People have different choices. Some go with cats and dogs, some with small animals, some with birds…

But there are some legendary lads out there who, on a completely unconventional side, prefer adopting bizarre species from the Reptile and Amphibian section.

These species may be of snakes, crocodiles, geckos, chameleons, turtles, and tortoises.

Well well… we understand there’s no accounting for taste. And since we don’t have to do anything with your choice and tastes, we still feel responsible to help reptile lovers with pet parenting.

Therefore, at PetsBeast we have contributed a dedicated section where you will find parenting advice, product reviews, recommendations, reptile profile information, answers to your queries, and everything related to Reptiles & Amphibians from experts.

Best Diets for Reptiles

Reptiles prefer munching down on other animal species, for example, snakes prefer eating rats, geckos prefer eating crickets and worms, and crocodiles prefer munching on big meat pieces.

If you can’t catch live animals and insects for your reptile, you can save yourself from the hassle by purchasing commercial food products for your pet.

There are lots of dried, frozen, and live-insect feeding products available to satisfy your reptile’s cravings.

For instance, there are frozen adult and baby mice available for snakes. UGRodents is the leading provider of frozen rats for snakes, supplying small, medium, large, and adult mice varieties for different snake species such as ball pythons.

There are dried mealworms and food flakes for pet aquatic turtles and frogs. As for now, we best recommend the Tetra Reptomin Floating Food Sticks – which is a scientifically formulated diet for turtles. It’s a highly nutritional product, enriched with vitamins and minerals for the best pet nourishment.

For those owning geckos, lizards, and bearded dragons – there are special food products such as organically-grown live mealworms, dried grasshoppers, crickets, and more.

However, this is not the end. In fact, we have reviewed dozens of other diets and treats as well for all reptiles and amphibians.

There’s support for hermit crabs as well, which is enough to tell you how deep the team @PetsBeast has plunged to bring you the best food product reviews and recommendations for your reptile or amphibian pet.

Best Habitats for Reptile & Amphibian Pets

Reptiles and amphibians have special living needs, and providing a proper habitat is of utmost importance for the animal to survive and develop aggression-free behavior.

For example, snake owners should aim for providing both water, land, dark hiding spaces and proper bedding to their pet. When in the wild, they go inside burrows, camouflage under dried leaves bedding, and slide on to plants.

Though providing the same type of facilities might be impossible, fortunately, specially-designed terrariums, habitat accessories, and decor products play a major role in providing an almost similar type of living environment indoors to the pet.

We have reviewed a large range of best terrariums for all amphibian and reptile pets.

Furthermore, we have also discussed the decoration accessories which not only makes the pet’s house look great but also brings comfort to the pet as well. For example, the Penn Plax REP701 Lizard Lounger – a handwoven natural seagrass fiber hammock that can be attached inside a reptiles cage for it to climb, enjoy, and rest.

Also discussed are terrarium plants, basking platforms, ramps, mini swimming pools, and many more products which you would have never imagined exist in the world.

Best Health/Grooming Supplies for Reptiles & Amphibians

Just like other pet animals, your pet snake or bearded dragon might also need proper health care and grooming service.

Though you can’t shampoo and bathe them like cats or dogs, you can still keep them neat and tidy with the use of special products.

For health care, there are special powders and additives which are mixed with food to provide your pet the best of nutrition, calcium, vitamins, and minerals. For example, the Fluker’S Repta Calcium Supplement which can be mixed with food and served to all reptile and amphibian species for a calcium boost, strong bones, and body energy.

As far as grooming is concerned, there are special sprays to be sprayed on the animal’s coat for cleanliness, rinses to be sprayed inside the eyes for bright and clear eyes, injury-treatment sprays, as well as conditioners which can be directly sprinkled on the reptile’s body for skin health.

Best Toys & Gadgets for Reptiles

Toys help fight boredom and laziness in reptiles and amphibians. Giving your pet a playing tool guarantees the wellbeing and prosperity of your pet. In many cases, toys can be significant in assisting with wiping out ruinous practices in your pet.

For example, when pets are stressed they will frequently communicate this feeling through undesirable practices like demonstrating aggression to the owner.

Toys can assist with giving mental and physical incitement that will oust any sort of inaction that your pet may experience the ill effects of having nothing to do. So fundamentally, toys help to evacuate the negative conduct related to it.

Yet, you should be cautious when you are picking a toy for your pet reptile or amphibian as it needs to suit their size and preferences.

At PetsBeast, we have reviewed an endless range of fun products for reptiles and amphibians. From satisfying their natural chewing instinctual drives to making them feel delighted all the time, we have reviewed all types of toys for the best mental and physical incitement to the pet.