ward off loneliness, depression, anxiety, and destructive behaviors in their pets by invigorating physical movement and mental engagement.

The Good
  • Especially made for Small Birds
  • Birds will enjoy pulling and preening crinkle shreds
  • Satisfies natural chewing instincts
  • Relieves Boredom
  • Promotes Physical Exercise
  • Promotes mental health
  • Hook for easy attachment to the cage
The Bad
  • The crinkle shreds are gradually pulled out by birds, leaving almost no shred on the toy after a few weeks of bird’s playing.
  • Short-lived bird toy.
  • A bird may get its neck tangled inside the shreds and vine components.

Best Relaxing & Chewing: SB747 Chewable Flying Trapeze

Best Bird Toys
There is no greater happiness for a bird than swinging around on a flying trapeze, and that fun is doubled when the trapeze is made from a chewable seagrass mat!
Dimensions: 6 x 7 x 9 inches

The SB747 is made from a chewable seagrass mat suspended by a multi-colored plastic chain, with a hanging hook on the top. There’s also an inclusion of softwood stimulating materials and small playing components attached to the chain rims.

This bird toy is unique in the sense that it provides both entertainment and comfort. The mini flying trapeze makes for an amusing swinging platform, helping your birds develop balancing skills and also turning into a comfortable alternative rest area. The seagrass matt is chewable and can be replaced when fully chewed.

What Customers Say About This Product: The SuperBird SB747 has a 4.5-stars rating on Amazon, with 95% of positive user-testimonials.

Customers say that their birds love swinging and resting on the tiny trapeze, while the porcupine balls, beads, links, chains, and chewable seagrass matt keep the birds engaged with maximum hours of fun.

The Good
  • Makes a great exercising and relaxing toy
  • The seagrass matt satisfies every bird’s instinctual drive to chew
  • Wards off boredom, aggression and destructive behaviors
  • Bright colors that incite the parrot
  • Hook for easy cage attachment
The Bad
  • Slightly expensive
  • The chain is made of plastic. Customers say that it should be made of softwood, instead.
  • Some customers say that the plastic dangly thingies attached to the trapeze were too small for their bird and can be easily ingested and harm the bird.

Best for Large Birds: PETUOL Natural Wood Big Bird Toy

71jIcyAs2OL. AC SL1001
Perfect for birds of sizes and breeds, this multi-pieced toy set, including parrot play perch stand, colorful ladders, chewy softwood blocks, puzzle knots, and mini bells provides the best mental and physical incitement for your feathered friend!
Block Dimensions: 17 x 9.5 in (43*24CM)
Swing/Ladder Dimensions: 28.5 x 4in (72.5*10CM)
Perch Stand Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.5in (21*14CM)

The PETUOL Bird Toy is an all-in-one playing product, featuring a wide range of components for your bird’s ultimate happiness. There’s climbing, playing, sports, chewing, resting, and every entertaining activity to provide your bird all that it craves for.

The toy features a quartz-sand perch stand, which is safe to chew and keeps beaks and nails trimmed naturally. The attachment of colorful plastic chains and mini bills on the stand further stirs up excitement in your birds.

There’s a colorful ladder with 12 rungs, that can be hung vertically, horizontally, or in round-swinged style inside the cage.

Multi-colored natural wood blocks, circular balls, with cotton knottings are there to provide hours of entertainment to pet birds every day. The softwood blocks provide birds with plenty of good chewing time; knotting provides a challenge for smart birds to get engaged in the un-tying activity; and the vertical arrangement of blocks provides them a great climbing and rotary-dancing experience!

What Customers Say About This Product: The PETUOL Bird Toy has an Amazing rating of 4.5 stars, with hundreds of positive reviews from worldwide customers.

Customers say that this toy provides their large feathered friends with unlimited hours of fun activity, mental stimulation, and satisfies their instinctual drives to chew and climb. Plus, customers love the affordability factor, as they are getting a combo-set of five different playing components at a pretty low price.

The Good
  • Perfect for Large and Middle -sized birds
  • Made of food-grade color and natural wood
  • Handmade, bite-resistant and durable
  • Provides with climbing, chewing, and untying activity
  • Beautiful colors to delight birds
  • Can be easily installed in any cage
The Bad
  • Some customers say that they don’t like the “lacquered” wood beads, as lacquer is toxic and may make birds sick. “You can swap the beads out out with a better option,” says a customer.

Best Foraging: PINCHUANG SHANTU Foraging Shredder Toy

61XZkKQKvcL. AC SL1000
Handmade with love to engage your pet in foraging action, this toy features safe to chew components and magnificent hues to capture your pet’s attention. The foraging aspect fulfills their wild instinctual drives!
Dimensions: Each ball is size of a grapefruit (approx.)

The PINCHUANG SHANTU is a hanging (ball-shaped) toy that provides the best foraging and nest-building activity. The toy features cotton ropes and crinkled shredded paper packed inside the thin jointed stems of a palm.

The bright colors capture every moody bird’s attention and the stuffed rattan ball makes the birds pull out the shredders and natural fibers, and fulfill their natural foraging instincts.

On the top and bottom, there are attachments of softwood, which provide birds with a 100% natural material to chew on and keep their beaks in perfect condition. All these components topped off with a tiny jingle bell, provide your bird with hours of fun activity.

What Customers Say About This Product: The product has a 4.5-stars rating on Amazon, with positive feedback by up to 95% of users.

Customers say that their birds enjoy playing with and attempting to tear apart the graffiti inside the ball. “My birdie enjoys nesting in what they remove from the PINCHUANG SHANTU toy,” says a customer.

The Good
  • Safe to Chew
  • Promotes your bird’s physical activity
  • Made of non-toxic materials
  • Great foraging toy for all bird species
  • Satisfies chewing and foraging instincts
  • Attractive & Bright Colors
The Bad
  • Parrots can make a mess of crinkled-paper scattered everywhere inside the cage.

Best Exercising: QBLEEV Stacking & Basketball Toy

51LwbgTYvSL. AC SL1001
An education toy that tests and improves your bird’s intelligence level. Learn, Train, Play, and Chew – this parrot toy makes for a great mind exercise!
Dimensions: Optimal for all sizes

Made of 100% pure natural wood material, the QBLEEV is a bird-intelligence-improving tabletop training toy. The toy features two different games – Tower of Hanoi Puzzle and Basketball Training.

When playing the Tower of Hanoi puzzle, your bird’s mission is to move all the colored disks over to the tower and win the game. To further spec up the entertainment, you can load a ball frame board on to the tower and let your bird shoot the chewy-ball into the basket. If your bird does not know how to play with this toy, train them by performing the activity with your hand and make them pro-players of this game.


We love this bird toy because it helps develop strong coordination and friendly-relationship between the pet and the owner. Also, it provides your feathered creature with essential physical and brainstorming activity. When not in a playing mood, your parrot can fulfill its chewing instinct by biting the natural pine wood.

What Customers Say About This Product: The QBLEEV has an Amazon rating of 4.3-stars with hundreds of positive user testimonials.

Customers say that their parrots love to throw the balls around, climb the loop, and take the stackable rings on and off. But you need to train your parrot on how to play this game. Even if the parrot is not smart enough to put the ball through the hoop, he will have fun throwing the balls here and there and satisfy his chewing instinct on the wood.

The Good
  • Made from 100% pet-safe material
  • Brainstorming activity
  • Increases bird’s intelligence level
  • Promotes physical activity
  • Great Educational Puzzle for Parrots
  • Develops Bird & Owner Coordination
The Bad
  • You have to train your birds and teach them how to play with this toy.
  • Price is high.

Best For Satisfying Chewing-Instinct: Wesco Pet Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy

71sAorvGnsL. AC SL1150
An ideal hanging-bird-toy for those cute fowls who love to chew, bite, and peck!
Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 12 inches

Also referred to as a bird catnip, the Wesco Pet Kabob Shreddable is the best toy to satisfy every feathered creature’s chewing desire. The toy is made from soft fibrous pithy wood that hangs vertically inside the cage. One of our team members who tested this product, says his parrot is all praises for this toy.

What Customers Say About This Product: Wesco Kabob has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, with up to 98% of users terming it as their birdie’s best friend.

Most customers say that it took some days for their parrots to get over the fear of this toy, but after a while, they got addicted to it. Some customers’ birds loved pecking the toy too much, that the shreddable toy was gone within a month.

The Good
  • Satisfies bird’s chewing instinct
  • Made from soft fibrous pithy wood
  • Biodegradable
  • Irresistible to all hookbill birds
  • VETS recommend this toy for birds with feather picking problems
The Bad
  • Since it is a shreddable toy, so it does not last long. Birds who are addicted to pecking will finish the kabobs in a month. It means you need to have an extra $10 every month for your parrot!

Best Preening & Most Affordable: JETEHO 30-Pack Rattan Toy Balls

71 atDsTRdL. AC SL1500
In less than $10, you get to provide your feathered friend with a never-ending supply of his favorite toy!
Ball Diameter: 3cm/1.2 inch

JETEHO Bird Toy is actually a set of 30 rattan balls that makes a great playing product for your bird. The thin jointed stems of palm are brightly colored and then turned into circular balls. The bright hues are appealing to the bird’s eye, while the rattan stem provides your pet bird with fun chewing, pecking, and nibbling activity. Edible dyes are used in the coloring process, and the rattan is all-natural, which makes this toy 100% animal-friendly.

What Customers Say About This Product: The JETEHO Rattan Toy Ball has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, with lots of appreciation from worldwide customers.

Customers say that this bird toy keeps their pets busy and engaged for long hours. They also claim that in less than a $10 price, they get 30 supplies of rattan balls to keep their parrots happy for an unlimited time.

The Good
  • Affordable
  • Keeps birds entertained
  • Fulfills every bird’s foraging and chewing desire
  • Bright colors that please birds
The Bad
  • Some birds may get their beaks or feet stucked inside the thin jointed stems
  • There’s no hanging hook

Best Training Toy: WONTEE Bird Toy Set

61qAYKsLDTL. AC SL1200
An interactive 3-piece playing set for birds that keeps them engaged in various fun activities and helps develop parrot-owner coordination.
Cart Dimensions: 4.64L x 3.34W x 4.32H inch
Skateboard Dimensions: 5.3L x 1.65W x 1.18H inch
Tower Dimensions: 2.75W x 6.29H inch
Ring Diameter: 2.48 inch

It is a 3-piece bird toy set, featuring in – a moving skateboard perch, a mini shopping cart, and a highly addictive stack tower game.

  • You can put in a delicious treat inside the mini shopping cart and let your feathered-friend drag the cart across the floor.
  • You can train your pet to stand still on the mini skateboard while you push the four-wheeler and provide your bird with an adrenaline rush.
  • You can also teach your parrot how to pick up the rings and put them on the tower.
What Customers Say About This Product: The WONTEE Bird Play Toy Set scores an impressive 4.9-star rating on Amazon, with positive feedback from users in the USA.

Customers say that it takes them a while to train their birds for this game, but once they are trained, there’s nothing that can stop their feathered-friends’ love for this toy set.

What Type of Bird Toy Should I Buy?

Bird toys come in different varieties for various purposes, and the purchase decision is reliant on what your bird desires. But it would be best if you furnish their cages from a toy set belonging to each of the categories, to ensure that your bird’s physical and mental needs are best met. Here are the different types of bird toys and their characteristics:

1). Foraging Toys: Toys belonging to this category are known to satisfy every bird’s instinctual drive to chew. They provide an outlet that keeps your birds engaged just like he would have to do in the wild while in search of food.

2). Shredding Toys: Toys belonging to this category are great to ward off boredom, loneliness, anxiety, and destructive behaviors in parrots.

3). Preening Toys: Living in a small cage with no any fun activity, injects stress and boredom in the pet birds. With time, this stress leads you bird to feather plucking and aggressive chirps. Preening toys such as knotted-cotton ropes and rattan balls serve a great cure for the bird’s need to preen.

4). Chew Toys: Just like their wild counterparts, pet birds love to chew and bite on softwood surfaces. Furthermore, it keeps their beaks in perfect condition. The soft-wood block toys best serve this cause.

5). Exercise & Training Toys: Toys belonging to this category are focused on encouraging physical activity, moment, and developing coordination. Tower puzzle games, basketball, and stackable put on/put off ring toys best serve this purpose.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Toy For Your Bird:

  • Always buy toys that are made of pet-safe material. You should shop 100% natural products with edible dyes (if colored).
  • Keep your pet’s size and needs in mind. For example, a toy with small beads may prove harmful for large-sized parrots, if accidentally swallowed.
  • Make sure that the toy you buy is easily attachable inside the cage. The ones with close-linked chains at the right size are best recommended.
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