As a lifelong dog owner, pet enthusiast, and expert in canine behavior, I’ve dedicated countless hours exploring different training techniques, devices, and methodologies to ensure a harmonious co-existence with my furry friends. The quest to foster better understanding, communication, and a deep-rooted bond between me and my dogs has led me to stumble upon numerous products. Yet, nothing has piqued my interest quite as much as the NPS Dog Bark Deterrent Device. This innovative device has not only revolutionized my dog training journey, but it has drastically improved the relationship I share with my canine companions. Today, I’m eager to share my experiences and insights about this device, in the hope it can transform your dog training experience as much as it did mine.

What is the Nps Dog Bark Deterrent Device?

The Nps Dog Bark Deterrent Device is a humane, safe, and highly effective solution to manage excessive barking in dogs. Utilizing a high-pitched sound, the device captures your dog’s attention, deterring them from continued barking. With a range of up to 50 feet, impressive battery life, and a robust build quality, it’s a product that makes dog training a breeze.

Why Choose the Nps Dog Bark Deterrent Device?

The NPS Bark Eliminator and Furry Pet Trainer are truly game-changers in managing unwanted dog behavior. This device leverages patented NPS technology to not only curb incessant barking, but also helps train your dog away from other unruly behaviors, such as jumping up, stealing food, aggression, biting, chewing, and furniture avoidance.

NPS Bark Eliminator

Here’s the breakdown of why I personally find this device indispensable:

Effectiveness: From my personal experience and reports from other users, the device remarkably curbs dogs’ excessive barking. In fact, many of us noticed that our dogs ceased their barking habits after only a few uses. Now, I only need to show my dog the device, and they stop barking immediately.

Ease of Use: Simplicity is key, and this device embodies that. It’s straightforward to use and understand, and the best part is that it impacts dogs’ behavior almost immediately.

Range: With a reach of up to 50 feet, this device serves well in both indoor and outdoor environments, perfectly fitting my needs.

Battery Life: Impressive battery life is an understatement. I have yet to recharge the device since the first full charge, making it incredibly convenient.

Quality: The device exudes a well-built and durable feel. It fits comfortably in the hand, which justifies the care that went into its design.

Customer Service: The seller’s customer service is praiseworthy. They were quick and satisfied my concerns promptly.

Sustainable: NPS is Climate Pledge Friendly, having gained certification from Climate Partner for the carbon footprint of its product being calculated and all associated emissions offset.

The NPS Technology and Its Impact

The NPS Dog Bark Deterrent Device harnesses the power of patented NPS technology. This new technology grabs the dog’s attention, thereby stopping their bad behavior. It has been tested and proven to deliver 2.7x faster behavior modification than leading dog obedience programs.

The device works optimally for dogs aged 6 months to 8 years. For dogs over age 8, age-related hearing loss can limit effectiveness. And for puppies under six months, their auditory systems might not be fully developed to understand the impact.

Company Behind the Product

The Nps Dog Bark Deterrent Device is a product of a small family-run business that includes 17 humans, five dogs, and three cats. They’ve dedicated years to develop and test this product to ensure it’s safe for dogs, cats, humans, and the environment.

The company is proud of the unique technology their products leverage – it goes beyond just anti-barking to facilitate a broader scope of pet training. They cherish peace of mind in homes and go the extra mile to make that a reality.

Anecdote from a Satisfied User

One Amazon user shared her story about using the device on her Yorkie. The 4-year-old dog considered himself the ruler of the world and would bark nonstop if anyone else was getting attention. After trying various methods, the owner turned to the Nps Dog Bark Deterrent Device.

The result? An effective, long-term solution that now allows the owner to show the device to her dog, and he stops barking immediately. The device has not only brought peace to her household but has also helped the world see the sweet, loving dog that she sees when nobody else is around.

Positive Points

  • Effective in getting dogs’ attention and redirecting their behavior
  • Helps to create a more peaceful and quiet environment
  • Provides a safe and humane alternative to other bark control methods
  • Some dogs respond positively to the ultrasonic sound
  • Can be useful for training purposes

Negative Points

  • May not work on all dogs, especially those that are stubborn or have certain breeds
  • Limited range of coverage, requiring close proximity for effectiveness
  • Some dogs may become desensitized to the sound over time
  • Not all dogs respond consistently or at all to the device
  • Battery life and charging capability may be inconsistent

Neutral Points

  • Results may vary depending on the individual dog’s temperament and responsiveness
  • May require additional training techniques and consistency for best results
  • Some users found success with a specific sound mode while others did not
  • Mixed experiences with the device’s durability and build quality
  • May not be useful for certain types of barking or behavior issues


In the realm of dog training, the Nps Dog Bark Deterrent Device has proven to be an excellent tool. Its effectiveness, coupled with its ease of use and high-quality construction, offers a simple solution to common, frustrating problems dog owners face.

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We wish you and your canine friend a peaceful and enjoyable training journey!

Disclaimer: While we strongly advocate for this product’s effectiveness, results may vary depending on individual dogs’ temperament, breed, and prior training.


Does NPS Alpha work on all dogs?

While the NPS Alpha works wonders for most dogs, about 3% of dogs may not respond due to inherent nature traits or PTSD. If your dog is in this small percentage, don’t fret – reach out to the company, and they’ll take it back. They stand behind their product!

Is NPS safe for pets and humans?

Absolutely. The safety of dogs, cats, and humans was a priority during the product’s development. After six years of rigorous testing, the company achieved an exceptional level of safety, keeping your peace of mind at the forefront.

How does the NPS 2.7x faster stop dogs’ unwanted behavior and barking?

The patented NPS technology grabs your dog’s attention and stops bad behavior. Proven to deliver 2.7x faster behavior modification than the best dog obedience programs, the NPS ensures satisfaction, or you’ll get your money back.

Why is NPS most effective with dogs age 6 months to 8 years?

Age-related hearing loss can make it challenging for dogs over age 8 to hear and react. Similarly, puppies under six months may not have a fully developed auditory system to fully comprehend the impact. The device is most effective for dogs between 6 months to 8 years.

Remember, patience and consistency are key to any successful dog training journey. Happy training!

Disclaimer: Please note, while we fully endorse the effectiveness of this product, results may vary depending on individual dogs’ temperament, breed, and prior training.

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