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Best Cat Hairball Control Remedy Products

2020's Top 10 Best Cat Hairball Control Remedy Products: With Proactive, Relief, Digestive FORMULAS

Cats are known to keep themselves neat and tidy, you will often find them cleaning their body using their tongue, and while doing this they swallow their hairs to their digestive system. Hairs are indigestible by the digestive system so they form a hairball their which the cat vomits out.

But if the vomiting becomes more frequent, you need to do something about it and hence you will need hairball remedies for cats to help them ease their digestive system and make it stronger too. In this regard, we have picked some of the tested products that provide certain results.

Best Cat Hairball Control Remedies 2020

Best Cat Hairball Remedy Products

Best For



Best Overall

Vet’s Best Cat Hair Remedy


Best Runner-up

Greenies Smart Bites for Cats


Best Gel

Tomlyn Hairball Control Gel


Best Proactive

IAMS Cat Food for Hairballs


Best Relief

Sentry’s Hairball Relief


Best Diet

Hill Science’s Diet Cat Food


Best Digestive

Cat Lax Gel for Digestion


Best Formula

Purina One’s Hairball Formula


Best Oral

Vetoquinol Oral Gel for Hairballs


Best Dry Food

Hills Science Cat Dry Food for Hairs


1). Vet’s Best Cat Hair Remedy | Digestive Aid | Chicken Flavour

Vets Best has been creating cat care products for over 30 years now, their organic remedies are inarguably the best and that’s why it is on list’s top. These pills make digestions healthier and stronger.

Cat’s most favourite chicken flavour is loved by the pets and is made with healthy and 100% natural ingredients among them are slippery-elms, apple-fibres, papaya extracts and marshmallow-roots. One bottle gives you enough supply for around two months.

This is NASC’s Quality tested product which is created by vets – you can easily feed it with meals or by-hand. The recommended dosage is one tablet twice daily. When feeding, breaking the tablet will release its aromas making it the best cat hairball remedy.

Key Features:

  • 100% Organic

  • Chicken Flavour

  • Easy to Feed

2). Greenies Smart-Bites Cat Hairball Control

What’s better than a cure which is also a treat for your cat? Greenies smart bites are the answer. This will minimize the hairball formation of your cat. Tuna flavour makes it loved by the cats more than anything else.

These smart bites provide essential vitamins, minerals and many kinds of nutrients that result in the good health and digestive system; and making it a balanced snack diet. Having a dual texture of soft from inside and crunchy outside makes it more desirable for the pet.

It only has less than 2 calories per bite and it is designed by the most experienced veterinarians, in-short a perfect combo for hairball control cat foods.

Key Features:

  • Nutritionally balanced

  • Less 2 Calories

  • Tuna Flavoured

3). Tomlyn Hairball Remedy Gel for Cats | Laxatone

This hairball remedy gel for helps to lubricate the digestive system and helps to pass the furballs through stool. It is a gentle treatment for your pet, available in many delicious flavours to choose from.

It is consist of healthy nutritions like Omega 3 & 6, Soybean oil and fatty acids of 9 types. The brand is very well taken among pet owners since they have been creating products since 1976. Plus, they also meet all of the highest safety standards so that your pet gets only the best.

Simply, apply the gel on the cat’s paws or nose that will stimulate licking, and you are good to go. This gel also prevents cat fur balls. You can choose from chicken, tuna, maple or catnip flavour as these are the cat’s most favourite ones.

Key Features:

  • 4 Flavours

  • Easily Administrable

  • Contains Healthy Nutrients

4). IAMS Cat Hairball & Weight Control Food | Proactive Health

IAMS provides the solution for your cat hairball control and with that, it also covers the weight problem for your cat. Flavours of chicken and turkey make it desirable for your cat.

Made with 100% real chicken enriched with proteins provide good health and strong muscles for your cat. Beet pulp added with fibres blend reduces the hairball formation in the first place and makes the stomach and digestive system strong.

1 ¼ is the recommended serving for weight maintenance and 1 cup for weight loss. Fewer fats and more nutrients make it the perfect diet.

Key Features:

  • Fewer Fats

  • Hairball & Weight Control

  • 100% Real Chicken & Turkey

5). Sentry’s Hairball Relief for Cats | Malt Flavour

This is one solution for three problems caused by Hairballs – Cough, Vomiting and Constipation. Sentry’s best hairball control remedy for cats prevents hairball formation and expels currents hairballs from the pet’s system.

It is also a good product for kitten aged more than a month, this cat relief comes in malt flavour and is equipped with petro-malt technology.

Sentry is a company with a good reputation and their products are trusted by pet owners too. This product comes in the packing size of 4.4-ounces and works perfectly.

Key Features:

  • Petro-Malt Technology

  • Also for Kittens

  • Eliminates 4 Problems

6). Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food for Hairball & Urinary Control

c for Hairball control and urinary, enriched with great nutrients like omega-6s and vitamin-e that result in shinning skin and good coat.

This cat food is for adult cats and it provides them with natural fibres that make the hairball go away with comfort. High-proteins that results and strong muscles – made with 100% natural ingredients. This is wet food and the method of transitioning from old food to the new one is given on the package.

Made in the US and is recommended by the veterinarians for your senior cats.

Key Features:

  • Hairball Remedy

  • Good Skin & Coat

  • Supports Urinary

7). Cat Lax | Remedy for Hairballs and Good Digestion

A good product for the complete elimination of hairballs from your cat’s body. Also, it prevents hairballs. The product is very good in taste and liked by the cats, it contains vitamin-e and liver cod oil with other natural ingredients.

It can also be used for kittens and as well as for adult cats too. You just have to put around one-inch of cat lax on its paws and the pet will lick it himself. For adult average, weighted cats use it one time daily and adjust the amount accordingly for smaller cats.

Key Features:

  • Palatable Formula

  • Natural Ingredients

  • Stops & Prevents Hairballs

8). Purina One’s Hairball Formula Dry Cat Food

This crunchy rich in fibres cat food is made specially to reduce hairballs. Available in 4 different sizes to suit your need, Purina One’s hairball formula contains chicken as its number one constituent. Rice, beans, and different vegetables are the source of fibres in the food. Fibre helps in pushing out the hairballs from the intestine. The added vitamin and minerals help to strengthen the immune system, forms a healthy coat, and improves the skin quality of your cat. Proteins help in maintaining lean muscles.

The kibbles are a perfect size and easy to digest. By obtaining the most nutrients from this food your cat is more active and healthier. No more hairball problems, this is an all-in-one diet for your furry friend. Each cup contains about 445 kcal and it has been made in the US under strict supervision using the highest quality ingredients.

Key Features:

  • Rich in fibres

  • Specially made to reduce hairballs

  • Chicken as no. 1 constituent

  • Wholemeal for your cat

9). Vetoquinol Laxatone Oral Hairball Lubricant Gel for Cats

Vetoquinol luxation is a tasty easy to use a gel which lubricates the intestine to help your cat pass the hairball. It is available in tuna and maple flavour for you to choose your cat’s favourite. The gel comes in two sizes 2.5oz and 4.25oz. It helps to prevent hairballs but if your cat has already developed them then it comfortably gets them out. The oils in the gel lubricate the digestive tract to make it painless.

The gel in one of the best hairball control products for cats as it is very simple to use. To get started, apply some of it on your cat’s nose for a few days. Then give 1/2 to 1 tbsp daily for the first three days. When your cat gets used to it, reduce the amount to 1/4 to 1/2 tbsp about three times a week. Follow the directions to get the best results. The product is made in Canada and is NASC approved.

Key Features:

  • Lubricating gel

  • Available in 2 flavours

  • Prevents hairballs

  • NASC sealed

10). Hills Science Diet’s Hairball Control Dry Adult Cat Food

Hill’s is one of the biggest and most trusted brands when it comes to pet health. Having been in this business for decades, hills have perfected their recipes over time. This is one of the best hairball control product for cats formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists has natural fibres those help in reducing hairballs in adult cats. The dry food easy to replace with the current diet your cat is on. It is a whole diet to control furballs and providing other nutrients to the cat.

The kibbles are loaded with vitamins and minerals that improve the immunity and digestive system. The omega 3 & 6 fatty acids promote a healthy, shiny fur in the cat. Chicken is the number 1 ingredient in the food which contains high-quality proteins that help in the growth of the cat with lean muscles. Hill’s recommended by vets nationally and is manufactured in the US using local and imported high-quality natural ingredients you can trust.

Key Features:

  • Rich in fibres & proteins

  • Improves overall health

  • Wholemeal


Throughout your cat ownership, a time will eventually come when your cat starts developing hairballs. This often starts once they are an adult. Passing a hairball can be very painful for the cat if proper nutrition isn’t maintained. Above are the best hairball control products for cats to make it easier for them the pass hairballs. The oils in the medicines and fibre in the cat food will lubricate the intestine and push the hairball. So once the cat is adult you should start a special diet for when the time comes.


  • Flavour:
    Different flavours are available for all types of hairball control products. If your cat is a picky eater then you can choose from the flavours to your cat’s liking.

  • Ease of use:
    The best hairball control products for cats are available in different forms, cat food, gel, and tablets. Now it completely up to your cat that which form he/she prefers the most. You should consider the easiest way for your cat to intake the product.

  • Size:
    A variety of sizes is available for you to choose from as per need depending on how many cats you have and the seriousness of their problem.

  • Guaranteed:
    A guaranteed product can be returned if it doesn’t show results.

  • NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) approval:
    NASC is equivalent to FDA in pet terms. This shows that the product is made using high-quality ingredients healthy for the cat.

  • Organic ingredients:
    Organic ingredients provide extra nutrients to your cat those promote a healthy coat and stronger bones. Some cat hairball remedy formulas are made with only natural ingredients. These ingredients give your cat extra benefits like stronger and healthier hair.

  • Vitamins and minerals:
    While several products are only made to control the furballs, some are formulated to contain added vitamins and minerals to improve other aspects of a cat’s health.

Is hairball control cat food effective?

Yes, a hairball control cat food is rich in fibres and oils that help to push the hairball through the intestine. The cat should be on that diet for a decent period for it to be effective.

How can I help my cat pass a hairball?

The best way to help your cat pass a hairball is to get it the best hairball control product for cats. If you haven’t gotten it then you can also help by adding oils like butter or olive oil in small amounts to the cat food to lubricate the intestine making it easy to pass the hairball.

What is the best hairball product for cats?

The above are the best hairball control products for cats, you can choose from a variety of forms to suit your cat better.

Which oil is preferable for cats with hairballs?

You can add one tablespoon olive oil to the cat food once a week. This will lubricate the digestive tract making it easier for the hairball to pass on. the oils will also improve the overall health of the cat and other dryness issues

Does wet cat food make it easier to pass hairballs?

To make the passing of hairball easier the digestive tract should be moisturized. Wet cat food helps in moisturizing the gut, make sure that the cat has a non-stop supply of freshwater to further help with the moisturization.

Does it hurt when cats have hairball?

While it is normal for a cat to have hairball throw-up once in a while. But If the hairball keeps gathering on the intestine and gets big it can be quite painful for your cat to handle. At this point, you should get your cat checked up before the situation worsens

How often should I give my cat hairball medicine?

Depending on your cat’s health, you should decide for yourself how often to feed the medicine. On average, a cat should take medicine 2 to 3 times per week.

How to give cat hairball medicine?

You can add the medicine to the food or have your cat directly lick it. Try different methods and opt for the one that is most easy for you and your cat.

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