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Entirely different from felines and canines, parenting a quine is not everyone’s business!

Even if you have got the pocket and space to pet a horse, you still need to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge and horse-parenting guide.

At PetsBeast, we bring you the best horse product guides, reviews, recommendations, information, and parenting tips – straight from our equine experts.

Either you want to receive education on this topic, your queries to be answered, or see which products are worth purchasing for your horse, we have got your back.

From horse grooming to health, food to treats, gadgets to blankets – we have contributed a dedicated section for “Horses” where you will find everything related to HORSES!

Best Horse Food Products & Treats

Horses must be fed with a sufficient amount of good quality roughage-type feeds such as pasture, chaff, or hay to survive. This makes for their basic feeding requirement and they will survive on this feed for a lifetime.


Feeding supplementary food and diets enriched with vitamins, minerals, and proteins is essential if you want to keep a horse’s body in muscular condition, increase the equine’s height, get a smooth and shinier coat on your horse, and boost your horse’s energy levels.

Looking for the best horse food products to buy in 2021?

We have furnished our readers with top-picks of different types of foods for horses. You will find different varieties of top quality, organic foods to nourish your pet horses with.

As for now, we best love U-Guard Equine Pellets by Corta-Flx. It is the best supplementary diet out there for horses of all ages. From gastric health to healthy stomach lining, acid reduction to improved mobility, joint support to increased energy levels – this food product is complete horse health support and energy booster.

Furthermore, there are posts dedicated to treats as well. Treats like, Purina Trea Apple and Oat Flavored, will alleviate a horse’s mood and are good for training purposes as well.

Best Horse Health Care & Grooming Supplies

Horses require proper grooming and health care support. They are high-maintenance pets, which means you can’t keep them ignored for even a single day.

Out of an endless range of health care merchandise, our team @PetsBeast has hand-picked the most worthy ones and compiled those worthy-to-be-purchased products in one place.

For instance, we understand how important hoof trimming is. Therefore, we have reviewed the Best Horse Farriers to trim the hooves to prevent them from chipping or becoming uncomfortable for the horse.

We have found the Zenport Q91 Zen-Magic as the most reliable hoof and twig trimming shear. It features a twin-blade, spring-loaded automatic mechanism that allows for quick and easy hoof trimming without jams.

Smelly horse breathes stinks like garbage. But worry not, as we have provided a detailed insight into horse dental care and the products which you can purchase for fresh breaths, white teeth, healthy gums, and treatment of mouth sores, infections, and injuries.

Plus, there are VET-approved medicines to be consumed and lotions to be applied so as to cure skin related problems, injuries, bald spots, and wounds.

Different types of pests, such as mosquitoes, flies, mites, worms, and lice are attracted to the horse. Some of the pests also get attached to the horse’s skin.

Worry not, as we have helped you get the best quality products and supplies designed to repel pests of all kinds.

What greater product would be than the Farnam SimpliFly Pellets. These are highly-palatable pellets that when added to the horse’s feed, completely eliminate house flies and stable flies in the manure.

Furthermore, there are special such as the Farnam SWAT Fly Repellent Ointment which when applied to the horse’s coat, provides hours of protection against biting and nuisance pests.

You will also find special hair-care conditioners for a silky, smooth, and shinier, coat on the horse. And horse shampoos for fluffy, silky hair on mane and tail.

Apart from all this, there are advanced health care products that are to be given to horses after the Vet’s approval. Beneath this category, there come medicines for deworming a horse, prevention of laminitis, and cure for colic.

As for grooming, there are brushes for coat care, hoof picks for cleaning out hooves, and waterproof blankets for protection against cold climate and rainy weather.

Best Feeders & Waterers

Horses need to be provided with fresh food and water all the time. Therefore, providing them with a proper feeding station is necessary.

At PetsBeast, our editors have contributed several posts on this topic, so that you are able to find the best horse feeder. There are containers to store food and water such as the Inspired Essential Airtight Pet Food Container – that considerably reduces the risk of pest infestation.

If your horse chomps down on too much food at a time and going overweight, something like the Weaver Leather Slow Feed Hay Net can be used to restrict the horse to slow-feeding.

And lots of other accessories and supplies as well… has got all the necessary information, parenting guide, expert product reviews for everything horses, ponies, and stallions.

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