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Best Pet Feeders

Best Pet Food Dispensing Stations: Automatic, Gravity, Microchip, Slow-Feeding & Camera Integrated Pet Food Dispensers

Pet Feeder is an automatic pet feeding station that uses its automated pet food dispenser to dispense food to your pet at your designated time. It is a perfect solution for all those pet parents who want to automate the daily pet feeding activity, as the Pet Feeder self-operates, requiring no manual action of feeding the pet.

Best Pet Feeders

As our daily schedules become increasingly jam-packed, having the option to robotize daily chores, such as feeding your pet dog or cat, can be a real time saver. Furthermore, it feels great to know your furry friend has a decent full belly.

Understanding the crying need of every pet owner, pet-product-manufacturers have introduced a whole new range of smart pet feeders. Equipped with different functionalities, every pet feeder is unique in its special way.

The 15 Best Pet Feeders of 2020

AmazonBasics Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispenser (The No.1 Best Choice & Our Top Pick)2-in-1 FeederBuy Now
PetSafe Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder with Slow-Feeding ProgrammeSlow Feeding FeatureBuy Now
PetSafe Smartphone Controlled Pet Food DispenserSmartphone ControlledBuy Now
WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice-Recorder & SpeakerVoice Recording & SpeakerBuy Now
SureFeed Pet Feeder with Microchip TechnologyMicroChip TechnologyBuy Now
Iseebiz Automatic Feeder for Cats and DogsIdeal for Everyday UseBuy Now
Furbo Dog Feeder with Camera & Treat TossingBest Treat Tossing FeederBuy Now
DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Pet Feeding Station with IP CameraFeeding Station w/ Live Camera TrackingBuy Now
Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Pet FeederIndoor Hunting Activity FeederBuy Now
Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet FeederBest for Cats and PuppiesBuy Now
Perky-Pet Panorama Hanging Bird FeederFor Automatic Bird Pet FeedingBuy Now
Little GIANT Automatic Pet Feeding Station for Large DogsFor Giant Dogs and Guinea PigsBuy Now
Homdox 7L Automatic Pet Feeder Food DispenserSelf-Operating Pet Food DispenserBuy Now
IRIS Elevated Pet Feeding StationElevated Feeder for Comfortable Neck PostureBuy Now
HoneyGuaridan A36 Pet Feeder with Motor Inversion & Infrared Detection DesignSmooth flow of Kibble, Stuck-FreeBuy Now

To assist you in finding the pet feeder that meets the requirements of both you and your parent, we researched the Best Pet Feeding Stations of 2020 and classified them according to their features and work methodology.

This list here includes different types of pet food dispensing stations such as Automatic Pet Feeder, Gravity Pet Feeder, Slow Eating Pet Feeder; feeders for wet, dry, and semi-moist pet food; feeders with a sensor, storage box, handle, chip, camera, and timer; and feeders that are controlled by phone, Google Home, and Alexa.

1). AmazonBasics Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispenser (The No.1 Best Choice & Our Top Pick)

Buy Now

Best Features:

  • 2-in-1 Pet Feeding Station
  • Food slides down nicely
  • No log jams
  • Uses Gravity
  • Durable Design
  • Non-Skid Feet
  • Strong Stability
  • Suitable for all Pets

Keep your pet animal properly fed and hydrated with the all-new Pet Food Dispensing Station by AmazonBasics. Featuring 2-in-1 technology, the feeding station includes both a pet feeder and pet waterer, so that all the daily eating requirements of your pet animal are fulfilled.

As the food or water quantity in the bowl runs low, the feeder uses its Gravity Technology to automatically dispense a fresh and new supply of food from the top storage to the eating bowl underneath.

Plus, the AmazonBasics Pet Feeder is incorporated with multiple handles on the side so that it can be single-handedly lifted from one place to another, and the non-skid rubber feet offer secure and stable placement. Furthermore, the product is manufactured using the best quality and easy-washable plastic.

Overall, the AmazonBasics Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispenser is an ideal purchase decision for households with single or multiple pet dogs and cats.

2). PetSafe Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder with Slow-Feeding Programme

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Best Features:

  • Digital Timer for scheduling the release of kibble
  • Keeps pets away from breaking in or stealing food
  • Programmable Feeding Station
  • Slow-Feeding Dispenser
  • Pet-Proofed Dispenser
  • Two Meal Feeder
  • Dishwasher-Safe

This is a digital and programmable pet feeding station that uses state-of-the-art technology to dispense food to your dog or cat, at your designated time.

The feeder is equipped with two fully-secured boxes for wet, dry, or semi-moist food; and a 99-hour digital timer. The user can set separate or same times for the boxes to flip open so that the kibble is exposed and presented to the pet animal to feed on.

The PetSafe Digital is the best way to take care of your pet’s healthy feeding schedule regardless of what time it is or where you are. You can schedule up to two pre-portioned meals for your furry friend so that dinner or breakfast is served to your pet in the right quantity at the right amount.

Other features include – removable dishwasher-safe trays for easy cleaning; the locking tops that shield prying paws from sneaking extra food and keep the food fresh; LCD screen to set the timer.

3). PetSafe Smartphone Controlled Pet Food Dispenser

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Best Features:

  • Controlled by Smartphone
  • Schedule up to 12 meals
  • Slow Feed Option
  • Alexa-Integrated
  • Dispense food in your preferred quantity

This is a smartphone-controlled pet feeding station that allows pet parents to instantly dispense food from the feeder, using their Android or iOS phone. Install the PetSafe app on your phone, connect it with the feeding station, and you are ready to go!

Using the app, you can give certain commands to the dispenser like “Feed My Pet Now”, set portions of the food to be released into the bowl, and even control the feeding movement from Normal to Slow.

The Amazing?

The product is incorporated with Amazon Alexa, which means you can ask Alexa to ask Smart Feed to feed your dog or cat a snack. Plus, there’s a huge food storage capacity that allows storing up to 12 meal portions at a time!

4). WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder with Voice-Recorder & Speaker

Buy Now

Best Features:

  • Automated Controlled Feeding
  • Schedule Meals w/ Timer
  • Remote Play Voice Message
  • Portion Size Control
  • ABS Plastic Quality
  • Built-in Voice Recorder

WOPET is a fully-automated Smart Pet Feeder that comes integrated with the voice-recording feature so that your pet never feels lonely while eating. Simply hold the record button on the dispenser and record your voice message to be played every time the food is dispensed to your dog or cat.

The WOPET Feeder comes integrated with Intelligent Pet Feeding System that lets pet owners personalize their pet’s feeding times, portion size, schedule meals, and use the voice-recorder and speaker to communicate with their furry friend even when away from home.

Plus, to ensure your pet’s wellbeing, WOPET has used ABS plastic containers and stainless steel bowls that are bacteria-free, detachable, and easily cleanable for healthy and hygienic feeding.

5). SureFeed Pet Feeder with Microchip Technology

Buy Now

Best Features:

  • MicroChip Technology with Sensor
  • Schedule Meals with Timer
  • Comes with RFID Neckline Tag
  • Air-tight Storage
  • Keeps Food Fresh
  • Huge Storage Capacity
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • 3-year Warranty

SureFeed Pet Feeder is not just about smart ped feeding, it is a technologically-advanced Microchip Pet Food Dispensing Station that lives up to the expectations!


The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder only opens when a pet with a veterinary embedded microchip or RFID neckline tag comes in front of its sensor. Yes, it just opens for that specific pet, thus forestalling other pets stealing food from each other’s bowls.

Do you have multiple pets in your home? Does one pet steal the other pet’s food? The Microchip Pet Feeder by SureFeed has made feeding times the least stressful. It uses the pet’s Microchip ID or RFID neckline tag to speak with the feeder to open for that particular pet and dispense food to that particular pet only!

This feeder is perfect for multi-pet families to prevent greedy pets from getting overweight and to guarantee prescription or life-stage nourishment is dispensed to the right pet. The cover of the feeder closes onto a fixed bowl, which keeps food fresher and bacteria-free. There’s also a training mode that shuts the lid in stages to enable untrained pets to get used to the movement.

Overall, the SureFeed Pet Feeder is a robust solution for all those households, where pets peek into each other’s foods and take away other’s portions as well. With SureFeed Pet Feeder, you are always ensured that the right food is given only to the right pet.

6). Iseebiz Automatic Feeder for Cats and Dogs

Buy Now

Best Features:

  • Time & Kibble Amount Programmable
  • Portion Size Control
  • Infrared Sensor
  • Voice Recording Featuring
  • Leakproof & AirTight Container

The Iseebiz Automatic is an All-in-one food dispensing station for pet cats and dogs. This technologically-advanced unit has got all the features, a pet owner craves for!

There is an automatic release that releases food on scheduled time; a 1-39 dial for controlling the meal portion and setting how much quantity to be released; infrared induction which prevents food from overflowing; speaker with voice-recording feature; and leak proof airtight design to keep food fresh for longer.

7). Furbo Dog Feeder with Camera & Treat Tossing

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Best Features:

  • The World’s Best Treat Tossing Feeding Station
  • Integrated with Live Camera Tracking
  • 2-Way Speaker and Voice Communication Feature
  • Controllable by Smartphone and Alexa
  • Pet Activity Monitoring & Alerts

Furbo Dog is a pet treat tossing station that comes equipped with a wide range of features – unexcelled and unmatchable by any of the pet feeders.

The product comes with a pre-installed camera, that allows you to monitor your pet on your smartphone and interact with it using the Furbo Dog’s Live Camcorder with a 160-degree wide-angle view.

Plus, there’s a speaker through which you can remotely send voice messages to your dog or command it from a huge distance. The 2-way audio system allows not only your dog to listen to your commands, but even you listen to your dog’s bark or cat’s meow.

The Amazing?

There’s a treat tossing camera that allows you to toss treats remotely using your smartphone!

Furthermore, Furbo Dog Pet Feeder is equipped with sensors to monitor your pet’s activity and send you instant alerts on your smartphone. You will receive an instant alert if your dog is barking or the cat is meowing for a long time; the sensor senses someone else’s presence alongside your pet; and either your pet is sleeping or active. This is extremely helpful in cases when your pet is alone at home – allowing you to monitor, listen, and watch what’s going on back at home in your absence.

Overall, Furbo Dog is the world’s one and the only camera designed for pets allowing you to see, talk, toss treats, and get barking alerts. The product is featured in many premium magazines and tv shows, highly recommended by vets, and rightfully enjoys its position as Amazon’s No.1 Best Selling Item!

8). DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Pet Feeding Station with IP Camera

Buy Now

Best Features:

  • Self-Operating Pet Food Dispenser
  • Schedule Meal Times
  • Programmable Meal Portion Control
  • Slow-Feeding Option
  • Live Camera Tracking
  • Huge Storage Capacity
  • Dual Power Supply

DOGNESS is a fully-automated cat and dog feeding dispenser with an integrated IP camera. The food dispenser allows you to set timers, schedule meals, as well as monitor your dog’s activity using the Live WiFi Camera.

To further relieve your stress, this pet feeding station has a huge storage capacity of 6.5 lbs which means you don’t have to manually fill the box with kibble every day. And just like the other best pet feeders, the Dogness Feeder also offers portion size control features, kibble overflow stop, and controllable by phone.

9). Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Pet Feeder

Buy Now

Best Features:

  • Provides Indoor Hunting Activity
  • Award-Winning Veterinarian Design
  • Interactive Feeding Station

Featuring an award-winning Veterinarian design, Doc & Phoebe’s is an interactive pet feeding station that releases food in a way to give hunt-type feeling to your pet.

Unlike other feeders, Doc & Phoebe is a bowl-free mouse-shaped feeder which stores cat food. A small quantity of food inside is only released when a cat rolls the mouse over, turns it upside down with its paws, and drags it from one place to another. The more the cat plays with it, the more food is dispensed from the dispenser.

Although Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Pet Feeder is not a perfect substitute for smart pet feeders, it is ideal in situations where you want to kill your pet’s boredom, make it happy and active, and give it a food hunting activity indoors!

10). Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder

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Best Features:

  • Automatic Cat & Dog Food Dispenser
  • 5-Dedicated Time-Programmed Food Compartments
  • Compatible w/ Wet, Dry, Semi-moist Food
  • Twin Ice Packs and Air Tight Cover for Freshness
  • Digital Display Panel

The Cat Mate C500 is an automatic dog and cat food dispenser, with 5-different meal compartments inside. All the 5 dedicated meal compartments can be filled with both wet and dry food, and different release times can be set for each of the compartments.

Appropriate for feeding both wet and dry nourishments, the twin ice packs and tight cover help keep food fresh inside for longer. Simply program the timer to the meal times. When set, all programmed feeds are noticeable on the Digital LED Display.

The five compartments each hold ¾ lb. of food – enough for two cats or a dog. The feeding station can also be effortlessly secured to a wall or board for extra stability.

11). Perky-Pet Panorama Hanging Bird Feeder

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Best Features:

  • Equal Distribution of Bird Seed to the Perch
  • High-Shield Protection against Harsh Weather & Squirrels
  • Mess-Free 360-degree bird feeding
  • Can be hanged anywhere

Perky-Pet is hands down one of the best smart pet feeders for all the bird enthusiasts out there. Not everyone owns a cat or dog… a wide majority pets parrots, pigeons, and exotic birds as well.

So keeping in mind the needs of every bird pet parent, Perk-Pet brings you a panorama hanging feeder. The feeder features a top 2 lb bird seed storage capacity, tucked to a tray-style feeding port and circular perch.

This exquisite feeder is sure to attract birds and parrots to your patio, giving you a lot of satisfaction as they assemble on the perch to fill up their tiny stomach!

Flaunting an innovative design, the feeder allows proper distribution of seed to the bowl and quits the release once the perch is full. As the winged animals keep on feasting from the perch, the seed is recharged into the plate so it remains full.

Furthermore, the perch contains tiny holes to allow easy water and moisture to escape from the seed. Not exclusively will the winged creatures love it, but the enormous shade on the top shields the plate and winged creatures as they feast.

12). Little GIANT Automatic Pet Feeding Station for Large Dogs

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Best Features:

  • Suitable for Large Dog Breeds
  • Huge 25 lbs. Storage Capacity
  • Durable Steel Body
  • Resistant to Wear & Tear
  • Unbreakable

It is a GIANT pet feeding station for those huge muscular pet dogs and guinea pigs who obviously can’t survive on small pet feeders nor those small feeders can resist them!

Made for giant dog breeds like bulldogs, Labradors, German shepherds, and huskies – the Little Giant Pet Feeder features a tough galvanized steel body with 25 lbs dispenser. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, the feeder is resistant to wear and tear, rust, and pests.

Either you have large dogs in your house, or guinea pigs at the farm – the Little Giant Pet Feeder is the ultimate best option to consider!

13). Homdox 7L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

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Best Features:

  • Accommodates Multiple Pets Simultaneously
  • Voice-Recorder & Player
  • 28 Cups Storage Capacity
  • Programmable Portion Control

Homdox supports automatic pet feeding with up to 4 meals a day. Powered by both batteries and wall current, the feeder offers the flexibility to program a custom portion size for each automatic feeding, so that the right quantity of meal is dispensed to your pet.

The storage capacity is pretty impressive, withstanding 28 cups of food at a time, so you won’t have to refill now and then and go out for up to 20 days without ever worrying about the food to run out. Furthermore, the eating tray is wide enough to accommodate multiple cats and puppies, simultaneously. To make mealtimes happy, Homdox also features a voice-recorder with a speaker. You can record your voice, and it will be played at the time of food dispensation.

14). IRIS Elevated Pet Feeding Station

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Best Features:

  • Elevated Design for Tall Pets
  • Allows for Comfortable Neck Posture
  • Airtight & Fully-Sealed Food Storage

IRIS is an elevated pet feeder station that is highly recommended for tall pets who can’t bend their necks down or find it comfortable to go too low when eating from their food bowls. The elevation is set to a suitable height so that both dogs and cats can easily reach the food while maintaining a comfortable neck posture.

Underneath the elevated bowls, lies a huge pet food storage compartment. The built-in airtight sealed lid locks in the freshness and prevents moisture, bacteria, and humidity.

15). HoneyGuaridan A36 Pet Feeder with Motor Inversion & Infrared Detection Design

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Best Features:

  • Motor Inversion for Smooth Food Dispensation
  • Infrared Technology to Detect & Fix Stuck Food
  • Meal Portion Control
  • Schedule Food Release
  • What gives HoneyGuardian a standing among the best automatic pet feeders, is its Motor Inversion and Infrared Detection technology.

Just like other smart feeders, the HoneyGuardian does its job well of dispensing food at scheduled times and releasing a programmed portion control, but the Motor Inversion and Infrared Technology is something which has given this dispenser a leading edge over others.

How the Best?

Food does not get stuck while releasing. The strong motorized technology ensures a consistent and smooth flow of even large food particles from the storage box to the bowl.

What is Automatic Pet Feeder?

An automatic pet feeder is an automated pet food dispenser that automatically dispenses food to your pet at your scheduled/designated time. It is a perfect solution for all those pet parents who want to automate the daily pet feeding activity, as the Pet Feeder self-operates, requiring no manual action of feeding the pet. The latest pet feeders also allow for food-release quantity control.

What are the types of Pet Feeders?

There are 3 main different types of pet feeders:

1). Automatic Pet Feeders – the ones which automatically release pet food at the chosen time.

2). Gravity Pet Feeders – the ones which automatically keep on releasing new supply of food from the storage to the eating bowl. As soon as the food is eaten from the bowl, fresh supply will automatically release.

3). Microchip Pet Feeders – the ones which dispense food only when a particular pet with a veterinary embedded microchip or RFID neckline tag comes in front of its sensor.

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