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Our Final Verdict:

The Pawfit 3 is a real-time pet GPS location tracking device oversupplied with additional pet protection features including live activity tracking, fitness monitoring, safety alerts, and remote voice commandment. The product stands the test of time while also being tough, durable, and resistant to regular wear and tear. However, its sim-based coverage is a major drawback, for it requires a subscription plan and limits the GPS tracking to network coverage areas only. Furthermore, it has a battery life way more shorter than other Best Dog GPS trackers of its competition.

Location Tracking Score - 100%
Safety & Protection Alert Score - 100%
Health Monitoring Score - 90%
Build Quality Score - 95%
User-Friendliness - 95%
Battery Life Score - 50%
The Good
  • Accurate Location Tracking
  • Safety & Protection Alerts
  • Health & Fitness Monitoring
  • Durable Build Quality
  • User-Friendly
  • Affordable Subscription Plans
The Bad
  • Requires Cellular Plans
  • Requires Monthly/Yearly Fee
  • Short Battery Life

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Pawfit 3 GPS Tracker Review

The latest model of Pawfit, called the Pawfit 3, provides a smart and convenient way to care for your dog or cat. It is truly one of the century’s best and most accurate GPS pet tracker and activity monitor topped off with all the necessary security features for the pet’s safety and owner’s peace of mind. Though there are a few limitations with this product, such as the inability to live track location without sim card and subscription plan, yet it delivers features worth the investment.

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Minnie Johnas Nathan Carlton

Our team members and pet product review experts, Nathan Carlton and Minnie Johnas got their hands on the latest version of the Pawfit 2 model. The product was tested to the core, keeping in mind the main functionalities — the range, durability, battery timing, and user-friendliness — so those pet owners interested in buying this product, get a detailed understanding of the product and find if it suits their needs or not.

Tracking Technology & Range

When it comes to pet location tracking devices, the most considered factor is the device’s tracking property and range. Fortunately, the Pawfit GPS Tracker is equipped with a state-of-the-art live pet location tracking monitor on an unlimited range scale.

Pawfit Gps Tracker For Pets

The tracking device features an embedded sim with 24/7 coverage in both Europe and North America. However, monthly, semiannual, or yearly subscriptions need to be purchased for the coverage activation.

Pawfit Pet GPS Tracker features Cellular Technology (2G/GSM), which combined with advanced location-searching algorithms provides you real-time and most accurate insight on the current location of your furry friend. No matter how far your pet is located, this ninja-product with its technologically-advanced tracking algorithms will instantly fetch you the animal’s live location on your smartphone, anytime and anywhere.

Subscription Plans & Pricing

1-Month Plan 6-Months Plan 12-Months Plan
£3.59 £3.99 £4.79

Recommended Cellular Sims

SIM Package Type
Vodafone or O2 PAYG
(Big Value Bundle package)
PAYG 1 (Classic)
(Multi Sim package)
(Rocket packs or Triple Credit)

Tracking Modes

We found three tracking features in the PawFit Dog/Cat GPS tracker. Each of these features has proven to be extremely useful in locating lost pets even when it seems impossible.

Pawfit Gps Tracker Device

[highlight color=”yellow”]Live Tracking Mode:[/highlight] This feature allows for live activity monitoring of your pet, anytime and anywhere. The mode updates the pet’s location every 5-seconds within a 10-minute time frame. When testing this product, we were surprised by its up-to-the-mark accuracy and minute-to-minute live location updates.

The live tracking mode had an unlimited range. We placed activated collars at a distant location from our linked-smartphones and were impressed with how quickly the collar’s real-time location was displayed with 99.99% accuracy.

[highlight color=”yellow”]Light Tracking Mode:[/highlight] Is your dog lost in the dark? You can take help from Pawfit’s Light Tracking Mode, which turns on the high-beam flashlight on the collar so that one can easily locate their lost animal in the dark.

The built-in light was pretty sharp and clear from a distance. Though not extremely powerful, the light’s glow was enough to pin-point a lost animal’s location in a dark place from a short distance.

[highlight color=”yellow”]Sound Tracking Mode:[/highlight] We found the device’s built-in-speaker an incredibly useful feature when guessing the animal’s location from a short distance, especially if the animal is invisible to the human eye or stuck in a gloomy space. The sound on the collar can be played via the smartphone linked to the collar.

On our testing, we found the built-in speakers to be of fine sound quality. They may not hear well in noisy places, yet a properly hearable in a quiet surrounding within a range of 50-100m.

Safety & Protection Alerts

Talk about safety and protection… and the Pawfit Pet Collar bags our best choice award in this category! The collar is equipped with lots of technologically-advanced features, aimed for your pet’s protection and safety. Below is a round-up of all the safety features that we found in this gadget.

Pawfit Tracker Gps

[highlight color=”yellow”]Text-to-Speech Technology:[/highlight] The Pawfit GPS Tracker Collar has a text-to-speech technology. You can simply write and save your pet’s information into your Pawfit account, and the collar will itself transform the written data into an audio format. So if someone finds your lost pet, they can press the button on the collar and hear the important information about the pet’s name, home address, and owner details.

This feature is an incredibly valuable addition to the tracking collar, as you can store in the important information (such as your dog’s name, behavior, feeding schedule, and owner contact details) so that any unknown person who finds your lost pet can nurture the animal the right away and get in touch with you ASAP.

[highlight color=”yellow”]Temperature Alert:[/highlight] The collar is equipped with a temperature-sensor that 24/7 monitors the temperature of the surroundings in which your pet is kept. The owner receives instant notifications on the linked smartphone, as soon as your pet dog or cat is exposed to extremely hot or cold conditions.

Although not much practical, this feature is still useful in cases such as fires or if you have left your dog in a hot car.

[highlight color=”yellow”]Removal Attachment Alert:[/highlight] The device also sends instant alerts on the linked smartphone, the moment the GPS tracking device is detached from the collar attachment. Again, this is another valuable and helpful addition in case of an emergency.

[highlight color=”yellow”]Virtual Fence Alert:[/highlight] The all-new Pawfit Pet GPS Tracker allows you to create up to 10 customized safety zones. These virtual fences can be created using the linked smartphone, and you can designate no-exit/no-entry points on the map for the pet.

Whenever your dog or cat goes steps outside the designated area, you will be instantly notified via the Pawfit Smartphone App.

Health Monitoring Features

Your pet requires proper health care so that it stays away from illnesses and leads to a healthy and long life. The PawFit GPS Tracker is one of our top favorites for it is a GPS-cum-fitness-tracking-collar.

Pawfit Gps Tracker Review

The device has a health care mode installed, which provides 24/7 real-time monitoring of the pet’s movements, steps covered, calories burned, distance covered, and active and rest hours. The device then compares the pet’s daily activity with the recommended activity goals of your pet’s breed, age, and weight. There’s support for every pet breed… 🙂 Here are the health monitoring features available in Pawfit Dog/Cat GPS Tracker.

Active Hours Count: The device keeps a record of the active hours your pet has spent. The collar knows when your dog is engaged in physical activity and counts and displays the active hours your pet has spent on Pawfit Smartphone App.

Rest Hours Count: Just like active hours, the device also tracks records of the rest hours your pet has spent. The collar knows when your pet is sleeping or sitting idle, and counts and displays the rest hours your pet has spent on Pawfit Smartphone App.

Calories Burned Count: Based on your pet’s activity, breed, age, and weight – the device keeps a count of the calories your dog or cat has burned every day. The stats are displayed when you log in to your Pawfit Smartphone App account.

Distance Covered Count: The collar also keeps a daily track of the distance covered by your pet. The “distance-covered” stats are displayed on the linked smartphone, along with the walking hours and average walking speed.

On testing this product on our pets, we found all the features to be working well. The counting stats aren’t accurate to the point, but something you can rely on to get a rough idea on how many steps your dog/cat has covered, calories burnt, and the number of hours your pet has spent sleeping or doing physical activity.

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Does it offer a fitness chart as well?

Yes, it does. The device supports dogs and cats of all breeds, ages, sizes, and weights. It means the stats aren’t only displayed but are also compared with the recommended stats you should get every day based on your pet’s characteristics.[/box]

Battery Life

Despite great in other features, the Pawfit GPS Tracker has a pretty embarrassing battery life when compared to other GPS tracking collars of its competition, league, and price. It runs on a 700 mAh rechargeable battery that fully charges in 3 hours.

Pawfit Gps Tracker Battery

On testing the product with normal usage, like using the live tracking and sound and light feature for 2 to 3 times a day on a regular basis, we found that the battery hardly lasted for 4 days. On low usage, it will last for a maximum of 7 to 10 days, which is still not much impressive.

Many of its competitors offer a great battery life. For example, one of our favorite Dog GPS Tracker Collars – the Whistle GO Explore and the Whistle Go Location have a battery life of 20, 20 days respectively, and a 10-day intense usage battery life. And how can we forget…? The MARCOPOLO Dog Monitoring Collar which has a 6 weeks battery timing with rechargeable batteries

With long battery life, you can constantly monitor your pet’s live location and activity for a longer period, which is useful when finding your lost pet as you can keep the live location tracking feature turned ON for non-stop hours without ever worrying about the tracker’s short battery life.

Design & Build Quality

The Pawfit 2 GPS & Activity Pet Tracker is small-size, lightweight, durable, compact, and waterproof. The device features a durable build quality with hardened ABS that is resistant to dog bites, knocks, and normal wear and tear. Its IPX8 element makes the device resistant to water, rain, splash, and dust.

Pawfit Gps Tracker Build Quality

[tie_list type=”checklist”]
  • IPX8 Water and Dust Resistance
  • Hardened ABS Shell
  • Anti-Drop and Anti-Bite
  • Resistant to wear and tear

Both the collar and the small plastic device with mirrored-frame on the front, have a sturdy construction and one can feel the “premiumness” of the build-quality when getting their hands on the product. The device easily attaches to the collar and locks tight in place (thanks to its secure locking mechanism) – thus making it impossible for the device to detach without manual human force.

Newly-Introduced Features

Something to like about Pawfit is that they keep on upgrading their products. Every year, we get to see dozens of additions and improvements in their products, which keeps them ahead of the competition and their products always technologically superior to others.

Gps Tracker Pawfit 2

Pawfit has introduced a host of NEW exciting features to its Pawfit 2 Pet GPS Tracker. Here are the new features that we discovered when recently testing the product.

Remote Voice Command

The built-in speaker of Pawfit 2 Tracker isn’t used for the alarm-playing purpose only, but also for remotely playing voice commands to your pet – even when the animal is out of sight. Using the Pawfit Voice option, you can record and save up to five voice commands of four seconds each. These audible commands can be triggered from your mobile via the Pawfit App.

This feature makes this GPS collar also ideal for training, as you can trigger your personalized audible commands from any location. Your pet will listen to your voice commands through the built-in speaker and respond to your action.

When testing this product, we noticed that there’s still room for improvement in this department. It would have been great if the tracker featured a 2-way built-in speaker or at least a larger memory space to record more than five voice messages as well as messages longer than four seconds.

Pawfit Walk

Pawfit Walk is a new feature introduced in the Pawfit Smartphone App. This latest update has made owning Pawfit GPS Tracker even more fun and useful for conscious dog/cat owners. The Pawfit Walk records the daily walk of your pet from one point to another – counting the steps, distance covered, average walking speed, duration as well as where your dog took a food and pee and poo break. Everything is accurately and clearly displayed on the map inside the Pawfit Smartphone App.

This feature is actually useful when you want to take notice of all the points where your dog loves to pee and poo, the areas it avoids, and the places where it stops to spend most of his entertaining time. The recorded activity can be shared with other Pawfit users and live customers, along with photos and videos of your dog captured during the walk.

This data is also useful to have at hand to show your vet. For example, if your furry friend does his business on the same spot every day, but you notice he hasn’t used that spot for the last couple of walks, or you notice abnormal walking patterns, you can look back at his day and check if you did something differently, or show the recorded activity history to the VET.

Upcoming Feature: Pawfit Echo

The team at Pawfit is currently working to develop a visionary project (the first of its kind) called the Pawfit Echo. This feature will allow pets to communicate with you in a whole new way, as you will be able to understand what your pet is trying to say – either your kitty is meowing for not feeling well or is it asking to go for a walk, and either your dog is barking due to hunger or is it calling you to play with.

Using the Pawfit Smartphone App & User-Friendliness

Pawfit Smartphone App

The Pawfit GPS & Fitness Tracker is operable via its smartphone application. The robust application combines digital activity monitoring, health monitoring, real-time live location tracking, and pet security and safety features — all at the touch of a screen.

The smartphone application is available for both iOS (compatible with Apple iOS 9.0 or later) and Android (compatible with Google Android 5.0 or later).

Being first-time users, we found no complications when using the smartphone app. Everything was properly arranged and clearly displayed on the screen. And even if you aren’t sure about anything, there’s a dedicated guide to help you get started with the application. There are no glitches whatsoever, and the company keeps on updating its application to prevent bugs, lags, crashes, and other alike issues commonly associated with smartphone applications.

Recently, Pawfit has introduced compatibility with Smart Watches as well. The Pawfit Smart Watch App contains all the important tracking and monitoring elements on the convenience of your wrist.

Final Comments by Our Editors:

The Pawfit GPS Tracker nicely attached to my kitty’s collar. The build-quality was strong and I am pretty confident that it can last for years with no cracks and wear and tear. However, my main concern is the tracker’s short battery life and the unavailability of other location tracking modes. You are limited to cellular GSM tracking only!
Minnie Johnas, PetsBeast
Minnie Johnas
I tested the Pawfit GPS Tracker on my dog. The device easily strapped onto my Labrador’s collar and stayed tightly secured in place. The location tracking was 99.99% accurate, and real-time tracking was instantly available on the Pawfit Smartphone App. Though the product is great in terms of dog location tracking, there’s considerable room for improvement in the battery-life department.
Nathan Carlton, PetsBeast
Nathan Carlton
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Pawfit GPS Tracker Review: Features Overview

The Pawfit GPS Tracker is the perfect solution for spying on your pet’s location in real-time and monitoring your pet’s fitness hassle-free. It is an All-in-One product that features functionalities more than simple location tracking such, thus providing you with minute-to-minute insight into your pet’s daily routine on a single touch of a screen. Here’s a round of all the cool and interesting features we found in Pawfit 2 Pet GPS Tracker.

[tie_slide] Real-Time Location Tracking: With coverage limited to Europe and North America, you know exactly where your pet is and what is your pet doing in real-time, even when sitting thousands of miles away from your pet. Real-time location tracking combined with sound alerts and built-in flashing light makes finding lost pets a lot easier. [/tie_slide]
[tie_slide] Tracking Mode: Pawfit 2 Tracker requires a cellular subscription plan for location tracking. You can purchase monthly, semi-annually, and yearly subscription plans for tracking activation. [/tie_slide]
[tie_slide] Activity Monitoring: Monitor your pet’s daily activity using the Activity Monitoring feature. Keep track of your pet’s daily activity trends – such as total active and rest hours, calories burned, and distance covered. Reward them when they accomplish their daily activity goal based on their breed, age, size, and weight. [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] Daily Walk Record: Keep a check on your pet’s daily walk patterns. Know which streets they like to roam in, where they like to stop for pee and poo, which areas they visit often, in which places they take a food break, and more. [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] Safety & Protection Alerts: With alerts, you receive instant notifications when your furry friend leaves any of your pre-defined zones. You also get alerts if the device is removed from the collar, or if the environmental temperature of the animal gets abnormal. [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] Audio ID Tag: The collar tag’s text-to-speech technology allows others to listen to important information such as the pet’s name and owner’s contact details. Not just valuable if an unknown person finds your lost pet, but also whose tracker is whose if you have multiple pets using Pawfit trackers. [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] Remote Voice Commands: Remotely send audible instructions to your pet when they are far away or out of sight. You don’t have to shout loud, as the pet will hear your instructions from the built-in speaker of the device. This makes this collar an ideal dog training collar as well. [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] Multi-Pet Management: Own multiple cats and dogs? No problem, as you can create and manage up to 4 pets using one Pawfit account. [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] 700 mAh Battery: The device charges to full in 2.5 hours and works for a maximum of 7 days on low usage. [/tie_slide] [tie_slide] Build Quality: Pawfit GPS Tracker features a durable, anti-drop, anti-bite, IPX8 waterproof, and dust resistant build quality. [/tie_slide]

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[tabs type=”horizontal”][tabs_head][tab_title] Specifications [/tab_title][tab_title] Box Contents [/tab_title][/tabs_head][tab]

Weight: 30g
Data communication: GPRS
Dust and waterproof rating: IPX8
Audio alarm: Speaker
Adverse condition alert:
Temperature sensor
Power on/ off, also used for audio ID
3-Axis accelerometer
Dimensions (main unit only):
Battery life:
Lasts up to 6 days
Battery life depends on use and signal strength
Operating temperature:
From-10 °C to +70 °C
Tricoloured LED
30 days to try. 18 month limited product warranty. Click here for more information.
  • 1x Pawfit 2
  • 1x Collar Attachment
  • 1x Collar Strap
  • 1x Charging Dock
  • 1x USB
  • 1x Quick Start Guide

Nathan Carlton

Nathan Carlton is an executive editor at PetsBeast.com. He is an avid dog lover and holds a degree in "Holistic Health & Puppy Care" from The British College of Canine Studies. He has been parenting dogs since age 10, when he developed a strong bond with his father's Bull Dog. Today, he has a German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever, who he calls Joani and Saga, respectively.