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Cat trees provide a place for your cat to be by themselves and relax. If you own a cat it will be very beneficial for you to have a cat tree. It’s not only a place to rest but it also fulfills several other needs for your cat. They are built to be at a great height as cats like sitting at high places. One of the greatest advantages of a cat tree is that of having scratch posts. Cats love scratching as its satisfying for them and sharpens their nails with damaging. Check Out Best Pet Feeder.

Below we have chosen the best options available on Amazon to make your job easier.

The 10 Best Cool Cat Trees

Best Cat Trees

Best Choices



Smallest cat tree

Basic essential cat tree by AmazonBasic


Most design and options

Decent cat trees by AmazonBasic


Most fashionable cat tree

Nova Microdermabrasion’s beautiful cat tree


Best cat tree for large cats

Large space cat tree by AmazonBasic


Fluffiest cat tree

AMOLIFE’s ultra-comfortable cat tree


For most cats

GO PET CLUB’s, most accommodating cat tree


Shortest cat tree

ZENY’s short cat tree


Most comfortable cat tree

Soft and fluffy cat tree by POTBY


Longest cat tree

Tall cat tree by ARMARKAT


Most budget-friendly

Cat tree with hammock by TRIXIE




This cat tree comes in two sizes. Medium and large; the large size has 3 platforms for your cat to rest along with 7 scratching posts. There is also a round platform on the top with walls that covers the bed requirement for the cat. The medium size comes with 2 platforms to rest on and 4 scratching posts. There’s a top bed in this as well.

The square base of 17.7 x 17.7 is just an ideal size to place in the corner of any room. This cat tree is made using MDF (medium-density fibrewood), high-quality soft carpet so your cat can be comfortable, paper tubes and jute to scratch. Standing at 45.9 inches this best cat tree is easy to assemble merely by using screws, the tools and instructions are included in the packing.

  • Two sizes (medium and large)
  • 3 platforms with 7 scratching posts
  • 2 platforms with 4 scratching posts
  • 17.7 x 17.7 base
  • Easy instalment
  • With tools and instructions



    This cat tree has multiple models to choose from. The models vary the components like the condos, hammocks, the number of platforms and the number of levels, stairs and the tunnels. The biggest one is the dual condo model, it has 2 condos, 6 platforms, 3 string toys, 9 scratching posts and stairs. It’s the best cat tree if you have multiple cats.

    There are 7 models to choose from. Each one comes in 3 colours; beige, dark brown and grey. The condos and the platforms are big enough so that your cat can slouch and stretch easily. The natural jute fibre scratching posts helps in keeping the nails healthy. The soft carpet used in very comfortable and high quality. Having this cat tree will protect your furniture from the daily cat play.

    The neutral colours will fit right in with your home décor. It is durable and easy to install; the instructions are given along.

    • 7 models to choose from
    • Best cat tree for multiple cats
    • Durable material
    • Subtle look to go with your décor
    • Easy installation
    • Nothing



    This cat tree is going to be the dreamhouse of your cat. Here, the cat is going to have most of the fun it would have outside. It can relax, scratch, go crazy any and everything it wants. It is also the best cat tree for large cats with huge condos and platforms. Whatever the size of your cat, they are going to love it.

    There are 3 floors in total, 2 very spacious condos in which your cat can sleep and hang out without and disturbances. 2 top platforms with low wall provide safety for your cat while sleeping so that it might not trip over. The multiple layers allow for more activities to take place by your cat. The 4 scratch poll lined with natural sisal rope is playful for your cat to sharpen their nails and so it saves your precious furniture. There are 2 toy fur balls those can be replaced with your preferred toys or be removed as per your cats liking. With a hammock on the bottom, it is a comfortable place to rest.

    The whole cat tree is wrapped with faux fur which is very comfortable to the touch. This cat tree is quick and easy to install, with the installation manual it will take little time to put together. Along with the functions, the elegant design will compliment your whole décor.

    • Perfect for multiple cats
    • 3 floors, 2 condos, 4 scratching spots, 2 perches with raised edges
    • Wrapped with faux fur and sisal rope.



      Just like every other product by AmazonBasics, this cat tree also has multiple models. There are 7 models to choose from. you can also get replacement toys if you fear that you might lose them. The models vary in the way they are built. The number of platforms, condos, hammocks etc.

      If you have just one cat, then the base condo model is perfect for you. There is a condo in the bottom, two platforms and a bed on the top level. Along with 3 scratch posts, wrapped with natural jute fibre that is perfect for your cat to sharpen its nails on, there is a toy built-in. It is a perfect resting and playing place for your cat.

      The condos and the platforms of each model are big enough that your cat can stretch on them with ease. It is the best cat tree for large cats. The variety of 5 neutral colours will go along with your existing décor. This cat tree is built to last and is very durable.

      • Multiple models
      • Replacement toys available
      • Great for large cats
      • Multiple colours to complement your furniture.



        This multi-level cat tree is available in 3 colours. Standing at 68 inches this in an ideal home for your cats. Having 10 platforms, 2 condos, 2 hammocks and 3 perches this is the best cat tree to entertain multiple cats at the same time. There are 11 scratching post and also a scratching slide in this cat tree so that your cat can feel satisfied all the time. There are 3 fur balls attached which will be loved by the kittens.

        The base is 20” x 16” wide which provides a stable ground for the cats, a strip is also provided to attach the cat tree to the wall is further prevention. The material used for construction is CARB-certified P2-grade particleboard with is very sturdy and durable. It can bear up to 44 lbs. The posts are wrapped in natural sisal rope and the rest of the tree is wrapped in a soft and comfortable material. The installation is also easy, it comes with a step by step guide and the tools.

        • 10 platforms, 2 condos, 2 hammocks and 3 perches
        • Toys attached
        • Stable base
        • Huge quality material used for construction

          If you are looking for tall cat houses, then you must put this under consideration. It’s a 72” long cat tree by GO PET CLUB. This cat tree with a base of 28” x 24” is a very safe and stable place for your cat to relax.

          There are 7 platforms. 2 condos, 3 perches, 10 scratching posts, a stairway and 2 toys to play with. It is one of the best cat trees for large cats. The material used to construct this is compressed wood. The scratching posts are coiled with sisal ropes, whilst the rest of the unit is wrapped in faux fur. There are 3 available colours in this model which will make your room brighter along with your cat’s mood.

          • Very high
          • Entertain multiple cats
          • High stability level



            If you have 2 cats and not enough space in your room to place a big cat tree, then this is going to be the best cat tree for you. This 33.5” ZENY’s cat tree has 2 condos, 1 perch, 2 scratching posts and a fur toy. It has a stairway which your cat can climb for fun. The minimal look and subtle colour will compliment your décor and make your room pop.

            This cat tree is made using a highly durable particleboard wood, the base is reinforced that ensure the stability of the whole thing. The scratching post is wrapped in sisal rope with is strong and won’t break by your cat’s scratching or biting. The platforms and condos are covered with soft flannelette which gives warmth and comfort to the cat.

            • Compatible
            • Enough for 2 cats
            • Low height 33.5’’
            • High-quality material

              This POTBY’s 67” multi-level cat tree is available in 3 beautiful colours. The amazing design has 7 platforms. 2 condos, 3 perches, a hammock and 2 fur ball toys. This cat tree is sufficient to entertain multiple cats at the same time.

              The 11 scratching posts will take the beating and save your furniture from all the scratches. The posts are coiled with a natural sisal rope. It does not break upon scratching or biting by your cat. The rest of the house is with a plush cloth that is soft and comfortable. The spacious platforms and condos provide enough space for the cat to slouch and twist without restrictions. The perches have raised corners so that your cat might not trip over while sleeping.

              The cat tree is made using CARB-certified natural particleboard which is durable and sturdy. It has a very easy installation process; in the box, you’ll find a step by step guide with graphical illustration on how to put it together.

              • Multiple platforms
              • 2 condos, 3 perches, a hammock, 2 fur ball toys and 11 scratch posts
              • Made with CARB-certified natural particleboard

                If your cat is fond of resting at heights, then this is the best cat tree for you to buy. Having 6 designs and the lowest height being 70 inches this cat tree has condos in every design. There are perches with raised corner to keep your cat from falling over while it’s taking a nap.

                There are enough scratch posts to entertain at least 6 cats. This is an amazing pick if you own multiple cats. The scratch posts are wrapped in sisal rope. It makes the scratching pleasureful for the cat. There are hanging fur toys for your cat to play with too. This cat tower is made using pressed wood this is very strong. The whole unit is coved in faux fur and faux fleece to make it more comfortable. It is an amazing place for your cats to play and lose that extra fat.

                The wide base makes it stable so that it won’t fall because of your cat’s weight. The playful design and subtle colours will enhance the look of the room you place it in.

                • Lots of scratch posts
                • Very tall
                • Can entertain multiple cats
                • High-quality material and easy installation.



                  This is a very basic and decent cat tree. There are three designs of this. The most minimal design consists of two scratch posts, one hammock and a toy. The other style is a step-based design with 4 platforms and 3 scratch posts. The final design contains a condo at the bottom, two scratch posts and a hammock on the top. A furball toy is also a part of it.

                  The whole cat tree is wrapped in haired plush which is soft and very comfortable. Your cat will have plenty of space to roam around and relax. The scratch posts are covered with natural sisal ropes those will sharpen their claws and save your furniture from all the scratching. This is the best cat tree if you have little space to put it.

                  Its design is very durable and it is built to last. You won’t find any cat tree that is easier to assemble than this one.

                  • Minimal design
                  • Spacious
                  • Durable


                    WHY Buy The Cat Trees?

                    Like doghouses, cat trees provide a place for your cat to be by themselves and relax. If you own a cat it will be very beneficial for you to have a cat tree. It’s not only a place to rest but it also fulfils several other needs for your cat.

                    They are built to be at a great height as cats like sitting at high places. One of the greatest advantages of a cat tree is that of having scratch posts. Cats love scratching as its satisfying for them and sharpens their nails with damaging. Most scratching posts are wrapped in natural sisal rope which won’t take much damage while being scratched. This way you can be assured that your furniture will be safe from the daily brutal treatment by your cat.



                    While searching for the best cat tree for your cat there are some key characteristics you should look for:

                    • Scratch posts/padsThese specially made part are almost always a part of any cat tree. These are areas where your cat can scratch as much as he/she wants without causing any damage. They are often covered with sisal rope or jute.
                    • Overall sizeBe careful while choosing the size of your cat tree. Take into consideration the size of your room in which you’ll place it.
                    • Condo sizeSelect the cat tree that has a condo big enough, so that your cat can sleep and stretch in it with ease.
                    • Overall designThere are a lot of designs available, from the traditional cat tree to the more modern looking one. Pick the one that better suits your décor.
                    • HeightAgain, consider the height of your room before selecting the cat tree.
                    • Cover materialMost companies use soft materials like faux fur.
                    • Construction materials. Cat trees often use MDF (medium density fibrewood) or pressed wood.



                    Where should I place my cat tree?

                    A cat tree is a place where you cat plays, rest and look over their territory. Preferably, it should be placed in a spacious room at a spot from where your cat can have as broad a view as possible

                    How many cat trees do I need for 3 cats?

                    One large size cat tree should be enough for 2 to 3 cats. However, it depends on your cat whether they prefer sharing their place or not

                    Why won’t my cat use her cat tree?

                    The location of the cat tree is very important even more than its attributes. Cats don’t only need a tree to rest but, being a territorial animal, they want to have a broad vision of their surrounding as well. If a cat is still a kitten, is too old or in bad health, they may not be able to jump on the cat tree.

                    How do I get my cat to use a cat tower?

                    Use treats, toys or catnip to trick your cat to climb the cat tree. If your cat responds to treats, place them in the cat tower. Hide your cat’s favourite treats on various levels of the tree, or put their favourite toy at a place where your cat can see and reach it

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