Are you looking for a delicious and healthy treat to give your furry friend? If so, cow ears may be just what you need! Not only are they highly palatable for canines, but they also provide a natural source of glucosamine–perfect for joint support. Plus, because cow ears provide physical stimulation, chewing on them helps keep dogs’ teeth clean and their gums healthy. Read on to learn about the best cow ears for dogs so that you can keep your pup safe and happy while treating him with something scrumptious.

Chewing is every dog’s instinct and before they get attracted to chewing your household goods, you must serve them with a healthy chew such as Cow Ears. Sourced from cows, the ears are de-haired, thawed, disinfected, and then dried to make a perfect chew for canines. They satisfy the dog’s psychological needs, his instinctual drive to chew, and also promote his well being.

Like people, dogs have different inclinations for flavors and textures, and the canine’s favorite cow ear relies to a great extent upon the size, material, and taste. Fortunately, there is a wide range of chewy cow ear treats for all dogs in changing sizes and prices — extending from all-natural cow ears to smoked ones and hairy ears to dehydrated ones — that your furry friend will highly appreciate.

Best Cow Ears for Dogs

Cow ears are a popular and nutritious treat for dogs, but with so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose the best one for your furry friend. In this guide, we share our top picks for the best cow ears for dogs and explain what to look for when choosing a high-quality, safe, and healthy option. We also provide tips on how to properly introduce cow ears into your dog’s diet and offer insight into the potential benefits and risks of feeding them to your pet. Read on to discover the best cow ears for your dog.

The best cow ear will keep your pup happy and healthy. But not all cow ears could be an optimal fit for your dog, so which one will you choose? Here at PetsBeast, we have reviewed and analyzed 2022’s best Cow Ears for Dogs. We have covered cow ears belonging to different sizes and flavors so that you are guaranteed to find the best one for your dog.

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Best All Natural & Safest Cow Ears for Dogs

All-natural cow ears, as the name suggests, are natural cow ears without the inclusion of chemicals, additives, preservatives, and hormones. These ears are not treated or processed. They are directly sourced from grass-fed cattle, after which they are dehaired, disinfected, cooked, and then dried to serve a perfect all-natural single ingredient chewy treat for dogs.

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””] Natural cow ears are the safest chewy treats for dogs. They neither cause diarrhea nor make your dogs ill. Plus, they do not contain an excessive amount of grease and odors.[/box]

Natural cow Ears are low in fat, high in protein, and digestible. Sourced from free-range cows, these scrumptious ears will help keep your canine’s teeth and gums healthy, coat shinier, while fulfilling its natural desire to chew.

Sancho & Lola’s Natural Ear Chews for Dogs

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Sancho & Lola’s Cow Ears are 100% all-natural and safest cow ears for dogs. The chews are available in small, large, and jumbo sizes and ears of varying thicknesses and textures such as hickory-smoked and slow roasted. These ears are processed in USDA certified facilities under the best quality standards, with 0% use of preservatives or chemicals.

The ears are free from grease and odor. Which means no grease stains on carpets and no unpleasant chemical smells. And since the product does not contain additives, the ears are fully digestible so it will not cause digestive distress.

Canine Butcher Shop All-Natural Cow Ears for Dogs

Buy NowThe Canine Butcher Shop Cow Ears are single-ingredient cow ears made in the USA with no inclusion of salt, sugar, flavors, coloring, additives, or preservatives. The ears are sourced from USDA cattle and slow-cooked in dedicated ovens before naturally drying for safe and high-quality chewing experience. The ears are both odor and grease-free.

What’s so good about cow ears by Canine Butcher Shop is that they contain loads of collagen. The collagen helps in strengthening your dog’s joints, keeps the dog’s coat shinier, and nails healthy. Plus, each batch is tested for quality and bacteria in an independent, third-party laboratory and then air-tight sealed before dispatching.

BRUTUS & BARNABY All Natural Whole Cow Ears for Dogs

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The Brutus & Barnaby Cow Ears are sourced from grass-fed cattle. Each ear is hand-inspected before it goes for cooking. There’s no addition of hormones, chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors at all. It’s a purely single ingredient dog treat, that is digestible and 100% safe for all dog breeds.

Since the ears are not treated in any way, so there’s nothing to worry about extra grease or odors being released from the ear. Furthermore, these cow ears contain no bone, which means no crumbling or splintering – making these one of the safest dog treats.

Best Bulk & Wholesale Cow Ears for Dogs

Several companies sell cow ears in bulk packaging at wholesale rates. This is an ideal purchasing option for those who have a multi-dog household, have an aggressive large dog breed that goes through the chews pretty quick, want to cut down the hassle of frequently purchasing the chews, as well as save a big deal of money. Here are our top picks for the best bulk cow ears for dogs in 2022.

Red Barn Cow Ears 100 Pieces

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Buy NowThe Red Barn Cow Ears come packed in a cardboard box in a volume of 100 cow ears per box. These cow ears come in two different varieties: natural and bully coated. The natural cow ears are cleaned and roasted to draw out their unique flavor, while the bully coated ears are made super delicious tasteful with a bully-gravy coating. 

Both the variants are thin and lightly-textured, to serve as an ideal alternative to high-calorie treats. Plus, there’s an inclusion of Chondroitin to support the dog’s joint function.

ValueBull Premium Cow Ears

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Buy NowThe ValueBull Premium Cow Ears come packaged in a cardboard box, each containing 120-pieces of cow ears. The chewy treat is 100% all natural – made from a single ingredient (cow ear) with no addition of hormones, preservatives, or artificial flavors. The ears are sourced from healthy, grass-fed cattle and taste absolutely delicious. Being pure and natural makes the low in fat content, high in protein, and easily digestible.

123 Treats Cow Ears Chews

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These 123 Cow Ear Chew Treats come in a huge bulk packaging of 100 pieces of natural, low-fat cow ears ready to be served to pooches of all breeds. Unlike others (which are usually sourced in the USA), the 123 Cow Ear Treats are sourced from free-range Brazilian cows. Being an ideal lower fat alternative to pig ears, these natural ears are free from anything artificial and serve as a healthy product to satisfy your dog’s chewing needs.

Best Large & Jumbo Cow Ears for Dogs

Jumbo cow ears serve as a great chewing treat for large and aggressive dog breeds, who heavily chew on things. A large ear takes more time to finish, making it a perfect chew to keep aggressive dogs entertained for several hours. While the small and thin ones will be destroyed within a few minutes, the large and thick ones tend to keep the canine engaged in healthy chewing activity for several hours.

Pawstruck Jumbo Thick-Cartilage Cow Ears for Dogs

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Buy NowPawstruck Jumbo Cow Ears are hands down the best large cow ears for dogs. Made in the USA and sourced from premium American buffaloes, these ears are all-natural and serve as a great alternative to high-calorie and high-fat delight. 

What’s so special about Pawstruck Jumbo Cow Ears is that each ear in the packaging features the thickest cartilage (the part closest to the skull) ever for any cow ear. These aren’t flat, tortilla-chip-looking ears. They are huge in size and have thick cartilage which ensures every bite is a chunky bite for the dog!

And since the product is additive-free, so stay assured of no oily fluids or extra odors releasing from the ear. 

Sancho & Lola’s Jumbo Thick-Cut Cow Ears for Dogs

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These chewy ear treats aren’t as large as the Pawstruck Jumbo, but they are very very thick. The thickness factor is there to ensure your dog gets maximum hours of healthy chewing fun. Made without the use of any chemicals, these ears are sourced from highest-quality beef and then carefully heated and dried in the broiler to seal in that exquisite beef flavor, bringing about a crunchy and yummy treat that rises to many chomps. Plus, there’s no grease and no chemical smell.

Nature Gnaws Large Whole Cow Ears

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Buy NowFeaturing 6-inch+ thick tortillas, the Natural Gnaws Large Cow Ears are made with 100% natural single ingredient, called Beef. The cartilage and the collar areas are the meatiest and chunkiest parts of this ear, providing lots of chewing activity to the teething monsters. These ears are not bleached and the best natural alternative to rawhide.

Best Smoked Cow Ears for Dogs

All-natural ears don’t have any flavor or smell, so they do not satisfy the taste buds of epicure dogs. Therefore, smoked cow ears with their unique aroma and smoked taste are here to satisfy even the pickiest of the eaters and make your canine go crazy for its delicious taste. Here are our 2022’s top picks for the best-smoked cow ears for dogs:

Sancho & Lola’s Hickory Smoked Ears

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The Sancho & Lola’s Hickory Smoked Ears are actually lamb ears prepared in a human-grade commercial kitchen without the use of harsh chemicals. The ears come in a sealed pack of 12 and are sourced from premium quality grass-fed animals. They are disinfected, washed, oven-baked and dehydrated, and at last lightly smoked in hickory wood. The result is an amazing taste and flavorful aroma your dog will love.

Powerpet 100% Natural Smoked Cow Ears for Dogs

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These are 100% natural beef ears, made delicious with natural smoke flavor. The ears serve as a long-lasting chewy treat and are low on fat and high on protein. Customers claim that this product serves as one of the best cow ear treats, that not only lasts long but also so delicious that dogs can’t stop chewing. The ears are digestible and the company claims that each ear is hand-picked for ensuring utmost perfection!

Gogo Natural Smoked Beef Cow Ears

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The Gogo Natural Smoked Beef Cow Ears are sourced from South America free-raised cattle. The ears do not incorporate anything artificial, nor there’s any addition of hormones and antibiotics. They are all-natural and the product is labeled as a single-ingredient. To spec up the deliciousness factor, the Gogo Natural cow ears are BBQ smoked. This makes these treats taste so good, that canines ask for them by name!

The Safest Cow Ears for Dogs: No Diarrhea & Digestive Issues

Some dogs develop digestion-related issues due to chewy treats like cow ears. This is caused by the chemicals, additives, and artificial flavors being used to treat cow ears. Fortunately, there are all-natural cow ears as well which are produced in FDA registered facilities with USDA dehydration and cooking guidelines, and pose no health risk to canines. Here are our top picks for the safest cow ears for dogs that don’t cause diarrhea or digestive issues.

Bark Treasures Cow Ear Dog Treats

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Bark Treasures has been widely acclaimed for producing the safest and most hygienic cow ear treats for dogs. The ears are sourced from healthy grazing, free-range cattle, and produced with no steroids, chemicals, or artificial flavors. What makes us blindly trust this product, is that it produces cow ears in FDA-registered facilities with USDA dehydration and cooking guidelines. Each of the ear is hand-picked by the team, washed with water, and cooked with love for your canine which makes it one of the safest cow ears for dogs.

Pet Magasin Large Cow Wears

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The Pet Magasin Cow Ears are one of the safest and tastiest chewy treats ever produced for canines. The ears are derived from premium quality grass-fed beef. They are rich in taste and have a perfect chewy texture for dogs of all sizes. Each Pet Magasin cow ear measures more than a 7-inch in length, which means more time for your dog to chomp on his delicious treat.

The Pet Magasin Cow Ears do not cause any health issues. They are perfectly safe for pooches of all ages. This is because they are natural and haven’t been treated with bleach, antibiotics, chemicals, and artificial ingredients. Furthermore, what makes this product shine among equals is that it is produced at registered facilities under state-of-the-art environment.

Wild Eats Buffalo Natural Ear Dog Chews

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Sourced from water buffaloes, the Wild Eats Natural Ear Dog Chews have 14% more protein and 89% less fat than cow ears. These buffalo ears serve as an ideally balanced chewy treat for canines of all ages. The ears are sourced from grass-feed water buffaloes and then sent straight into state-of-the-art kitchens for cooking, without being treated by artificial chemicals, flavors, and additives.

Each buffalo ear has a unique shape and texture that encourages positive chewing as well as aids in natural dog teeth cleaning with each delicious bite promoting dental care. It is one of the best cow ears for dogs

What are cow ears?

Cow ears, as the name suggests, are the ears of the cow. These ears are turned into chewy dog treats by first dehairing and disinfecting, and then dehydrating and cooking them in an oven. While all-natural cow ears are packed right after cooking, the flavored ones are sent for further processing to be treated with artificial flavors and additives.

How are cow ears made for dogs?

Cow ears are mostly sourced from grass-fed, premium quality cattle. The ears are first de-haired and then sent into FDA-approved and USDA certified kitchens where they are washed, and disinfected. Finally, the ears are dried in an oven and packaged for your dog. They are sometimes also smoked, or treated with artificial flavors.

As per experts, it is best to choose cow ears that are sourced from the US or Brazilian cattle. This is because cattle of these regions are less likely to be injected with antibiotics and hormones, and are strictly regulated and inspected. This ensures you are serving a healthy, delicious, and health-risk-free chewy treat to your dog.

How many cow ears can a dog eat every day?

Cow ears should be served as a treat, and they aren’t a substitute for dog food. Most owners give their dog a single cow ear every day, while others use them as a special treat just given as a high-esteem reward or to distract a canine from guests, thunderstorms, and so on.

How long does it take for a dog to eat a cow ear?

The average chewing time for a dog to chew on cow ear is around 30 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity, contingent upon how substantial of a chomper your canine and how long and thick the cow ear is. Some dogs may also spend a few hours chewing at a jumbo and thick cow ear.

Cow ears are chewy treats, and not meant to be consumed directly like food. They have a rubbery chewy texture that satisfies your dog’s natural instinctual drive to chew, while the natural proteins and collagen inside the ear nourish the pooch’s coat and teeth, and play an overall contribution in dog’s wellness.

Are cow ear treats better than pig ears and rawhides?

Yes. This is because cow ears are very low on fat and high in protein if compared to its alternatives. Furthermore, cow ears are sourced from grain-free, grass-fed cattle and aren’t treated with anything artificial, thus causing no havoc on a dog’s sensitive digestive system.

What are the benefits of cow ear treats for dogs?

  • Satisfy the canine’s chewing desire
  • Healthy chewing activity removes plaque and tartar from dog’s teeth; promotes dental care
  • The collagen sucked from the ear – helps strengthen dog’s joints, shine his coat, and improve his health

Are cow ears safe for dogs?

Experts recommend that dogs should be served with natural cow ears that haven’t been artificially treated. An ear sourced from a cow, de-haired and disinfected, cleaned with water only, and then oven-baked to perfection makes for a safe and healthy treat for dogs of all ages. There will be no digestive issues or diarrhea problems.

However, some dogs are sensitive or allergic to this product. This can cause issues including loose bowels. The ears also represent a choking and blockage hazard. If a dog swallows an enormous piece of cow ear it might get stuck in the throat or other part of the digestive tract which may require clinical intercession. Continuously watch your pooch when giving any sort of treat or food to guarantee this doesn’t occur or to have the option to deal with it quickly if it occurs.

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