Best Horse Clippers for Grooming

Keeping your horse groomed and looking its best is essential for both its health and appearance. One of the most important tools for grooming a horse is a set of high-quality clippers. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 5 best horse clippers on the market, along with their pros and cons.

  1. Andis 22330:

The Andis 22330 Professional AGC Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper is a high-quality, professional-grade grooming tool for both horses and pets. With a powerful two-speed rotary motor, it can quickly and easily clip through thick, heavy coats.

The clipper comes with a size T-84 extra wide UltraEdge blade, which is designed to be detachable for easy cleaning and blade replacement. The simple ON/OFF switch allows for easy operation, and the 14-foot heavy-duty cable gives you plenty of room to move around while grooming your animal.

The Andis 22330 clipper is designed to operate cool and quietly, which makes it perfect for use in any environment, whether it be at home or in a professional grooming setting. This clipper is ideal for professional horse grooming, as well as for grooming other pets, such as dogs and cats.

With its sturdy housing and durable construction, this clipper is built to last and withstand heavy use. Whether you’re a professional groomer or a pet owner looking for a high-quality clipper for home grooming, the Andis 22330 Professional AGC Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a reliable and powerful grooming tool.

  1. Oster A5:

The Oster Professional Turbo A5 Heavy Duty Animal Grooming Clippers are an excellent choice for grooming pets and livestock. With a heavy-duty 2-speed universal motor and wider blade sweep, these clippers are perfect for thick, coarse, and heavily matted hair. The universal motor is designed to be quiet, ensuring a more pleasant grooming experience for both the animal and the groomer. The two-speed functionality provides versatility, allowing for precision and faster trims.

These electric clippers come with a detachable #10 CryogenX blade, clipper grease, blade oil, cleaning brush, and replacement carbon brushes. They are compatible with all Oster A5 detachable blades. The cord is 12 feet long, and the clippers weigh 1.7 pounds, making them easy to handle and maneuver.

The Oster Professional Turbo A5 Heavy Duty Animal Grooming Clippers are turbo-powered, delivering up to 4,000 strokes per minute. The low-speed option is perfect for sensitive areas that require precision trimming, while the high-speed option is ideal for faster trims and full-body shave downs. These clippers are suitable for dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.

Overall, the Oster Professional Turbo A5 Heavy Duty Animal Grooming Clippers are a reliable and efficient choice for pet and livestock grooming needs. With their powerful motor, wider blade sweep, and two-speed functionality, these clippers are an excellent investment for any professional or home groomer.

  1. Wahl KM10:

The KM10 Pet Clipper Kit from Wahl is an excellent choice for animal body clipping and trimming. It’s designed for use on all types of animal coats, including dogs, cats, horses, and livestock. With its enhanced performance and extended motor life, the KM10 offers quiet operation and two powerful speeds of 3,000 and 3,700 strokes per minute. The Constant Speed Control feature ensures that more power and torque are delivered in challenging areas automatically. The clipper measures 7.5 by 2 by 1.75 inches (H x W x D) and weighs a lightweight 12.3 ounces, which helps reduce wrist fatigue during use. The rounded front housing design helps prevent hair clogging, making it easier to maintain and use. This clipper is an excellent choice for professional groomers or pet owners looking for a reliable and high-quality clipper to use at home.

  1. Laube Lazor:

The Laube Lazor is a powerful and versatile set of clippers, designed for use on horses, dogs, and other animals. These clippers have a high-torque motor that can run at up to 9,000 strokes per minute, making them one of the fastest on the market. The Lazor is also known for its lightweight and compact design, which makes it easy to handle and maneuver. However, the Lazor can be quite expensive, and its high speed may not be necessary for all grooming tasks.

  1. TAKEKIT 6-Speed Detachable Blade Professional Horse Grooming Clipper

This TAKEKIT 6-Speed Detachable Blade Professional Horse Grooming Clipper is designed for professional animal groomers who need a powerful, durable, and versatile clipper. With its full copper motor, this clipper can handle thick coats and tough mats quickly and easily. It features high and low speeds, TAKEKIT 6-Speed Detachable Blade Professional Horse Grooming Clippermaking it perfect for completing horse, equine, and other animal grooming tasks. The detachable blades provide grooming versatility and easy cleaning. This clipper is compatible with all TAKEKIT horse blade series, making it a versatile and convenient tool. The 16 feet wear-resistant power cord allows for easy movement around animals and equipment. The TAKEKIT professional horse grooming clipper includes everything you need to get started, making it the perfect choice for animal grooming. Choose this clipper and enjoy the pleasure of animal grooming with a powerful and versatile tool.



Some additional grooming tips for using the Professional Horse Grooming Clipper:

  • Make sure to properly groom and prepare your horse’s coat before using the clippers. This will help to prevent any tangles or mats and make the clipping process smoother and more efficient.
  • Use a good quality blade appropriate for the type of coat you are clipping. Using a dull or inappropriate blade can cause discomfort or even injury to the animal.
  • Keep the clipper blades clean and well-oiled during use to prevent heat build-up and ensure a smooth cut. Wipe away any excess hair and oil with a clean cloth as needed.
  • Take breaks during grooming sessions to give both you and your horse a chance to rest and relax. This can also help to prevent the clipper from overheating.
  • Always follow proper safety procedures when using the clippers, including wearing appropriate eye and ear protection, keeping the cord away from the animal, and using caution around sensitive areas.


What are horse clippers used for?

Horse clippers are used to trim and groom a horse’s coat, including removing mats and knots in the hair. They can also be used to trim the hair around the horse’s face, ears, and hooves.

How do you choose the right horse clippers?

When choosing horse clippers, consider the size and weight of the clippers, the power and speed of the motor, and the type of blades they use. Additionally, think about the types of grooming tasks you will be using the clippers for and select a set that can handle those tasks effectively.

How do you maintain horse clippers?

To maintain horse clippers, clean the blades after each use, oil them regularly to prevent heat buildup and extend blade life, and replace the carbon brushes as needed. Additionally, keep the motor housing clean and free of debris.

What are the advantages of detachable blade clippers?

Detachable blade clippers offer greater versatility and convenience than fixed blade clippers. With detachable blades, you can quickly and easily switch between blade sizes for different grooming tasks and clean the blades more thoroughly.

Can horse clippers be used on other animals?

While horse clippers are specifically designed for use on horses, they can also be used on other large animals with thick coats, such as cows, llamas, and alpacas. However, they are not suitable for use on small animals like dogs and cats.

In conclusion, there are many great horse clippers on the market, each with their own unique features and benefits. The Andis AGC2, Oster A5, Wahl KM10, Laube Lazor, and Heiniger Saphir are all excellent choices for grooming horses, depending on your needs and preferences. When choosing a set of horse clippers, it’s important to consider factors such as motor power, blade size, weight, and noise level, as well as your budget and the specific grooming tasks you will be performing.

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