Best Cat Breeds for New Owners

Cats are regarded as the best therapy pets for people suffering from psychological disorders. That is why, daily, hundreds of people approach cat breeders for owning a new cat. For the new owners, it might be difficult to decide which cat will go best with their personality, routine, and home environment.

As a guide for the new owners, below are the top 12 cat breeds that are admired around the globe for their distinctive appearances, sweet temperaments, and lovely expressions.


The Persian Cat

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Trade Mark: Flat face

Origin: Persia, present Iran. 16th Century

Height & Weight: 14 to 18 inches, 7 to 12 pounds

Life Span: 10 to 17 years

Prominent Traits: Flat face, long shiny coat, docile, inactive.


The Persian Cat is a famous cat breed that originated from the land of Persian in the 16th century. The docility and dignity in its personality reflect its origin truly.

The Persian cat is famous for a sweet rounded and flat face. It is not very fond of playfulness, climbing, or doing noisy activities. It likes to stay peaceful and relax on a couch or a rug at cold places. It is a discriminative lover only for its family members and makes a rude flat face for strangers. This undemanding cat breed is a slow learner and hard to train.

Flat peke face can cause breathing issues for a Persian cat. It also has sensitive eyes, skin issues, and kidney problems. Protein-enriched food like chicken and fish are recommended for the good health of this cat breed.

Daily grooming and once a month bath will keep the Persian coat clean, shiny, smooth, and germs-free.

The Persian cat is a good choice for the people who do not like much activeness and noise and like to stay on the couch with their cat.

# 2

The Scottish Fold

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  • Trade Mark: Folded Ears
  • Origin: Scotland, 1960s
  • Height & Weight: 10 to 30 inches, 5 to 11 pounds.
  • Life Span: 11 to 14 years
  • Prominent Traits: folded ears, owl-like face, rounded body, smart, and active.

The Scottish Fold is one of the cutest cat breeds known. It has a sweet rounded body, with all the body parts inclined to a round shape. The most prominent feature that gave it its name is the folded ears.

It is a highly intelligent, smart, and active cat breed that loves to play. It is a social and friendly cat that needs a lot of attention and love from its owner. Ignorance can make the cat sick.

As the Scottish Fold is a mixed breed of genetic mutation, it is prone to several genetic diseases like Osteochondrodysplasic and Polycystic Kidney Disease. Grain-free cat food is highly recommended for a Scottish Fold cat.

The Scottish Fold has a dense coat that can be short and long as well. Twice a week grooming and a regular bath can help prevent hairballs.

# 3

The Birman Cat

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  • Trade Mark: blue eyes and point coloration
  • Origin: Burma, early 20th century
  • Height & Weight: 15 to 18 inches, 6 to 12 pounds
  • Life Span: 12 to 16 years
  • Prominent Traits: Strong elongated body, Roman nose, blue eyes, silky long coat with point coloration, exploring nature.

The Birman cat is an adorable cat with a sweet temperament. The silky coat with point coloration and deep blue eyes make this cat breed one of the most beautiful cat breeds.

Birman is a highly affectionate and loyal cat that follows the owners wherever they go and also loves to sit in the lap and padded. It is a friendly and playful cat that is not afraid of or rude to strangers.

This mixed breed cat is prone to the diseases of its ancestors like congenital hypertrichosis, Spongiform Degeneration, and Corneal Dermoid.

The Birman cat is also prone to obesity as it loves to eat a lot. It must not be overfed to keep it healthy.

The long coat needs twice a week grooming to prevent matting. Regular exercise will avoid obesity.

The Birman is a good cat breed for the people who love having a lap cat.

# 4

The Egyptian Mau

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  • Trade Mark: head to tail dark stripe along the spine
  • Origin: Egypt, mid-20th century
  • Height & Weight: 20 to 24 inches, 6 to 14 pounds
  • Life Span: 12 to 15 years
  • Prominent Traits: fastest domestic cat, medium-length strong muscular body, long stripe from head to tail along the spine.

The Egyptian Mau is a friendly and loyal cat breed. It has a compact strong and muscular body that helps this cat breed to run fast at a speed of 30mph and become the fastest domestic cat breed. It also has an instinct of hunting.

This cat breed has a distinctive dark stripe running from the head to the tail through the spine. The facial expressions of the Egyptian Mau change with the mood swings. They have large, prominent, and gooseberry green color eyes. This cat is a temperature-sensitive breed and loves warm places.

This cat breed is sensitive to some medicines and anesthesia. It eats a few bites of dry cat food at several times of the day. Weekly grooming and the occasional bath will keep the Egyptian Mau in good health.

Keep the other pets and birds safe from this hunter cat breed. It is a great cat breed for the people looking for an athletic and pro-active cat breed.

# 5

The Ragdoll Cat

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  • Trade Mark: blue eyes and point coloration
  • Origin: America, 1960
  • Height & Weight: 11 to 13 inches, 15 to 20 pounds
  • Life Span: 13 to 15 years
  • Prominent Traits: Squarish look, forward-tilted ears, a bushy tail, docility, affection, and relaxed temperament

The Ragdoll is an American cat breed and was produces as a result of selective breeding. This cat breed is famous for its highly relaxed temperament, sweet nature, and affection. It is a calm and gentle lap cat.

It is a very loyal and undemanding cat with a sweet voice to reminding the owner of mealtime or petting. Ragdoll is a beautiful cat with a light color body, point coloration like Siamese, and the deep blue expressive eyes.

Ragdoll cats have issues of obesity and bladder stones. Wet cat food served only twice a day can help prevent and cure these health issues.

The Ragdoll is a cat breed that cat be left alone at home for several hours. So, if you have to leave home for several hours daily, then Ragdoll is a good choice for you.

# 6

The British Shorthair

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  • Trade Mark: Teddy Bear look
  • Origin: Roman breed, 1850
  • Height & Weight: 22 to 25 inches, 7 to 17 pounds
  • Life Span: 12 to 20 years
  • Prominent Traits: Tall and strong well-rounded body, dense and short single coat, undemanding, docile, and affectionate

The British Shorthair originated from Rome and was brought to Britain in the 19th century. The cat is famous for a large, tall, strong, and well-rounded body where almost all of its body parts are rounded in shape including the face, ear tips, and tail. This makes the cat look like a Teddy Bear.

The British Shorthair has a dignified, loyal, and docile nature. It is not a lap cat but is very affectionate with everyone, especially its people, follows them, and wants to remain close to them. It is a very smart and intelligent cat breed and can spend hours playing with cat toys. It does need or demand fulltime attention of the owner.

Hemophilia B is a common health issue of the British Shorthair in which the bleeding does not stop. That is why this breed needs a lot of care from getting injured.

Weekly grooming and monthly bath will help prevent hairballs, dander, and hair loss. The British Shorthair is the cat breed for you if you have a busy schedule and less time to spend with your cat.

# 7

The Ragamuffin Cat

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  • Trade Mark: Tangle-resistant silky long coat
  • Origin: America, 1994
  • Height & Weight: 28 to 33 inches, 12 to 20 pounds
  • Life Span: 15 to 18 years
  • Prominent Traits: very large and strong body, walnut-shaped eyes, rabbit-like thick fur, affectionate, friendly, and intelligent cat breed.

The Ragamuffin bred is considered as a cousin of Ragdoll as it was an inspiration taken from the Ragdoll breed. It was produced by crossing Ragdoll with Persian, Himalayan, and similar cat breeds to get a large cat breed.

The Ragamuffin cat has a very large and tall body up to 33 inches. They have a very distinctive silky long coat. It is thick like a rabbit fur and is tangle-resistant as well. The walnut-shaped eyes of Ragamuffin differentiate it from the Ragdoll having almond-shaped eyes.

Apart from having a distinctive appearance, a Ragamuffin cat is a true lap loving cat and is very affectionate for the owners. It has a personable nature and demands time and attention. It has a docile and friendly temperament and this intelligent cat breed loves to learn new tricks.

This cat breed is prone to common cat health problems like polycystic kidney disease and HCM. This large breed is highly prone to gain weight. It must not be overfed.

The tangle-resistant silky long coat makes it easy to groom and maintain. This personable cat breed has high demands for time and attention of the owner. If you can not spend several hours daily with the Ragamuffin cat, then, unfortunately, this breed is not for you.

# 8

The Abyssinian Cat

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  • Trade Mark: Sheen coat with bands
  • Origin: Blurred, maybe Egypt, 19th century
  • Height & Weight: 12 to 16 inches, 8 to 12 pounds
  • Life Span: 12 to 15 years
  • Prominent Traits: Medium-large muscular body, pointed alert ears, sheen coat with bands, highly spirited, energetic, funny, and humorous nature.

The Abyssinian cat is a distinctive cat breed in terms of its appearance as well as personality. The origin of the Abys cat is blurred and thought to have originated from Egypt somewhere in the 19th century.

The Abyssinian cat bears a muscular medium-large body having a prominent silky and smooth coat with a fine texture and lustrous sheen. This coat also has bands that make the coat look shiny and warm.

By nature, the Abyssinian cat breed is a highly spirited, highly energetic, affectionate, loyal, and social cats. They are often known as the clowns of the cat breeds due to their funny nature and humorous actions and tricks. They do not like to be held or sit in the lap. They like to set free and follow the owners.

This smart and healthy cat breed is prone to some hereditary health hazards like renal amyloidosis and Patellar luxation which are curable.

Weekly grooming and seasonal bath can protect the Abys cat from itching and hair loss. It is a highly social cat. So, if you have plenty of time to spend with it, this cat is definitely for you.

# 9

The Turkish Angora

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  • Trade Mark: Delicate Appearance
  • Origin: Turkey: 15th century
  • Height & Weight: 12 to 18 inches, 5 to 9 pounds
  • Life Span: 13 years
  • Prominent Traits: Silky fur with sheen, elegance, odd eye color, playful, friendly.

The Turkish Angora is considered as a treasure of turkey for its delicate and beautiful body, elegance, and sweet playful nature.

The Turkish Angora has a silky fur coat with a sheen that gives it a beautiful appearance. It also resembles a snow weasel. Its eyes may have various colors but most cats are found with odd eyes.

This cat breed is very intelligent, highly interactive, and athletic cats that can be easily trained. This energetic cat likes to play. It is an affectionate cat but person-oriented. It chooses one family member and gets attached to that single person.

The Turkish Angora is prone to some hereditary and genetic health problems like Ataxia,  Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, and HCM which is common in almost all the cat breeds.

The delicate silky fur coat of the Turkish Angora does not matt or tangles up easily. Weekly grooming will keep the coat clean and matt-free.

If you are an active person and need an active and sharp cat, then the Turkish Angora needs your company.

# 10

The Bengal Cat

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  • Trade Mark: The leopard-like markings
  • Origin: America, mid-20th century
  • Height & Weight: 15 to 18 inches, 8 to 15 pounds
  • Life Span: 10 to 16 years
  • Prominent Features: Wild look, leopard-like markings on the short dense coat, alert, talkative, athletic.

The Bengal cat appears with a very unusual appearance in the world of cats. It is an American hybrid cat breed and has a wild appearance with a leopard-like coat having markings of different patterns.

The Bengal cat has a sturdy body with a rounded contour. The coat of this cat breed is short and dense and has distinctive marking which makes it look like a wild animal.

The Bengal cat appears to be a very athletic, friendly, and affectionate cat breed that loves to talk. It is a silent observer and remains alert all the time about the things happening around.

This hybrid cat with athletic instinct appears with various diseases such as Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome, Distal Neuropathy, and Hip Dysplasia.

The dense coat of the Bengal cat breed is easy to groom. This is a good companion for the people who like interactive, talkative, and active cat breeds.

# 11

The Burmese Cat

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  • Trade Mark: The silky shiny coat
  • Origin: Burma, 1920
  • Height & Weight: 15 to 18 inches, 6 to 14 pounds
  • Life Span: 16 to 18 years
  • Prominent Traits: The shiny coat, expressive eyes, dog-like attachment, talkative, social, playful, active.

Do not confuse the Birman and the Burmese cats. Although they have the same origins, they are completely different breeds.

The Burmese cat is well-recognized with its shiny and silky coat. For this coat, Burmese cats are also called ‘brick wrapped in silk’. They have a solid, muscular athletic body with highly expressive gold eyes.

The Burmese cat has a high level of attachment with the owner, follows them everywhere, and loves when the owner cuddles with them. It is often regarded as having a dog-like attachment. They are highly dependent on humans and cannot be left alone.

This cat breed doesn’t shed much and its shiny silky coat is easy to groom. These cats are perfect for those who do not need to leave the cat alone at home and leave for work.

# 12

The Siamese Cat

  • Trade Mark: Point Coloration
  • Origin: Thailand, 14th century
  • Height & Weight: 12 to 14 inches, 6 to 14 pounds
  • Life Span: 10 to 12 years
  • Prominent Traits: Point coloration, blue eyes, triangular head, sleek body, graceful walk, loyal, intelligent, athletic, loves climbing.

The Siamese is one of the most popular breeds if point coloration is concerned. A breed originated from Thailand, somewhere in the 14th-century is famous for its point coloration patterns where the body color is light and the face mask, ears, tail, legs, and paws are dark in color.

The Siamese cat is a highly intelligent and sharp cat breed that loves to play and jump. The most famous feature about the personality of a Siamese cat is that is is a very talkative and expressive cat. It shares its opinions about everything it has observed.

The Siamese cat breed is prone to some eye-sight and respiratory issues that can be cured. The short silky coat is easy to groom and maintain.

This lap cat is a highly affectionate and social cat that needs attention. If you are willing to pay that attention, then go for this cat.

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