Cat Litter Boxes

Every pet parent hates scooping cat feces, and so there arises a need for a litter box, where a cat can comfortably poop and keep its business confined without making the surroundings smelly and dirty.

What is a cat litter box?  A litter box, also referred to as a cat poop bucket, sandbox, cat litter pan, or a cat litter tray is an indoor feces and urine storage area for cats who use such a container naturally or through training. These are specially designed for pet cats who usually stay indoors in small apartments and homes, and either don’t have an outdoor space or don’t often go outdoors to discharge their metabolic waste.


The 15 Best Cat Litter Boxes of 2022Best Cat Litter Box

Product Verdict Purchase
Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box The No.1 Pick & Long Lasting Buy Now
Omega Paw EL-RA20-1 Self Cleaning Litter Box The Best Self Cleaning Litter Box Buy Now
Kitty’s WonderBox Disposable Litter Box The Best Disposable Cat Litter Box Buy Now
IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop The Best Top Entry Cat Litter Box Buy Now
Pet Mate 42036 Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan The Best Budget-Friendly Cat Litter Box Buy Now
EcoFlex Litter Loo Litter Box Cover Table The Best Enclosure for Litter Box Buy Now
CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Litter Box The Best Self-Washing, Hands-free Litter Box Buy Now
PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic The Best Odorless Litter Box Buy Now
Catit Design SmartSift Cat Pan The Simplest & Eco-Friendliest Cat Litter Box Buy Now
LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box The Best Litter Box for Large & Multi-Cat Homes Buy Now
Litter Robot III Open Air with Connect & Smartphone Control Feature The Best in terms of Technology Buy Now
CatGenie A.I. Self-Washing Cat Box The Best Artificial Intelligence Powered Box Buy Now
Luckya Automatic Low Noise Cat Litter Box The Quietiest & Best Low Noise Cat Litter Box Buy Now
Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box Most Eco-Friendly Buy Now
Modkat Top-Entry Litter Box The Best Mess-Free Litter Box Buy Now

While cats have a natural habit to cover up their waste, often they can be selective as to which litter boxes they like and dislike. You might not know this, but in reality, there is a wide variety of different types of litter boxes available to choose from.

If you wonder where to start your quest for the best litter box for your cat, has got you covered. We have deep researched the best-selling litter boxes, read their user reviews, and tested the top ones ourselves so we could bring you the Best Cat Litter Boxes that are known for their incredible performance and do their job perfectly.

1). Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box (Our Top Pick & No.1 Best Choice)

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The Catit Jumbo is a robust and spacious fully-covered litter pan, offering your cat the privacy it needs, and holding the odors inside the box for a cleaner and smell-free environment outside. The box has a wide opening for cats of all ages and is ideal for multi-cat households.

The hood includes a carbon filtration device that not only regulates odors but also eliminates dust. Constructed of BPA-free materials, the litter pan also includes many other useful features such as a holding handle and side latches to tightly secure the hood.

The Good:

Wide size and large container, the sealed shape can regulate odors, filter for better odor control, side latches keep the lid safe, simple to transport handle, ideal for multi-cat households, high sided container to catch urine and litter spray, integrated-in bag anchor, filtration device reduces dust.

The Bad:

Some cats don’t like getting inside the dark huge place. Since the odor is trapped within, certain cats might not like entering the smelly box. On top of the cover, the filter is visible. Plus, you need a ton of litter to fill the pan with

2). Omega Paw EL-RA20-1 Self Cleaning Litter Box

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If you dislike scooping the cat’s waste, the Omega Paw EL RA20 is the best option to consider. This litter box eliminates the most difficult challenges associated with becoming a pet owner and your cats are likely to enjoy it as much as you will.

This is a fully-automated, self-cleaning litter box that uses a sifting process to separate cat waste from clean litter. The moment your cat is done with the bathroom process and leaves the unit, the litter box will start the self-cleaning process – separating poop and urine from clean litter.

The filtered feces are collected in the waste drawer that comes with an indicator light, notifying the user when the waste drawer is full. Once the waste cabin gets full, all you have to do is empty it out, refill new litter, and you are all set!

Ideal for multi-cat homes, the litter box comes with a spacious and comfy interior, thus making it suitable for cats of all sizes, and the open-air entry prevents the buildup of odors inside.

Another thing which makes Omega Paw one of the best self-cleaning automatic cat litter boxes, is that it is extremely easy to set up, requires less maintenance, and less likely to malfunction.

The Good:

Self-cleaning technology, wide entrance for large cats, open-air entry eliminates odor buildup, perfect for multiple pet households, long-lasting built quality, low upkeep, works with daily clay clumping litter, good customer support

The Bad:

Some cats do not like the step-up entrance style, elderly cats can consider it challenging to use, quite costly compared to conventional litter boxes, needs electricity, the cleaning process may be noisy, company does not offer a warranty

3). Kitty’s WonderBox Disposable Litter Box

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These Kitty’s Wonderbox Plastic Litter Boxes, filled with baking soda and built with special air filtration paper for odor prevention, are a cost-effective solution to contain your cat’s poop and urine.

There’s no denying to this fact that nothing is much worse than cleaning or scooping a litter box. If you hate litter box maintenance, a disposable litter box like Kitty’s Wonder is the best option to consider. Although it does not provide as many perks as other sandboxes, they are inexpensive and you throw them in the garbage once they start rotting.

And don’t worry about pollution… these litter boxes are made of biodegradable and landfill-safe recycled papers.

The Good:

Cost-Effective, compatible with cats of all sizes, made of recycled paper content, biodegradable, landfill-safe, resistant to leaking or tearing apart, can be used with all types of litter

The Bad:

Sides are not high enough which means naughty cats may easily kick the mess out of the box, does not maintain freshness, may fall with scratching or heavy usage

4). IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop

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We never thought that such modern style advancement will exist in a litter box one day, but the IRIS Litter Box shows that litter boxes can look chic and trendy. It’s black and grey minimalist architecture seamlessly blends into any space. It measures 20.47″L x 16.14″W x 14.56″H and does not take up that much space either.

This litter box’s innovative construction helps prevent leakage and prevents litter tracking; the top-entry configuration and tiny holes in the cover help separate litter debris from the cat’s paws (and help keep your house clean). Furthermore, the rounded shape and free litter scooper with the package, helps you to dispose of the mess in no time.

The Best Part…?

The box keeps bad odors inside the enclosure, and it won’t be so obvious even if you’re a little late for a litter-change job.

A majority of the users have found the IRIS Top Entry a perfect fit for their felines. Many are happy that the design keeps the dog out from their cat’s place, and the round enclosure keeps suppressing unpleasant odors so that their house does not smell disgusting.

The Good:

Offers protection and privacy to the cat, suppresses unpleasant odors, sleek and stylish, no litter spills and urine sprays outside the box

The Bad:

May be smelly for the cat, adult or disabled cats may find it difficult to enter and exit the box

5). Pet Mate 42036 Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan

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The Pet Mate 42036 has high sides to avoid urine spray, whilst the non-stick interior with detachable sift tray makes clean super-easier. No Scooping Required!

Litter boxes can be pricey, especially if you want features like carbon filters and automatic litter cleaning. If you’re searching for the best and cheapest litter box that can get the job done, find our top choice for the best litter box on budget — the PetMate 42036 Arm & Hammer. Not only is it least expensive, but it also provides a range of valuable features that you would find beneficial as a pet owner.

As per our research and testing, the Pet Mate Arm & Hammer is more than just a regular litter box. It has got a dedicated sift tray that allows you to clean litter without scooping. It has got strong and high walls that prevent even the dirtiest cats from scattering litter outside the box or spraying urine. Spacious enough for even the biggest animals, this litter box can accommodate a lot of litter and is appealing to most animals because of its simplistic nature.

Furthermore, it has a smooth interior with no crevices for waste clumps to get caught in, thus making cleaning and scooping easier.

The Good:

Requires no scooping, high walls avoid urine spill and litter scatter, non-stick and smooth build for quick cleaning, antimicrobial as well as mold-and-mildew resistant, spacious enough for large cats

The Bad:

Requires regular cleaning, offers no odor protection, can be turned down by the cat

6). EcoFlex Litter Loo Litter Box Cover Table

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It’s not a litter box, in fact, it is a litter box cover table. Would you want a more private litter box? Your guest won’t even realize that the ecoFlex Litter Loo Table is the litter box for your pets. The easy-to-clean cover protects the litter boxes tucked inside, avoids litter detection, and will look modern whether you want to use it in the dining room, bedroom, laundry room, or bathroom.

The Good:

Great way to give a furniture-type look to the litter box, looks perfect with other house accessories

The Bad:

Cat’s may not like entering it

7). CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Litter Box

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While it comes with a heavy price tag, with the CatGenie Self-Flushing Litter Box, you will never need to see or clean that smelly litter again! Simply attach the CatGenie to your bathroom or laundry room with a cold water line and program it for one-button, hands-free waste disposal. In simple words, it works just like the toilet flushing system we humans use.

The CatGenie performs the washing cycle, by first extracting and liquefying solid waste, and then passes it to your bathroom or utility sink drain for disposal. Then, it uses clean water to wash, rinse, and dry the reusable litter granules. In short, the CatGenie not only disposes of the complete waste for you, but it also recycles the litter, so that you don’t have to deal with pet poop cleaning any more and save cash on litter!

The Good:

You don’t have to touch or change the litter, 100% mess, and odor-free, hands-free waste disposal, fully-automated cleaning system

The Bad:

Expensive, some cats wouldn’t transition to using, not suitable for multiple cat households

8). PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box

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If you are looking for a mess-free and fully-automated litter box, the PetSafe Scoop-Free is, and for good reason, one of the best products out there. Rather than dealing with disgusting cat waste every day, this self-cleaning litter box does the job for you — all you have to do is dispose of the disposable tray every few weeks, rather than scooping waste every day!

The silica crystal litter is the only litter supported by this litter box. The litter is 5x more effective in eliminating odors and keeping the environment smelling fresh, but many users also consider it a downside, as they are restricted to using just one type of litter (which is a bit expensive and also disliked by some moody cats). Plus, since the disposable tray needs to be disposed of after fully-loaded with waste, you need extra dollars of purchasing new disposable trays as well.

The Good:

Easy to maintain, does not require regular scooping, simply remove and dump feature, fives time more effective in eliminating odors

The Bad:

Only works with PetSafe crystal litter and tray, you need extra money to purchase the brand’s trays and litter (which are also not available in every pet store)

9). Catit Design SmartSift Cat Pan

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Thanks to its affordable price tag and very basic nature, the Catit SmartSift Litter Pan rightly deserves its place among the best cat litter boxes. The odor-free litter box performs cleaning and separates cat’s feces from the litter, by basically requiring the user to manually rotate the handy-lever which also saves energy-how fun!

Once your cat has done the bathroom inside this litter box, all you have to do is grab the built-in lever, rotate it, and the dirty bits should be sifted into the garbage bin below, which you can clean afterward without even using a litter scooper. At the top of the box, there’s a carbon filter which eliminates the smell of cat’s pee.

This is the best budget cat litter box that possesses all the premium attributes of cleaning (requiring no self-scooping). Just manually rotate the lever, and get the same operation of the automatic-cleaning litter box.

Although it does not include all the bells and whistles, if you want cash savings and can manually rotate the lever, go with this one. Unrivaled odor-control, fast and simple cleaning, and easy disposal – it’s the whole Shebang!

The Good:

Amazing Functionality, Great Price, Extreme Simplicity, Carbon Filter for Odor Control, Incredible Working Mechanism

The Bad:

The lever can get janky after prolonged usage

10). LitterMaid Automatic Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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The LitterMaid Automated Multi-Cat Litter box with its high sides and a 24-inch deep basin is the best automatic self-cleaning litter box for households with large or multiple cats.

Made with multiple cats in mind, this litter-pan offers plenty of space for your felines to turn around, stretch and dig without feeling cramped. A cleaning process is initiated ten minutes after use, raking clumps into a covered waste bin to eliminate odor. It also includes a paw cleaning ramp to help cut down on litter tracking.

The Good:

Great for multi-cat homes, easy cleaning, paw-cleaning ramp, no litter traces, safety lag, good value for the price, strong build quality, good for large-sized cats

The Bad:

Noisy, rake gets stuck, regular scooper track cleaning needed

11). Litter Robot III Open Air with Connect & Smartphone Control Feature

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With a fully-automated cleaning process complete with phone alerts, the Litter Robot III Open Air is an ideal option for an odor-free household.

This completely controlled, fairly-silent system is liable for all the dirty work as soon as your cat does its deed. By spinning the sphere-shaped chamber, it cleans out any clumps into a waste container, then recycles the clean, transfers unused litter back into the chamber, providing your cat a truly clean box each time.

The waste tank is huge enough that you will only need to empty it once a week if you have just one cat. But even though you have several pets, there’s no guesswork required on when it comes to dumping it – all thanks to the Wifi-connected smartphone application. The app sends instant notification alerts when it’s time to dump the waste bin, and provides you with some helpful insights into your pet’s health, or any problems that may occur.

Very significant to pet parents, the concept is designed with your pet’s complete safety in mind. Unlike the other litter boxes on the market, it doesn’t rake the litter or have any other devices that might catch your cat on.

It has a weight sensor to ensure that it recognizes when your cat is indoors and does not initiate the cleaning process before your kitty is out. If your cat is attempting to get back in, it is smart enough to avoid mid-cycle too.

The Good:

Clean technology, cleans after each use, suitable for multi-cat homes, quiet operation, allows monitoring through a smartphone app, reduces litter usage, no liners needed, good customer support

The Bad:

Bulky, Pricey, Consumes so much electricity, expensive, not for kittens

12). CatGenie A.I. Self-Washing Cat Box

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The CatGenie Self-Washing Pet Box is less of a litter box and more of a pet toilet which will totally eliminate the need for scooping or purchasing cat litter once and for all. It is a pet-toilet that scoops, splits up, liquefies, and flushes kitty’s waste out of your house, without you even needing to see or handle it!

Instead of regular kitty litter, CatGenie uses washable granules so that your cat can still dig and hide its waste. After the cat finishes, the CatGenie scoops and flushes, and then uses water and biodegradable SaniSolution to sanitize the toilet bowl and granules until they are cleaned and ready to be reused. That ensures you are never going to pick up or order conventional cat litter again.

The Good:

Self-washing, Never touch, never scoop, never buy traditional cat litter again, Sanitary, Green, Suitable for multi-cat homes

The Bad:

Requires cold water supply line, requires drain hookup, requires professional installation to waterline, Pricey, Requires SaniSolution and granule refills

13). Luckya Automatic Low Noise Cat Litter Box

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Would you want an electronic cat litter box that won’t hold you up with the raking litter noises at night? The Luckya Automatic Low Noise is an impressively silent self-cleaning litter box that works with any litter brand. The box is tidy, simple to use and fits with your preferred clumping cat litter, and is the quietest among all of the kitty litter boxes!

The Good:

Makes no Noise, Tidy and simple to use, Easy Cleaning, One netting window and top zipper mesh door for ventilation, LCD Display

The Bad:

Expensive, Not for Adult Cats or Multi-Cat Comes

14). Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box

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Want to go eco-friendly? The Omega Paw provides a scoopless litter box experience without any external power. Just tilt, dispose, and move on. Although it isn’t driven by batteries like most others, even then still doesn’t require you to clean up all of the filthy stuff that your cat leaves behind!

The “roll ‘n clean” design can make you question why most people even think of wasting electricity for this simple task. Just tip the box to its side when your pet is done their business and it will sift the filthy litter straight into the removable waste tray. Then, just dump out the clumps and it’s ready to be used again.

Not only does its physical design hold your energy bill marginally smaller, but you also are often not restricted to putting the Omega Paw near an outlet — position it anywhere in your house. The lid can also be removed, to turn it into an open-top box.

The Good:

Built of lightweight materials, covering lid helps to reduce odors, roll to filter litter and gather waste, simple to pull litter disposal tray, big enough for large cats and multi-cat households, no energy needed, quick to use and clean, inexpensive

The Bad:

Only works well with hard-clumping litter

15). Modkat Top-Entry Litter Box

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This Modkat top-entry litter box is a perfect choice if you want to eliminate messes and odors. Since cats tend to exit it vertically, more litter will be dropped back into the tub and not on the floor, thus avoiding litter traces.

Other features also make cleaning less of a task for you like a locking swivel cover, which would also help hold litter in the box instead of getting spread on the floors. While it’s a pricier option, its revolutionary functionality and elegant, futuristic style, with no-odors and no-mess – make it an ideal option to consider.

The Good:

Creates no mess, reduce odors, makes cleaning up less of a job, no litter scattering or traces, sleek and modern design

The Bad:

May take it long for some cats to get used to it, expensive

How to find the best litter box for my cat?

  • There are several things to remember while searching around for a litter box for your feline. The most important thing is to find a box that’s sized for your pet cat. A litter sandbox too large or too small may cause your cat to avoid it.
  • Next, think of your cat’s nature – either it prefers the intimacy of a fully-covered box or the one with an open uncovered top.
  • Some cats have the habit of tossing their litter and creating a mess, and what’s worse than picking up poopy litter outside the box. So you might need the correct litter box for your cat to eliminate the cleaning. A covered box will be helpful in such a case.
  • You will also have to consider how many litter boxes you need in your house, where to place them, how much extra space you have in your house, either you will be available for manual scooping, or have a budget for a fully-automated self-cleaning litter box, etc.

What are the different types of litter boxes?

There are five different types of cat litter boxes:

  • Open Litter Pans
  • Hooded Litter Boxes
  • Top-Entry Litter Boxes
  • Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes
  • Disposable Litter Boxes
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