Cats require a dedicated space that is all their very own so that they can relax, play, and SCRATCH as long as they desire. Top-quality cat trees and condos can fulfill all of these demands.

Cats are natural birthed climbers, hunters, and scratchers. But being indoors, domesticated pets are usually deprived of such activities which as a result makes your cats aggressive and develops behavioral issues in them. Fortunately, a cat tree can help to fulfill every kitty’s natural instinct to climb, scratch, and play within a limited space indoors.

With the best feline tree, your feline buddy will obtain a lot of workouts as well as amusement, along with having a comfy area to catch some zzz’s!

We Reviewed: The Best Cat Trees of 2022

Best Cat Trees

Pet cat condos or feline trees are an excellent means to provide your cats their very own play area — an area where they can exercise their natural impulses by climbing up, perching, hiding, and scratching without harming your accessories. With various spaces and crannies for personal privacy, peek-a-boo holes, and scratching mats — pet cat trees are ideal for loosening up and resting, particularly if you reside in a studio apartment or small home where there’s no large open play area for the feline to delight in.

This article provides an understanding of the companies that make the best, high-quality trees, condos, and scratching towers for cats. They are things of excellent quality that are room pleasant and also provide your cats a chance to play quietly on stable and secure items that do not look ugly either. We evaluated lots of cat trees to determine the very best of the best, based upon Amazon evaluations, just how well each brand’s cat tree performed in examination tests by our company, price, and various other factors.

[highlight color=”yellow”]The Best Overall Cat Trees[/highlight]

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Go Pet Club 62-inch Pet Cat Tree

For a top-quality cat tree that’s moderately valued and has a happy client base, there’s no better option than the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. This item has several tiers where your cats can play as well as lounge, scratch, climb, and hide.

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We Loved This Product Because:

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  • Made of compressed wood and wrapped with faux fur — Highly Durable!
  • 4 tiers with a condo, tunnel, basket, ladder, peek-a-boo hole, top perch, and hanging toys — ENDLESS Fun Hours!
  • Multiple scratching posts with sisal-rope covering — Boredom Breaker!
  • For cats of all sizes — Compatibility Level = PERFECT!
  • Affordable price tag — Not Heavy on Budget!
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The cat tree is 38 x 27 x 62-inches. It’s made from compressed wood and covered with faux fur material. The overall built quality is exceptional and manually handling it gives a confirmed feel that it will last for ages. There are 3 tiers for your cats to climb, in addition to a ladder, hammock, hanging rope, cubby opening, and more.

On testing this product, we found several tiers of this cat tree are wrapped with sisal rope to motivate cats to claw… a good point!

This pet cat tree does call for proper assembly, yet it features detailed guidelines and the essential tools to do the process with ease.

The product ranks the best and its proof lies in the thousands of positive user reviews and 5-star ratings on Amazon and other platforms alike. Customers say that with this tower, their cats have never felt deprived of the activities they get to perform in the wild. Plus, the affordable price factor also plays a huge role in the product’s success.

Milo Pet Cat Tower by Tuft+ Paw.

The Milo Pet cat Tower is one of our favored choices for the very best cat trees. Not just is this tower high, it is a modern-day take on a traditional feline tree.

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We Loved This Product Because:

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  • 2x: Covered treehouses, perches, and slide-like scratching posts — ULTIMATE FUN!
  • Made of natural birch plywood white UV coating and crystal hammock — Built to Last!
  • Curved Corners — for SAFETY!
  • Includes ramp, crystal hammock, climbing pole, and dining ledge — Amazing Playground for Cats!
  • Suitable for cats of all shapes and sizes — Compatibility Level = PERFECT
  • Easily cleanable with a damp cloth
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On screening this item, we were left surprised by its premium built quality, features, and contemporary layout. The product enjoys a 5-star rating with every customer singing songs of praises for the company for manufacturing such an amazing cat tree.

This feline tower includes sisal rope, detachable carpeting systems, climbing up posts, and bowl hammock.

It’s an ideal playground for indoor cats, that provides the animal with unlimited fun activities to maintain their physical and psychological wellness. Great for multi-cat homes, the sophisticated framework includes two covered treehouses, two perches, and slides with scratching posts draped in a long-lasting rug fiber. The item is constructed from natural birch plywood that’s undoubtedly built to last for years and boasts animal-friendly bent edges for injury-free play.

SONGMICS 67 ″ Cat Tree Tower.

The SONGMICS 67 ″ Cat Tree Tower supplies lots of playing area for even the biggest of the cats, and thanks to its sturdy construction, pet parents can feel confident this cat tree will not fall over.

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We Loved This Product Because:

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  • 2x roomy condos — for LUXURY Nap!
  • 3x plush perches with raised edge
  • Sisal-covered slope — More & More FUN!
  • Constructed by CARB-certified natural particle boards — Built to last for decades!
  • Strengthened with battens at the bottom & anti-toppling fittings — Stability Level = UNSHAKEABLE!
  • Sisal-covered scratching posts — Best Boredom Breaker!
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We loved this product not just because of its quality and features, but also because it can be securely mounted to a wall… If you have multiple large cats, the towner can be attached to the wall surface for more stability and also peace of mind.

The perches are covered in a soft material, and the sisal-covered poles and a long slide are there for fulfilling your cat’s instinctual drive to climb and scratch.

Customers just can’t stop praising the product, with most of them commenting about just how secure this cat tree is, despite numerous cats on it simultaneously. The product is also valued for its cushioned perches.

With a price of $128, this may be one of the most expensive cat trees in our favorite choices of 2022, yet we assume the premium-quality products, best-in-class features, long-lasting workmanship, and lots of relaxing and scraping justify the price tag.

[highlight color=”pink”]The Most Modern Cat Trees – The NO Ugly Picks[/highlight]

Vesper Cat Furniture

Vesper Cat Furniture is a beautifully-designed modern-day cat tree that’s as sturdy and enjoyable for cats as it is trendy for their proprietors.

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We Loved This Product Because:

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  • Multiple design options — Choose what you want!
  • Constructed from high-quality MDF materials — made to last for decades!
  • Removable cushion and scratching surfaces
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • Foamy surface — for the most comfortable nap!
  • Beautiful layout — designed to suit indoors!
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If you are worried regarding a cat tower sidetracking from your house decor scheme, you may wish to take into consideration a cat tree that beautifully blends with your home’s interior. These designer-designed cat trees may be a bit more pricey than the traditional ones, however, you’ll discover that the quality of the products and the construction is better both in terms of durability and looks.

Our favorite pick for the most modern cat tree is this one by Vesper Cat Furniture.

Built from top-quality MDF in six different configurations, Vesper Cat Furniture assures that every customer gets the cat tree that best fits their cat’s requirements and matches their indoor interior. Each unit boasts a different style with multiple tiers, scratching platforms, and resting areas. Though they are appealing to the eyes, these pet cat trees are designed keeping in mind your cat as well, which means your feline is certain to like them as much as you do.

We tested this product and loved its smooth, contemporary style along with stability and durability. It was a bit difficult to set up, but the time and investment were worth it!

Refined Lotus Cat Tower

The Refined Lotus cat Tower blends sleek, modern lines with the comfort and activity-levels your cat yearns for. We tested this product and liked the wonderful appearance of the tree and how stunningly it blends right into your home decor scheme.

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We Loved This Product Because:

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  • Very tall tower — large cats are warmly welcomed!
  • Velcro-attached brown Berber carpet — for unlimited SCRATCHING FUN!
  • Soft cushions covered in washable faux suede covers — Comfortable Sleep!
  • Clean and modern design — matches home decor scheme!
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The Refined Lotus Cat Tower is very comfortable, thanks to its soft pillows. The paddings consist of cleanable faux suede covers for simple cleaning and maintenance. The tower includes a sisal pad that is fit for your feline’s scratching habit.

There is additionally an enjoyable cubby for cats to hide, take a peek outside, and relax. With a 69-inch height, this cat tower stands tall and enables your cat to have a clear view from the top perch.

MidWest Feline Nuvo Cat Furniture

Among one of the most typical issues concerning cat trees is that they’re not visually appealing and look ugly when placed indoors. Most of the towers are covered in uninteresting off-white textiles, and they can be an eyesore in a perfectly embellished home. However, you do not have to sacrifice your home’s look and not compromise on the happiness levels of your cats either, when you buy the MidWest Feline Nuvo Cat Furniture, as this feline cat tree is super attractive, sleek, stylish, and modern!

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We Loved This Product Because:

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  • Designer print fabric — for beautiful looks!
  • Solid whimsical base and support — so that it never falls down!
  • Ultra-soft faux fur — for peaceful sleep!
  • Sisal scratching pad, platform perch, lounging lookout — for kitty’s FUN!
  • Easy assembly
  • 1-year Warranty
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This tree measures 18 x 22 x 31-inches. It consists of a lounge, perch, sisal scratching pad, as well as a dangling plaything, all fitted on a strong base. The inside of the lounge is covered in a luxurious, comfortable material to keep your cats comfy, and the rest of the tree is covered in an appealing floral-patterned textile that looks wonderful. The tree needs time for proper assembly, but the instruction guide and essential tools are there to help you with the assembly process.

[highlight color=”orange”]Best Trees for Large Cats[/highlight]

Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed

Some breeds, such as Siberian Cats, are considerably larger than others, and if you’re the honored proprietor of a large cat, you might be worried that a typical cat tree or tower will not be large enough for your giant kitty!

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We Loved This Product Because:

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  • Large beds and spacious rest areas
  • Solid construction and durable materials — No cracks and no collapses!
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Comes pre-assembled — ready to be used product
  • High quality carpet and natural thick sisal rope — for endless FUN!
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In this situation, you need to check out the Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed, a feline tree that is made to suit even the biggest of domesticated cats.

The Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed measures 19 x 21 x 37-inches. The layout is nice, including two perches where cats can hang out. The tree is covered in a top-quality carpet material, and one of the levels is wrapped in sisal rope. Another good thing about this product is that it does not require assembly, while its sturdy structure comfortably bears large multiple cats simultaneously.

When testing this product, our team found it incredibly spacious and sturdy. The scratching post and the bed were huge enough to even accommodate a large 20-pound cat. After all this, we can confidently say that the Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed is the best cat tree for large or overweight cats.

New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch

Boasting a durable construction, the New Cat Condos Premier is an excellent option for big cats.

Cats like climbing and they take pleasure in perching over heightened surfaces to observe the world down below — the Lion King Style! Unfortunately, tall cat trees are not always an ideal option for extra large cats since the weight of the feline can make the tree tip over. If you have big and fat cats in your home, we suggest you the New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch.

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We Loved This Product Because:

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  • Simple but functional design
  • Stable for larger cats
  • 3x lounging surfaces and 2x scratching posts
  • Works well for multi-cat homes
  • Doesn’t take up much space
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With three levels, this tree features a large space for big cats to stretch, scratch, rest, and play. It has a simple design, strong stability, and sturdiness to accommodate large cats. This cat tree has a three-tiered arrangement with sisal rope-wrapped support and a layer of carpeting.

Whether your cat wishes to scratch, climb up, or lounge, this feline tree is an excellent remedy. Most importantly, it comes pre-assembled. Just take out of its box and place anywhere you want!

We found the product excellent for kitties, elderly cats, fat, and big cats. It is also an exceptional space-saving product for smaller sized houses, flats, and apartments. Furthermore, the build quality is strong enough to bear heavy weights, powerful jumps, and strong knocks by large cats.

With more than 300 positive reviews on Amazon and a 4.3-star rating, the New Cat Condos Premier Triple Cat Perch is a leading choice amongst large cat owners. Customers like the product for the long-lasting durability it offers for bigger cats along with the simple-yet-elegant layout. However, the entertainment options in this product are limited.

On2Pets CatHaven Cat Condo

The On2Pets CatHaven Condo is an ideal option for larger felines. While some trees are unsatisfactory when it concerns supplying strong and secure furniture, the CatHaven Condominium can support animals as much as 32-pounds heavy, with ease!

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We Loved This Product Because:

[tie_list type=”heart”]
  • Spacious for large cats
  • Elegant design with shades of beige
  • Can be placed in small living spaces
  • Thick and natural sisal rope
  • 2x perches for resting and stretching
[/tie_list] [/box]

Our testing team also loved this tree for its quick and easy assembly. It took us 10 minutes to assemble this tree without tools or reading the guide. We also loved the appearance of the tree as it truly resembles a tree with artificial leaves. The product allows your cat to jump, scratch, stretch, rest, play, and hide to their heart’s content.

Best Cat Trees for Small Indoor Living Spaces

Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold Cat Tower

Whether you live in a small home or want a portable cat tree that can be easily stored and transported, the Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold Cat Tower is worth the investment. Thanks to its one-of-a-kind style, the condominium folds up closed for easy transportation and storage space — excellent for small living spaces!

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We Loved This Product Because:

[tie_list type=”heart”]
  • Folds flat — Easy storage and transportation!
  • 2x Lounge, hideaway, scratching post, toys — for non-stop FUN!
  • Affordable — does not break your bank!
  • Natural sisal scratching surface
  • Removeable cushion is hand-wash-friendly
  • Toy lying hammock is wrapped in soft plush — for Comfy Nap!
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If you live in a small home, furnishing your kitty with extra space is almost impossible. While your cat may enjoy a large tree with multiple levels and scratching posts, it may not be possible for you to get that type of tree due to limited living indoor space. Cat trees for small homes do exist, yet a lot of them are straightforward and a little boring. For a smaller sized tree that will keep your cats entertained 24/7, our best choice is the Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold Cat Tower.

This cat town is distinctly made for tiny rooms and folds for easy storage. It features a creative X-shaped design with a hammock on the top and a hideaway on the bottom, while the sides feature a scraping pad and hanging play toys. The whole tower is covered in a soft faux fur that can be found in two different color patterns. Whether you have a kitty or an adult cat in your small apartment, this cat tree is an excellent option.

Our testing team has rated this product as a perfect option for smaller sized rooms, keeping in mind that it has a small height and it can be folded straight for easy storage. It also functions well for traveling, and the tower is embellished with all the features your cat needs for FUN — scratching post, peek-a-boo hole, hiding space, and comfy resting corner.

The Trixie Pet Products Miguel Cat Tower has hundreds of positive reviews and also a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. Consumers have loved the product for its small-space-compatibility and also a range of functions, though there are some remarks that it might be too tight for extra large cats.

Arbor Cat Tree

If you are looking for a cat tree that consumes less space and looks stylish as well, look no other than the Arbor Cat Tree by Tuft+Paw (other masterclass product by the company). It offers elevation for cats, yet occupies much less flooring space than many other options in the market.

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We Loved This Product Because:

[tie_list type=”heart”]
  • News levels can be added — Customize as you like!
  • Made from recycled content — Great for Earth!
  • Solid wood structure with scratching carpet inserts — so that cats have a whale of time!
  • Neutral colors perfectly match any home decor scheme
  • Scratching pads on every tier
[/tie_list] [/box]

Made with environment-friendly products and a strong framework, this cat tree urges cats to scrape and comfortably lounge on each tier. The carpet inserts allow cats to stretch and fulfill their scratching desires, while the base framework sustains sunbathing cats. The product is available in various shades, so you can choose the one that compliments your indoor interior decoration scheme.

Amazon Basics Cat Condo

Boasting a standard yet efficient style, the AmazonBasics Cat Condo is among the best cat trees to get if you reside in a smaller sized apartment or condo. With trio platforms and seven scratching posts covered in jute, this feline tree allows cats to exercise their natural impulses to their heart’s content and that too without occupying much space.

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We Loved This Product Because:

[tie_list type=”heart”]
  • Made of compressed wood and covered in carpet — Strong built quality
  • 3x levels for climbing, 1x round top platform for sleeping, and 7x scratching posts — for non-stop FUN!
  • Suitable for kittens and regular sized adult cats
[/tie_list] [/box]

The tree is constructed from compressed wood and has a carpeted coating, so it’s durable enough for both kitties and grown-up cats. This unit also features a rounded platform on the top from where your cat can spy on everything from a height as well as take a nap on the comfy bed. While both durable and sturdy, this cat tower is not suggested for large-sized cats as they can damage the top tower. However, small to medium-sized cats are perfectly accommodated by this tree.

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How We Tested & Reviewed

We got our hands on the top-rated cat trees produced by one of the most famous companies worldwide, and our testing team (and also their cats) checked them daily for weeks at a time. We asked our testers to consider the most vital attributes when making use of these cat trees, from their shapes and size to their resilience. We also underwent thousands of user testimonials, feedback, and reviews on Amazon. As a result, we’ve laid out the best cat trees of 2022 here to make sure that you, too, get to know which product is worth investing in.[/box]

Who Should Buy This Product

Indoor pet cats do not have their climbing, scratching, and other similar natural impulses satisfied. That’s why cat trees or feline towers are important furnishings for indoor cats. They are particularly beneficial in small homes and apartments to provide cats the area they require to unwind, climb up, scratch, and play to their heart’s content. Cats favor raised placements where they can overlook in lion king style on their environments; see out through peek-a-boo openings; and fulfill their scratching desires — all this is supplied by a standalone item called the cat tree or tower.

Does My Cat Need A Cat Tree?

Cat trees provide your indoor cats with a dedicated happy space to play, scratch, and climb within a limited living space. Let’s read on what makes feline towers so crucial for the cat home.

1). Cats are territorial pets that demand their own area. They need a space where they can feel secure, particularly if they are stressed by the presence of other pets in the residence.

If your cat becomes part of a multi-pet house, it is necessary to offer them their very own territory in the form of a cat tree. This provides them with their dedicated rooms to rest and relax without having that feeling of insecurity from surrounding animals. It also stops them from making use of unwanted spaces and accessories of your home for resting or scratching.

2). For indoor cats, there can be a lack of workout, specifically if busy parents don’t get time to take them for outdoor walks or play with them. Therefore, it’s ideal to have a cat tree that will conveniently offer all kinds of play and exercise activities for cats to keep them sharp, active, and healthy.

Cat trees commonly have toys affixed to them that motivate cats to leap, play, and scratch. From passages to ladders, feline towers are fantastic areas for cats to have endless hours of fun indoors. This also enables cats to have a fitness center of their own.

3). Cats sleep around 15-hours a day! For a wonderful leisure place for your feline, invest in a cat tree. These trees provide a wonderful covered or uncovered resting place for cats. A cat tree with a soft cushioned resting platform is an excellent spot for a catnap as well as permits some private time away from other family pets and people.

Important Features to Consider

There are many points to take into consideration when acquiring the best cat tree for your home. I have listed down some of the most common functions of cat trees and also assist you to make a decision on which features are essential to your pet.

The hiding caves. Caves, also called cat condos, are the cubby openings that most of the trees have. These relaxation spots are covered and have a peek-a-boo hole for peaking and easy exit/entrance for the pets. They are ideal for cats who are shy, reserved, and want to rest in privacy.

If you have a bigger cat, the condos might sometimes be small for the pet. So I would recommend you inspect the measurements to see if your pet cat can conveniently fit inside their cavern.

Scratching Surface. Cat trees also provide scratching surfaces for the cats. Lots of trees include dedicated levels covered by carpeting or natural sisal. This texture is enticing to cats and also urges them to scrape, climb and stretch.

A cat tree with scratching posts stops pet cats from scratching on your precious furniture items or walls. Scratching is a healthy and balanced habit for cats, so it is necessary to offer them with a material to play with their sharp claws.

Tiers. Tiers, also called platform levels, are of great importance in multi-cat households. Cats are territorial and develop hierarchies, with the BOSS cat typically taking control of the higher levels.

If you notice fights bursting out amongst your cats, that could be an indicator that they’re deprived of their personal territories and vertical spaces. Cat trees can reduce this stress within your house. Make sure the base is not slippery, as this discourages the feline from using it.

Toys. Cat towers that include toys, ladders, and slides can be excellent encouragers for energetic play. If your feline needs an additional enrichment in its life, a feline tree with toys is worth investing in.

Height. Cats are natural-birthed climbers. If you see your kitty climbs on countertops or higher shelves in your home, this might be a sign that your cat is craving climbing time. Although there are shorter cat trees offered that are fantastic for kitties to use, a taller cat tree could be better if you observe a strong climbing-up-impulse in your animal.

Does my cat tree need to be secured or attached to a wall?

Possibly. Cat trees with a bigger and heavier base may not need to be protected to a wall surface or weighted down. If you see the tree shaking or tipping while your pet cat is getting on it, it is good to secure it to the wall or weight the base. Also, cats that observe their tree shaking or tipping might not make use of the tree out of anxiety.

When should I replace my old cat tree?

If your pet enjoys scratching a lot and you notice that the tree is highly damaged or the platform levels are sagging, then it’s the right time to replace it with a new one or get it repaired if you can. You can also claim the product if it is in its warranty period.

How to clean a cat climbing tree?

Vacuum cleaning is the best method to get rid of hair and dander from cat trees. If your vacuum cleaner has a brush add-on, make use of that to collect feline hair from the tree. Stains can be eliminated with warm water, a toothbrush, and a detergent – you can spot clean as needed. There are also commercial cat urine, stain and odor eliminators that help refurbish your feline tree and give it a clean and fresh look.

How can I teach my cat to use its cat tree?

Put the cat tree near your pet’s favorite scratching post or resting area. In addition, cats often tend to make use of things that remain in the energetic locations of your house, so locate it where they delight in to be the most.

Why isn’t my cat using its cat tree anymore?

If your cat all of a sudden quits using its tree, then there’s something wrong with the tree. There are a couple of reasons why this can occur:

The tree is not clean

Picky or sensitive cats prefer spending time in clean condos. If you discover a great deal of hair or stains on the tree, then it’s time to clean it so that cats start using it again.

It smells bad

In some cases, a cat will suddenly quit using the tower, if it begins smelling unpleasant. The bad odors might result from dust or excess hair.

Multiple cats using the same condo

If you have numerous cats or various other tiny pets that use the same tree, your moody feline might dislike their fragrance and stop using the tree.

Why do cats like resting on high perches?

Cats like high perches because it provides them a high ground. Having a high ground offers your feline a tactical benefit over other predators. Cats look for high ground when they desire to relax given that it is their natural instinct to relax in a high and secure position.

Tips on Training a Cat To Use a Cat Tree

Like anything brand-new, your cat might hesitate to approve their brand-new tree house. The good news is, you can educate your furry friend to make use of as well as like their brand-new house by doing this:

Place the tree in a location your cat loves

Place the tree in an area your cats invest the majority of their time. If this is not feasible, make sure you do not put it in a location they do not spend time a lot.

Reward them with treats for spending time in their treehouse

To initially tempt your feline to the tree, put some treats or catnip inside the condo. Whenever your cat invests their time on their brand-new climbing tree, award them by providing their favorite food or delicious treats.

Make the tree welcoming

Cats are moody and they don’t like testing new things immediately. To make the cat tree much more welcoming, attempt placing comfy beddings and carpets on specific locations (made of the material they love), which will encourage them to start using the tower.

Minnie Johnas

Minnie Johnas developed an interest in felines, after she adopted a lonely stray kitty from the streetside. She so loved cat parenting, that she went on to get a diploma in Feline Studies from the Compass Education, UK. Today, she is a mother of three moody kitties who are often snoozing on her lounge's sofa.