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Best Heated Cat Beds

A detailed review and buying guide for the top-rated cat beds of 2020.

Providing the necessary warmth is mandatory to keep your little friend happy and healthy in cold seasons, and, for this purpose, there come the cat beds that keep the pet comfortable so that they can fall asleep without looking for odd warm places in your house.

These beds come in different sizes and shapes but they all serve the same purpose and that is to provide a suitable warm and comfortable bed for your cats. They may in the form of a mat or deep cozy bed in which cats love to fix their selves. They are also thermostatically controlled to maintain the right temperature every time. You can also wash them because it is mandatory for both humans and pets; the fabric is chew resistant so that your pet doesn’t tear his bed down. Besides these, are a ton of more features too.

So, without any further delay lets jump straight to these beds and know all the details that interest you and choose your self the right bed for your pet.

2020’s Best Quality Heated Cat Beds Ever: For Indoors & Outdoors

Best Heated Cat Beds

Top Picks Brand Ratings
The Best Choice K&H Pet Products, Thermo Kitty Bed 4.5/5
The All-Rounder RIOGOO’s Heated Pet Mat, w/Timer 4.5/5
Self-Heated Bed BODISEINT’s Plush Deep and Cozy 4.5/5
Good Comfy Choice ALEKO’s Electric Heated Thermo Pad 3.7/5
Best Dream Pod K&H Mod Dream Pod Pet Bed 4.3/5


Thermo Kitty Heated Cat Bed by K&H | Deep Bowl Design

Thermo Kitty Heated Cat Bed by K&H

Our top-pick is on top for many reasons, this cat bed has deep bowl design in which cats love to relax and they comfortable too. The walls are soft and made up of foam, this enhances the comfort level of this cat bed and the pet also feels secure that’s why it can take long hours of sleep in it. And it can also be used as an outdoor cat bed.

Another thing is that this bed is thermostatically controlled which means you don’t have to worry about providing the right temperature because it can adjust itself automatically. The temperature changes according to the body temperature of your pet and creates the right needed temperature in comparison to room temperature and the cat’s body temperature.

The power consumption doesn’t hurt your bills at all because it consumes a very nominal amount of 4 watts only and hence labeled as low wattage use. The fabric of this heated cat bed can easily be removed, so that, you can wash and clean it whenever needed. You just have to unzip the fabric and take it off from the foam.

Still, need more? This cat bed has been tested and certified by MET labs and it not only fulfills them but exceeds the safety standards; this means you don’t have to worry about anything except your pet won’t like to leave his bed all day long.

  • Soft-Walls, Deep Bowl Design

  • Thermostatically Controlled

  • Washable Fabric

  • Certified Safe

  • Available in 2 sizes

  • Consumes Low Power

  • Big Cats Cannot Stretch in this bed


Heated Pet Mat Bed by RIOGOO | The All-Rounder

Heated Pet Mat Bed by RIOGOO

The second pet bed on our list is the All Rounder pet mat, it is called all-rounder because of the features it has. The timer function for heating makes it unique. It comes in three different sizes and also has a one-year warranty. Well-heated mechanism and waterproof fabric with many other great features for your pet.

The design of this heated pet bed is made to serve many different pet needs and wants, it is suitable for dogs, and rabbits too. Also, newborns, senior pets and injury recovering pets find this bed very soothing and comfortable. This heated pet mat works great for pregnant pets too because of its controlled heating mechanism.

The unique feature of this pet bed is its timer-controlled heating feature, you can set the timer for its heating and it is safe because at times owners may forget to turn-off it’s heating that may result in a burn for your pets; you can set temperature and time in this cat bed.

The building design of this bed is excellent, it has 7-layers structure and the heating wires used in-between are also UL approved; moreover, there is a sensor inside that spontaneously checks the temperature and keeps it from exceeding the limits and causing any burns.

The fabric is washable, you can easily remove and wash it or clean it by hand; the fabric and cord are chew resistant too. Plus, it is provided in three sizes and with one-year of product guarantee.

  • Timer Controlled Temperature and Heating
  • 7-Layers Structure Design
  • UL Certified Wire
  • Chew Resistant Cord and Fabric
  • Available in 3 Sizes
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Not suitable for Outdoor Use


Self-Heated Cat Bed Plush & Cozy by BODISEINT

Self-Heated Cat Bed Plush & Cozy by BODISEINT

The next cat bed on our list is the dream bed of not only our pets but also for us, but it is available only for our pets at the moment. This is the self-heating bed is the coziest one you can find in the market; it suits for small dogs or cats of any size and It has many great features too.

This self-warming cat bed is made up of faux fur and has a deep-bowl structure with round shape design. The cats or small dogs love to get themselves buried in this bed and it provides them with comfort and warmth they need for a restful sleep. The bed is having a filling of high-loft recycled polyester fiber which means your pet will start feeling warmth as soon as he gets into it. The fleece is also very comfortable too.

This comfy bed is available in two different sizes and you can choose the one that serves you in the best possible way, as you know that it is also very suitable for many small dog breeds too. The small size fits perfectly for up to 20lbs. of pets and they can rest inside them with comfort.

The best part is that you can wash this cat bed directly in the machine and dry it using dryer directly. Don’t remove the top fabric to avoid fur matting and also don’t air dry the bed. The fabric is water-resistant and has a skid-proof bottom to keep it in place.

  • Made of Faux Fur
  • Self-Warming
  • Deep Donut Shaped Design
  • Available in 2 Sizes
  • Available in Many Colors
  • Directly Machine Washable
  • Not Suitable in extreme Cold Season


Electric Heated Thermo-Pad Bed by ALEKO

Electric Heated Thermal-Pad Bed by ALEKO

The next bed in our list by made by ALEKO and it is a good choice for both indoor or outdoor usage. The stuffed walls and base keep the pet warm and cozy without the need to turn on its heating feature, other than that there are many other features too which we will see below.

This bed is crate styled with plush fabric walls and base that is so comfortable that your pet cat or dog doesn’t want to leave it, the heating system used in this bed functions great and it always keeps the right suitable temperature for your pet even in coldest weather.

Keeping the pet’s nature in view the cord of this heated bed for pets is coated with steel casing which keeps it from chewed by pets and the fabric also has this same feature. A thermostat sensor inside the bed never let the temperature rise to an insecure position that may cause any burns on the pet’s body and it regulates the pad’s temperature.

The fabric is completely water-resistant and the over-stuffed walls provide extra security feel with ultimate comfort to the pet – the base of this bed is poly-canvas that prevents it from skidding; plus, it is available in multiple shades.

  • Plush Fabric

  • Stuffed Walls

  • Chew Resistant

  • Water-Resistant

  • Heating Element

  • Long Cord

  • For one cat only


K&H Pet Products Mod Dream Pod Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products Mod Dream Pod Pet Bed

K&H has for sure dominated the pet care products category and this product is also another great invention of them, having unique style with great features makes this a perfect choice for every owner; the cats love this design and stay inside for long hours. let’s look further about this best cat bed.

The cat bed comes in two variations, a heated variant, and a non-heated variant. This cat bed has a large bowl shape with an opening at one side, this is a perfect thing which cats love to jump in. it has enough space to adjust any size of a cat or even multiple kittens.

The cover or exterior of this cat pod is made out of polyester and it is tough enough to last many years, whereas, the interior is a plush fabric that is one of the most comfortable things in this world. The heating mechanism is strong and works perfectly in cold weather conditions.

You can easily wash to clean this heated cat house, just remove the foam base from inside and wash or clean the pod; foam can be cleaned using mild soap on spot. Push the excessive water out and air-dry it.

  • Pod Design

  • Tough exterior

  • Plush Interior

  • Washable

  • Strong Heating

  • Heating Pad has a chemical smell.



Upgraded Pet Heating Pad with Timer by PETNF

Upgraded Pet Heating Pad with Timer by PETNF

This pet heating pad has all the features of the best cat heated pad, it can be used for both dogs and cats of different sizes, it has timer and thermostat and it can be cleaned very easily too. To have complete details lets read the below-given information.

This great heating pad comes with five timer settings and you can choose the best one according to your needs and wants, these settings are 4-hour, 8-hour, 12-hour or 24-hours. The heating mat can be used to serve not only cats but dogs and rabbits too.

The heating temperatures of this mat can be adjusted from 30 degrees to 55 degrees centigrade, this heats the whole mat uniformly and effectively. The cord length is 2.1 meters and it is also chew-resistant to keep the pets safe from electricity.

For your knowledge, this pad is also MET certified for 6 multiple heating levels and 5 timer settings, in case of pulsed power when the temperature rises the insulation layer gets destroyed which makes it stop working while keeping the pet safe.

It has a waterproof surface and can be cleaned easily with any damp cloth, plus it is the best choice for un-well pets, kitten, puppies or elderly pets and even for injury recovering pets.

  • 5 Timer Settings

  • 6 Heating Settings

  • MET Certified

  • Washable and Water Resistant

  • 2.1M cord

  • Not ideal for outdoors


# 7

Tiger Print Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed by K&H

Tiger Print Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed by K&H

A great cat bed that envelops your pet in the layer of warmth and comfort, it has many great features like low watt power consumption and multiple sizes with washable covers and soft walls with base. The cats love this bed and consumers haven’t complained about anything until now. The further details are given below;

First of all, this heated cat bed has a removable cover that changes this bed into a kitty cup and cats by nature love to get into them, the walls and base are filled with fibers that also creates natural warmth and comfy atmosphere for cats.

This cat heated bed is also recommended on Reddit and in UK states, it has a very low power consumption of only 4 watts; plus, it has a dual thermostat and it is also listed on MET that makes it special. It heats the pad to the body temperature of your pet and when not in use it heats the pad to 10 to 15 degrees higher than room temperature.

It is easy to wash, you can remove it’s cover and heating pad and then put it up for washing. It is best recommended for indoor use. It comes in two attractive shades to choose from according to your needs and also available in 2 sizes.

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Indoor Use
  • Washable Fabric
  • Dual Thermostat
  • Soft & Comfy
  • Multi Shades and Sizes Available
  • Not Recommended for Outdoor Use


# 8

Pain Reliever Heated Pet Bed by LESOTC

Heated Pet Bed by LESOTC

A perfect choice if you are looking for indoor heating pad mat for cats or dogs, this heated bed has all great features to make it a suitable choice for your home. For detailed review please read the below-given information.

This heated pad features dual thermostat and can generate heating capacity from around 97 to 110 Fahrenheit temperature, this is the best and comfortable heating temperature range and suitable for your pets.

The pad is tested and it is waterproof and flameproof, the direct flame from lighter for up to 20 seconds won’t burn it, as it is highest-grade flame resistant. The mat size is 17.7 × 15.7 inches and it works fine for any size cat and small dogs.

You can remove the cover and wash it in a machine or the other way is cleaning the pad with a damp soaped cloth. The power cord is long enough and has 59 inches of length plus it also has a chew resistant casing upon it.

  • Dual Thermostat

  • Heats from 97 to 110 Fahrenheit

  • Chew Resistant Cord

  • Washable Fabric

  • Flame Resistant

  • Not any as Such

# 9

Thermo-Kitty Mat Heated Pet Bed by K&H

Thermo-Kitty Mat Heated Pet Bed by K&H

This pet mat is another great product by K&H, as u know they many great pet products and many of them are also featured in this article. This pet mat also has some outstanding features like the rest, please read below to gain complete information about it.

This great product is controlled by a thermostat, it functions by warming the mat only when the pet is on the bed; it responds to the temperature changes and creates warmth for your pet’s body temperatures.

The pet mat is completely safe and certified by MET Labs, and the good thing is that it exceeds the USA & CA safety standards for electrical products. The pad only consumes 6 watts of power to perform its functionalities.

You can remove the cover of this pad for easy washing, the size of this pad is 12.5 x 25 inches and it is available in two colors for your choice.

  • Responds to Pet’s Body Temperature

  • MET Certified

  • 2 Colors Available

  • Thermostat Feature

  • Good for injured Pets

  • Not any as Such

# 10

Soft Heated Pet Mat by HOMELLO

Soft Heated Pet Mat by HOMELLO

The last product in our review list is another great heating pad by HOMELLO, easy to use and simple design. this product features good functionalities and perfect for indoor usage. It can easily be cleaned and it is water-proof too.

The pad gets heat-up in 10minutes only and the temperatures are adjustable in two formats, high and low. The high temperature can go up to 50 degrees Celsius whereas, the low is around 30 degrees Celsius. You can choose according to the weather or your pet’s demands.

It is also completely safe to use and it features a power-off protection controller that turns off the power and avoids any kind of damage, the fabric is scratch resistant and the cord is also chew-resistant plus, it provides a replacement warranty if it is chewed by the pet. It features a multi-layer design which creates a perfectly comfortable place for your pet and also keeps them safe.

This is a perfect heated cat bed or it can also be used for dogs too, a great bed for pregnant, injured or new-born pets. It can also be used for rabbits. It is recommended for indoor use and also doesn’t fold it when under usage.

  • 2 Heating Modes

  • Safe and Secure

  • Ideal for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits

  • Water Resistant & Chew-Proof

  • Some Buyer complains of less padding

Essential Factors in Best Heated Cats Beds

To make your purchase value for money, we make complied some features that you must look for before buying best-heated cat beds, have a look below;

Temperature Regulator

A heated cat bed/pad must have a thermostat or temperature regulator; it is essential because it makes sure that the pets are getting the right amount of warmth. Plus, it also makes sure that the temperature doesn’t exceed the safety limits. Some cat beds mentioned above even have a dual thermostat, look for them to buy. Some pet beds warm the bed up to the body temperature of your pet which keeps them comfortable.


The dimensions or size matters as much as anything else. There are cat beds available in different sizes, always choose one that fits perfect for your pet. The size also matters when the bed is to be used by more than one cats or for dogs and also depends on the sleeping habits of your pet – if he likes to sleep with a stretched body and curled-in. usually, cats like to fit-in tight places; in this case, a walled cat bed will work perfectly for you.

Usage (Indoor/Outdoor)

Keep your usage in-mind, if you are aiming for outdoor usage then always go for beds with a covered top and good heating. Otherwise, if you want to use it indoors then most of the pads or beds will work fine in providing warmth for your little fellow. If your cats like to stay outdoors then always go for plush padded walls bed with heating, otherwise, it won’t be sufficient.

Materials Used

Make sure that the materials used in the bed are up to the mark and pass the safety standards. For example, the cord should always be chew-proof so that the pet can not get a shock from it. The fabric should be a soft and comfortable plus, flame resistant. The good materials will also last for years to come and won’t get fade after even get washed many times.

Design, Shape & Paddings

The cat bed or mat must have a decent design, and, the shape should be according to the pet’s likeness or needs. For example, if you are using it for injury recovering or pregnant or elderly pets then you must go for simply heated mats; otherwise go for padded walls designs. Padded beds are comfier and warmer in-itself and many self-heated cat beds have over-stuffed padding; pets feel very relaxed in them.

Electric Heated & Self-Heated

Some pet beds are self-heated; they are made up of such materials that they throw the heat of pet body back at them to create a warmth the pet needs; they work fine in less cold weather. Otherwise, always go for heated ones, they provide sufficient warmth for your pets and can even be used outdoors; electrically heated cat beds are also of different types – some also offer timer options and heat settings to get required warmth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats like heated beds?

Yes Indeed, the cats, dogs, rabbits all like the heated beds. They keep them warm in colder seasons and their body remains relaxed; plus, they keep their joints relaxed. Heated beds are also great in-case of injury recovering pets. They are a great comfort for pregnant pets and also for elderly pets, after buying a good comfortable bed you will see that your pet will spend most of his time inside them.

Are heated pet beds dangerous?

No, they are not dangerous at all but make sure that you are buying a quality product. Some good pet beds as mentioned above too, have exceeded the safety standards of US & CA; such beds can be bought without any second thought. The power cord must be chew-proof and the fabric must be water-resistant and flame resistant – it will keep the bed the same from over-heating.

Should I go for Heated Cat Bed?

Of course, you must buy a heated cat bed as they are a big relief of your pets and help them have a warm and comfortable place to sleep in colder seasons. Your pets will be thankful to you, plus, you will also feel great watching them sleeping peacefully. Otherwise, the pets will keep searching for warm places and may also become sick in cold seasons.

Are Cat Beds Easy to Clean?

They are very easy to clean; you can simply wash them. Many cat beds are washable, you just have to remove their cover and separate the heating element; then throw them into the washing machine and wash them clean.

Which Cat Bed Should I Buy?

Always analyze your needs before buying a heated cat bed. Look either you want it for indoor use or outdoor use. Look for the features that you need, for example, thermostat, timer options, heat settings, washable and easy to clean or any other feature that you would like to have.

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