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Find expert product reviews, buying recommendations, fish parenting advice, and almost everything you need to take good care of your fish and aquarium.

Fish are one of the lowest maintenance, cleanest, and most environmentally friendly pets. They neither take too much space nor make a terrible mess nor require 24/7 pampering.

Though providing water and basic food to the fish may seem enough to you, but in reality, even a small pet like a fish needs health care, grooming, and entertainment.

Need help with parenting a fish the right way? We’ve got your back!

At PetsBeast, we cover a wide deal of aquarium-fish-parenting information so that you learn how to nurture different kinds of fish species right away and get expert advice on how to build and maintain a healthy aquatic environment. All the essentials from aquariums, filters, fish food, health care, lighting, toys, and other supplies that you should provide to your pet fish.

We make it simple for you to get your first aquarium and to develop in the hobby as you become to a greater degree a fish expert with each step you take and each new thing you learn.

In efforts to find the best aquarium fish products, supplies, and accessories—everything from tanks to gravel, lighting to wallpapers, aquarium decorations to aquatic plants, oxygen pumps to cleaning kits, fish diet to health care—the editorial team @PetsBeast has put 100s of products to the test and then presented them to you to facilitate fish-parenting.

Best Fish Diet & Food Products

A top-quality feed contributes to providing a top-quality healthy environment to fish.

There’s much more to offering the best possible eating regimen for a fish than simply sprinkling a couple of dry flakes on the water two or three times each day.

The fish food section at PetsBeast can be an enlightening experience for fish owners. We have covered a wide range of best food products for both types of species—meat eaters (carnivores) and vegetarian eaters (herbivores)—and food of all textures such as dry, wet, frozen, and greens.

Our editors have contributed to dedicated posts for each of the fish species and breeds. This way, you will learn which is the best food to feed, how much to feed, when to feed, and how to ensure an optimal diet for the fish that is currently in your aquarium.

An all-purpose product such as the Wardley Fish Food Pellet is one of our top picks for the best fish food overall. The dried pellets are low in cost yet provide a high-nutrition food to your fish.

There are several food items for small fish growth as well. Something like the 4.85 lb. pack of TetraPond Koi Growth Food, has proven to be a highly-effective, protein-enriched diet to aid in rapid fish growth.

As for treats, we always speak highly of Omega One Freeze-Dried Blood Worms. It’s an excellent quality, bacteria-free, high-protein treat for all fish species. Inside the bottle, there are full-bodied, authentic bloodworms that are packed with the goodness of vitamins and minerals, just as nutritious and delicious as live food.

Fish losing its bright colors? There’s no better product than the TetraPond Variety Blend. The food is made using a blend of three foods – Pond sticks, Koi Vibrance, Wheat Germ – and has proven to be the 2021’s best fish food for color enhancement, health, and vitality.

The endless range of best fish food products does not end here. We have contributed a lot more to this section, have provided answers to related queries, and provided recommendations so that you always feed your fish along the right lines.

Best Fish Aquarium Cleaning Devices

A clean aquarium provides a healthy living to marine life, as well as adds beauty to the room.

Uneaten food, fish waste, excess algae and yellowish-dirt buildup on the gravel, and hard water stains on the tank’s glass – all make the fish tank look messy and should be treated using quality cleaning devices.

There are lots of and lots of aquarium cleaners in the market. At PetsBeast, our experts have hand-picked the top quality cleaning supplies from each of the categories to help consumers invest in the right product for fish tank cleaning.

From aquarium filters to gravel cleaners, dirt removal to tank glass stain cleaning, we’ve reviewed an endless variety of similar products to facilitate aquarium cleaning.

For instance, there’s an awesome product called the Aqueon Aquarium Gravel Cleaner – a siphon vacuum gravel cleaner that efficiently separates debris from the gravel cleans it inside the aquarium, and pushes dirt out of the water to the outside tub. This way, the gravel is cleaned without the need to scrap gravel out of the aquarium. Amazing, isn’t it?

But the amazements do not end here…

There are innovative products as well, such as the Aqueon Algae Cleaning Magnet – a small magnet that rests above the gravel and attracts algae from each and every corner of the aquarium to its disposable pad.

Don’t want to do the extra work?

Simply add water cleaning tablets such as the Tetra No More Algae Tablets that remove existing algae from aquarium water, control the formation of new algae inside the tank, and keep the water crystal clear and clean for several weeks.


there are smart fish tank cleaning devices such as submersible filters, scrapping brushes, tank cleaning solutions, and a number of commodities for a beautiful aquarium inside and out!

Best Fish-Keeping Gadgets for Aquarium

A super-clean water tank might make you feel 100% sure that your fish is thriving in the best of the environments. But the threats are still there… How?

Called the ‘invisible water problems’, these are actually abnormal values of pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate in the water.

The water may seem crystal clear and free of impurities, but the presence of invisible water problems can pose severe health risks to the fish.

But worry not!

With the help of water testing kits, the invisible problem is 100% avoidable. A fish tank water testing kit, such as the API TEST KIT best lives up to the expectations. It’s an all-in-one kit that accurately monitors water quality and prevents invisible water problems.

Furthermore, there are Aquarium Thermometers and Aquarium Hydrometers to test the temperature and salinity of water, respectively.

A thermometer like the Zacro Digital is our top pick for it features an easy-to-read LCD digital display with accurate water temperature measurements. While a hydrometer, like the 0-100 PPT Salinity Refractometer is the best hydrometer to buy in 2021 for its accuracy, durability, and high-tech functionality.

Also, there are aquarium heaters for different fish tank sizes to keep the water heated to optimal lukewarm temperature in cold climates.

A large range of best oxygen air pumps has also been covered by our editorial staff. As for now, we have rated VIVOSUN 800GPH as the best submersible and noise-free air pump for fast tanks, ponds, and aquariums.

Best Fish Tank Decorations & Lights

Beautiful decorations such as background stickers, lights, plants, hideouts, and fancy equipment add to the aesthetic appeal of the aquarium.

Furthermore, many of these equipment are highly entertaining for the fish and aid in optimal exercise and mental stimulation.

Take the example of aquarium plants. Not only they do make the aquarium look great, but they also provide the aquatic creatures with a safe hiding place for a comfy nap!

There are also artificial floating toys shaped like different marine species, that can be placed inside the fish tank for a more attractive look.

Best Fish Tanks & Habitats for Fish

If you are serious about fish-parenting, then make sure you invest in the best quality fish tank and go above and beyond in creating the most dynamic habitat for those beautiful fins!

Glass-made, regular fish tanks are in abundance and you can go with any option that suits your requirements.

For more advanced parenting, there are separate fish breeding boxes that provide dedicated and 100% secure living places for baby fishes to enjoy without being harmed by big fishes in the aquarium. These boxes can also be used to isolate an ill or injured fish from the others or keep several different marine species in their own dedicated spaces inside one aquarium.

Then there is a large variety of aquarium substrates. The silver, black, white, and brown substrates are also available in different textures such as sand, diamond, pebbles, gemstones, and crystals.

Best Health Care for Aquatic Pets

Apart from the basic commodities, we have also supplied our readers with an insight into the best health care supplies for pet fishes.

For example, there is Seachem Prime Fresh & Saltwater Conditioner that immediately and permanently expels chlorine and chloramine from the fish tank water as well as effectively detoxifies ammonia, nitrite, and heavy metals found in the faucet water at typical concentration levels, thus providing a safe living environment for your fish.

Furthermore, there are pet fish care products for coat care and wound healing. Take the example of API Stress Coat Conditioner – a medicated fluid when added inside the fish tank replaces fish’s protective coat damaged by handling, shipping, or fish fighting with the healing power of Aloe Vera extract.

PetsBeast cares for all pet aquatic species. Log on here to get insight into best product reviews, buying guides, recommendations, tips, parenting advice, and information on everything FISH!

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