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Find expert product reviews, product buying guides, and parenting advice for small animals.

From chinchillas to hamsters, guinea pigs to ferrets, rabbits to mice, small animals have their needs as well. And as a loving owner, you must ensure that you go above and beyond in providing the best lifestyle to your pocket pet.

At PetsBeast, our animal-expert editors have contributed a dedicated section to “Small Animals” where you will find everything related to small furries, best product picks, parenting advice, breed statistics, and more.

Buying Products & Accessories for Small Pets

Small pets animals, also referred to as pocket pets, are little animals like guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, and bunnies.

Many individuals choose to pet a small animal instead of a pooch or feline since they are simpler to deal with, and they don’t require as much maintenance as their canine and feline counterparts.

Whether you live in a small space, you can’t deal with an active large breed, or whether you simply need a pet that is low maintenance, pocket pets make extraordinary allies for the non-hound and non-feline individuals.


Though some animals require considerably less maintenance than bigger ones, you still need to go over the board to provide them with a perfect living environment. In many cases, this implies putting resources into a terrarium, tank or pen, and extras such as gadgets and toys planned in view of your pet’s needs.

Many people underestimate the requirements of a small animal. They may get cardboard for their bunny and line it with a thin layer of shavings, or they may put resources into a little cage for their guinea pig and consider it OK, but these sorts of conditions are not acceptable.

Just because they are small, does not mean we should underestimate their living needs. Like other animals, they too need comfortable bedding to rest on, a delicious diet to feed on, and an entertaining toy to break their boredom on!

Many pocket animals despite everything need a proper shelter to rest, foliage to stow away underneath, shavings to tunnel into and toys to play with. While possessing and thinking about little creatures may be simple and reasonable, setting up their proper living condition should be your utmost preference.

Best Food & Treats for Small Animals

Small animals have their daily nutritional requirements as well. Though they have tiny stomachs and eat considerably less, they still have their own nutritional needs to be fulfilled to live a healthy, long life.

At PetsBeast, we have covered reviews of the best food products for small animals, as well as feeding advice, guides, and recommendations for different tiny animal species. From the best rabbit food to the best guinea pig food products, you will find a range variety of dietary products for small pet animals.

A nutritionally-enriched diet with a balanced supply of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and pre-biotics should be served to small creatures as in support of their dental, immune, and digestive health.

Then, there are delicious treats as well, which can be rewarded to little furries on different occasions. Treats such as the eCOTRITION Cheese Yogies serve as the best treat for small pets.

Best Exercise Equipment for Small Animals

Small pet animals like guinea pigs, rats, mice, and bunnies alleviate their moods and fulfill their psychological needs by exercising on different types of equipment.

They love to exercise by running on spinning wheels, going up and down the ladder, going to and fro on mini-seesaws, chewing on pine wood, and sometimes even playing with tiny balls.

As for now, we best love the ZALALOVA Toy Set. It is a set of 10 pine-wood-made toy accessories including tiny balls, dumbbells, climbing ladder, seesaw, molar string, and bell swing. This toy set rightly fulfills all the playing needs of small animals and provides them the best mental and physical incitement to your little furry friend.

Plus, there are endless ranges of exercising equipments being discussed here for all small animal species.

Best Feeders for Little Furries

The invention of smart gadgets has made the lives of both pets and pet-keepers much easier. Featuring in cool functionalities, most of these gadgets are economically-priced yet highly facilitative.

For instance, there are smart pet feeding stations that ensure a fresh continuous supply of food to pet animals even in your absence. We best recommend the Kaytee Food Dispenser that features two separate compartments – one for food and one for hay. The feeding bins can be topped with food and hay, after which you can stay assured of a fresh continuous supply of food being dispensed to your animal without any mess.

The amazements do not end here…

There are specially-designed water feeders for small animals. The best product in this niche is the Choco Nose H128, a BPA-free bottle that can be attached inside the pet’s cage to keep the pet sufficiently hydrated for days without the need for manual water-feeding.

Best Health Care & Grooming Supplies for Small Animals

Proper grooming and health care are essential for the pet’s wellbeing and life longevity. Though small, they still have their grooming and health care needs to be fulfilled.

In grooming supplies, there are shedding brushes, shampoos, and cleansers. As for now, we best recommend the Daksha All-in-One Grooming Kit which includes complete grooming set for bunnies, guinea pigs, and ferrets.

In the health care category, we have mostly covered products that help with immune and digestive health and keep the animal away from internal infections.

Best Cages & Beddings for Tiny Pet Animals

Most of us underestimate the needs of tiny pets. They aren’t meant to be kept in cardboard boxes, nor their delicate paws are meant to bear hard floor surfaces. Therefore, it’s important that you furnish them with a comfortable shelter for a peaceful living.

There are specially-designed cages for small pets with multiple storeys and dedicated playing stations. From the best rabbit cages to the top-rated guinea pig cages, we reviewed all of those products.

Furthermore, they are comfy beddings that can be used to line the cages. We have helped readers with finding the best comfy beddings made from timothy hay, fiber strands, aspen, and shavings.

Best Toy Supplies For Pocket Pets

Owning a pet bunny or rat is an entirely different experience than owning a dog or a cat. But just because it’s a small animal, it does not mean that you keep it locked inside a cage without any entertainment.

Your small furry friend needs to play toys as well. And for this, we have covered lots of toys that really work to give a lot of incitement to tiny creatures.

At, we give the same priority to small animals as we give to cats and dogs. Here you will find expert product reviews, buying guides, recommendations, health care advice, and parenting guides for all types of small animal species like guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, rats, and mice.

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