• Photo of Are British Shorthair Cats Hypoallergenic?

    Are British Shorthair Cats Hypoallergenic?

    Many BSH lovers ask, “Are the British Shorthair hypoallergenic?” The answer to this question will drop down many jaws but unfortunately, the British Shorthair is not hypoallergenic. Not only British Shorthair, but no cat breed is completely hypoallergenic. The allergic effect of one can breed can differ from the other…

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  • Photo of Are British Shorthair Cats Friendly?

    Are British Shorthair Cats Friendly?

    Temperament and Personality The British Shorthair is a domesticated breed and it is a big bundle of joy. It is a tall and strong cat that just looks like a teddy bear. It creates a very pleasant sight when a British shorthair follows the owners at every corner of the…

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  • Photo of Home Remedies To Treat Dog Ear Infection Naturally

    Home Remedies To Treat Dog Ear Infection Naturally

    If your dog is tilting or shaking its head continuously, rubbing or scratching the ears, or if you observe the dog ears getting hot, smelly, or reddish, your dog is suffering from an ear infection. An ear infection is one of the top 3 reasons for which a dog is…

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  • Photo of Dog Eating Poop Problem & Its Cure

    Dog Eating Poop Problem & Its Cure

    There is nothing that can be more disgusting for the owner than his dog eating poop. It is such a bad idea that one would not even like to discuss it but, it is important to discuss for the good health of your dog. People find poop eating so much…

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  • Photo of Top Twenty Small Dog Breeds

    Top Twenty Small Dog Breeds

    Small dogs are cute, amiable, and athletic. There are a lot of qualities in a small dog pet. One of the most important qualities is that small dogs are portable. You can take them with you on a trip within a small carrier. Moreover, they can be trainable of fun…

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  • Photo of Can a British Shorthair Cat Be Left Alone?

    Can a British Shorthair Cat Be Left Alone?

    A British Shorthair can be left alone but, for a short while. The cats have always been social animals. Not only for the British shorthair, but it is also true for all the cat breeds from ever since they have come into existence. Being social is in their instinct. They…

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  • Photo of What Health Problems Do British Shorthair Cats Have?

    What Health Problems Do British Shorthair Cats Have?

    British Shorthair enjoys good health, however, they can also have some health problems. However, the British shorthair cats are prone to some genetic and hereditary diseases that ask for some special care of the owner. British Shorthair is an amazing breed with a short coat and a well-rounded body. This…

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  • Photo of How Far Can A Horse Run In A Day & At What Speed?

    How Far Can A Horse Run In A Day & At What Speed?

    The average distance a horse can travel in a day is 30 to 35 miles. Horse being a fast animal can run as fast as 30 miles per hour. The racing horses like the American Quarter horse can run at 40 mph and gallop at 55 mph. They are bred…

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  • Photo of Mini Lop Rabbit Breed Information

    Mini Lop Rabbit Breed Information

    Out of various miniature breeds of rabbits, Mini Lop is an amazing and one of the cutest rabbit breeds. It is recognized by the ARBA. The Mini Lop breed is often confused with the ‘Miniature Lop’ which is a separate breed. The Mini Lop is a similar breed like the…

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  • Photo of The Top 12 Rabbit Breeds of the World

    The Top 12 Rabbit Breeds of the World

    Rabbits are wonderful creatures that can be used as show animals or can be your great companion pets. Several breeds are ranging from the giant rabbits to the mini-sized rabbits. Each breed has its distinctive personality and temperament. Some are very cuddly active and energetic and on the other hand,…

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  • Photo of American Rabbit Breed Information

    American Rabbit Breed Information

    The American rabbit is one of the six breeds developed originally in the United States. This gentle breed was used commercially for fur and meat purposes. This medium to large variety is available in two colors; the red-eyed white one and the other having blue color. They were recognized as…

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  • Photo of Araucana Chicken Breed Information

    Araucana Chicken Breed Information

    The Araucana is the chicken breed responsible for starting the blue egg craze among the people. However, because of carrying a lethal gene that could kill its chicks, the breed was improved by making the Ameraucana – carrying no lethal gene while maintaining the gene that gives its eggs the…

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  • Photo of Plymouth Rock Breed Information

    Plymouth Rock Breed Information

    Despite being one of America’s oldest breeds of chicken, the Plymouth Rock maintains its high level of popularity primarily because of it being a good dual-purpose chicken. The breed is good in providing quality meat as well as good egg yield. Back in the days, everyone was encouraged to keep…

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  • Photo of Silkie Chicken Informational Facts

    Silkie Chicken Informational Facts

    Silkie Chickens are one of the most popular breeds of chicken of all time. Silkies are chickens that have a unique appearance. But behind that alien look, they can still give eggs and delicious meat to the people. In this article, we will discuss all the important things that you…

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  • Photo of Ameraucana Breed Information

    Ameraucana Breed Information

    The Ameraucana is one of the most unique chicken breeds. The breed is quite new in the world of chickens, making its debut only during the 1970s. Despite of that, the Ameraucana has become so popular to both breeders and casual chicken caretakers. In this article, we will discuss all…

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  • Photo of Brahma Chicken Information

    Brahma Chicken Information

    The Brahma breed of chicken is called the King of Chickens. This majestic breed is of old heritage, the exact reason why its ancestors are unknown. The Brahma deserves its title because it is also an excellent dual-purpose chicken. This means that it excels in both egg and meat production.…

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  • Photo of Cochin Chicken Breed Information

    Cochin Chicken Breed Information

    The Cochin chicken breed can be considered one of the cutest chickens of all time. They are big and fluffy that it is just so adorable to cuddle with them. For a long time, they have captured the attention of people. Their feathers cover their whole body – from head…

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  • Photo of Belgian D’Uccle Breed Information

    Belgian D’Uccle Breed Information

    The Belgian D’Uccle is indeed a unique breed of chicken. It has several varieties including the most popular one which is the Mille Fleur D’Uccle. The Belgian D’Uccle is a cute chicken, pint-sized, and has a happy personality. They like to interact with people, especially their owners. You may be…

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  • Photo of Water Snakes Profile

    Water Snakes Profile

    Water snakes are the nonvenomous snakes belonging to the Colubridae family and Norodia genus. Water snakes are native to North America and they have significant similarities with the species cottonmouth which are venomous snakes. The cottonmouth snakes are from the same genus but a different family called Viperidae. There are…

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  • Photo of Mamba Snake Profile

    Mamba Snake Profile

    The Mamba snakes are the dangerous and venomous species belonging to the family Elapidae, to which cobras also belong and to the genus Dendroaspis. Mamba snakes are famous for their speed and deadliness. The four species of Mamba snakes are known and recognized. Habitat of the Mamba Snakes The Mamba…

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  • Photo of Kingsnakes Profile

    Kingsnakes Profile

    The Kingsnakes are the strong and powerful snakes that belong to the family Colubridae (the family of Garter Snakes) and genus Lampropeltis. There are 5 species and more than 47 recognized subspecies of Kingsnakes. The Kingsnakes got their name as their main food item is other snakes. They are famous…

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  • Photo of Honey Badger

    Honey Badger

    The Honey Badger is an Omnivore animal that belongs to the family of weasels. Honey badgers are also known as ratels and are related to otters, ferrets, skunks, and other badgers like American Badger, European Badger, and Sunda Stink Badger. These badgers are named ‘honey’ for their habit of raiding…

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  • Photo of Arctic Fox Breed Information

    Arctic Fox Breed Information

    About Arctic The Arctic fox is an omnivorous mammal that belongs to the family of Canid. It is known by several names such as White Fox and Snow Fox. The studies about Arctic foxes tell us that they have a high population with no extinction threats. Moreover, they can change…

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  • Photo of Argentine Horned Frog (Ornate Pacman)

    Argentine Horned Frog (Ornate Pacman)

    About Argentina Horned Frog The Argentine Horned Frog, also named as the (Ornate Pacman Frog or the Argentina Wide-Mouthed Frog), belongs to the Ceratophryidae family. This amphibian is endemic to Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina — while the name “horned frog” comes from the folds of skin that are located over…

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  • Photo of Sunda Stink Badger (Mydaus javanensis): All Amazing Facts About Them!

    Sunda Stink Badger (Mydaus javanensis): All Amazing Facts About Them!

    The Sunda Stink Badger belongs to the Mephitidae family, with similar body shape to American Badgers and European Badgers but smaller in size than other species of badger. They have white markings on both the tail and the back, and a thin white stripe on the forehead. They are omnivorous…

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  • Photo of Brown Anole (Anolis Sagrei) Lizard: The Awesome Things About Them!

    Brown Anole (Anolis Sagrei) Lizard: The Awesome Things About Them!

    Brown Anole is a small brown or greyish lizard that belongs to the Dactyloidae family and is endemic to Cuba and the Bahamas. This lizard is also known by the names – Anolis sagrei, Bahaman anole, and De la Sagra’s anole. This highly invasive reptile species achieve extraordinarily high densities…

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  • Photo of Orpington Chickens

    Orpington Chickens

      About Orpington Chicken The Orpington Chicken breed is popular to both farm owners and casual animal caretakers (chicken breeders to be exact) because of being dual purpose chickens and also for being simply cute. Orpingtons are known for their cute and rounded appearance. They are also dual purpose, which…

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  • Photo of Garter Snakes

    Garter Snakes

    Garter snakes belong to the harmless snake family that is mostly kept as pets in the gardens. Garter snakes belong to the Colubridae family and Thamnophis genus. However, the scientific names of the various species of Garter snakes follow the genus, Thamnophis. Garter Snakes Breed Information Family Genus Species Colubridae Thamnophis…

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  • Photo of Python Snakes

    Python Snakes

    About Python Snake Reptiles are a famous class of the kingdom Animalia. Snakes, lizards, frogs, chameleons, and similar animals belong to this class. There are roughly 3,400 individual snake species in the world grouped in more or less 20 families. Pythonidae, commonly known as Pythons is a major family of…

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  • Photo of Best Cat Breeds for New Owners

    Best Cat Breeds for New Owners

    Cats are regarded as the best therapy pets for people suffering from psychological disorders. That is why, daily, hundreds of people approach cat breeders for owning a new cat. For the new owners, it might be difficult to decide which cat will go best with their personality, routine, and home…

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