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Best Dog GPS Tracker for Real-Time Location Tracking & Position System: Cellular GSM, No Monthly Fee, No Subscription Plans

One of the most stressful things that can happen to a dog owner is for their beloved pup to run away or go missing. But today to ease our worries, we have DOG GPS Trackers that would help us to find our lost pooch as soon as possible.


What is a Dog GPS Tracker?

A Dog GPS Tracker is a navigation device, used to track the real-time location of pets. The GPS transmitter/collar worn by the dog transmits live satellite location signals to the receiver, from where the pet owner can track or record the live location of their pet and easily chase it.

How a GPS Tracker is Helpful?

Losing your pet dog can be a nightmare experience, especially if you live in a heavily crowded area. But you won’t have to dispatch those “Got Lost” flyers on street walls or share photos of your pup on social media and hope someone calls if your dog is equipped with the best GPS tracker activity monitor.

Available in different varieties and operational modes, these devices use 3G cellular, GPS, or radiofrequency technology to enable you to locate your lost dog that wanders away from its home.

Top 25 Best Dog GPS Trackers 2020

best dog GPS Trackers

Here we present you the 25 best Dog GPS Trackers to buy in 2020. The list has been compiled after a deep research on dog trackers, learning about the different types of technologies injected into these trackers, what people have to say about each of these products, how many functionalities does each of them have, and which ones are going to work best for a certain purpose.

Lost dog simulation tests are performed on each of these items, to comprehend their abilities to help locate a lost dog. Therefore, properly read this detailed buying guide to make a perfect purchase decision for buying a Puppy GPS Tracker.

1). Whistle GO Explore GPS Dog Tracker Collar & Activity Monitor (OUR NO.1 CHOICE)


We Love This Product Because:

    • The World’s Best Dog GPS Tracker
    • Unlimited Range
    • Real-Time Location Tracking
    • Real-Time Dog Activity Monitoring (licking, scratching, walking & sleeping)
    • Built-in LED FlashLight
    • 20-Days Extended Battery Life
    • Instant Alerts and Notifications
    • Health Monitoring w/ Wellness Report
    • Connected with the smartphone app
    • Rated IPX 8
    • Affordable Subscription Plans

The All-New Whistle Go Explore is hands down the world’s best Dog GPS tracker, as of yet. It’s an All-in-One “Subscription-Based” product that offers unparalleled dog tracking and monitoring activity in real-time, with unlimited range.

The subscription is offered in a monthly, yearly, or 2-yearly based plan – covering cellular data connection for GPS position tracking, proactive notifications, alerts, and more.

Either your dog is lost deep in the woods or has gone missing in a heavily-crowd metro, the Whistle GO Explore will instantly fetch its live location and display it on the smartphone application – all thanks to its technologically advanced cellular GPS technology.

Using the live Map facility on the app, you can also designate a safe zone for your dog. The moment, your dog leaves that safe zone, you will be alerted via the app.

Furthermore, the GPS Dog Tracker Collar comes equipped with a Beacon of Light, so that you can locate your dog in low light conditions as well. From the application settings on your phone, you can set the collar’s light to Flash or ON, and detect where your dog is hiding in the dark.

No worries about the GPS Tracker being turned off due to low charging, as the Whistle GO Explore 2020 comes with an extended battery life of 20 days. Charge it to full, and enjoy uninterrupted GPS tracking for this many days!

To further spruce up their game, Whistle GO Explore offers Dog Health Monitoring and insight into recommended food portions – based on your pet dog’s activity levels, weight, age, and breed.

To withstand the harsh weather conditions, the product comes equipped with IPX 8 Technology which makes it 100% resistant to water, dust, intrusions, and wear and tear from accidental contacts.

Overall, the Whistle GO Explorer is a perfect purchase decision for dog owners. The product enjoys its position of the best and top-rated item in this market, and the way Whistle GO is dealing with this market – is matchless!

2). Whistle Go Location & Health Tracker for Pet Dogs


We Love This Product Because:

    • Real-Time GPS Tracking with AT&T and Google Maps
    • Unlimited Range Detection
    • Activity Monitor
    • Health Tracker
    • Escape Alerts
    • Connected with Whistle smartphone app
    • Night LED FlashLight
    • Affordable Plans
    • Water-Resistant

The Whistle GO is the lite version of the Whistle GO Explore. A heavy-duty GPS Tracker, the Whistle GO comes equipped with lots of exciting features, which make it rank among the top best Pet GPS Collars of the current times.

On an affordable monthly or yearly plan, you get unlimited range real-time GPS Tracking with AT&T Network and Google Maps. No matter where your dog is, simply open the Whistle App on your phone and get live tracking of your dog.

Besides live tracking, the Whistle Go also displays your dog’s activity monitoring report showing how much distance your dog has traveled, and either it is walking, sleeping, licking or scratching itself right now.

Like the GO Explore model, the GO version also comes with a Health Tracker – showing wellness report of your dog. Other features include escape alerts, a night light, and 10 days intense usage battery life.

3). Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor


We Love This Product Because:

    • Real-Time Live Location Tracking
    • Live Activity Monitoring
    • Fast Application & Easy to Use
    • Bluetooth & WiFi Accessibility
    • Live Temperature Alerts
    • LED FlashLight
    • Sound Feature for Dog Training
    • USB Cable Charging
    • Sports & Leather Mode Styles
    • IP67 Rated

Equipped with the latest GPS location and activity level tracking facility, the Link AKC Smart Dog Collar gives tough competition to the Whistle Go family.

Connected by AT&T and Google Maps, the smart collar keeps Real-Time track of your dog’s activity, location, and so much more. Furthermore, it lets you track a lost dog via Bluetooth and WiFi. Keeping a tab on your dog could never have been this much easier before!

What makes Link AKC stand out in the crowd, are the extra perks which come with every package, like – health and vet records, escape alerts, live temperature alerts to see in how much hot or cold environment your dog is currently in, LED light to spot a dog in dark conditions, and special sound feature to use this collar as a Dog Training Collar as well.

The AKC Smart Dog Collar recharges using a simple USB Cable, and Yes… the product is fully waterproof!

4). Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker with Unlimited Range (BEST BUDGET PICK W/ LIVE-TRACKING FEATURE)


We Love This Product Because:

    • Extremely Affordable
    • Real-Time Live Location Tracking
    • Unlimited Range
    • Simple, Easy-to-Use
    • Advanced Smartphone Application
    • Keeps Track of Dog’s Footprints
    • Waterproof
    • Cheap Subscription Plans

Some Smart Dog Trackers focus on location, others on activity, and some do both. But the Austria-made Tractive 3G GPS is only geared towards the location.

With subscription plan starting as low as $4 per month, Tractive provides real-time location tracking, regardless of the range. Using the smartphone application, a user can define a safe zone with the virtual fence feature, and get an instant escape notification if their dog goes beyond the boundaries.

Apart from pinpointing the exact location of your dog, this GPS tracker also records the footprints of the dog and displays where your dog traveled moments ago, where it is now, and where it is heading towards.

The battery life is just normal, as users can expect a 5-days usage on a 2-hours full charge. Although this Dog GPS Location Tracker does not come with all those extra perks like LED light, Activity Monitoring, or Health Report – it does come with IPX7 Waterproof Technology.

Overall, the Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker is a simple and straightforward gadget that just focuses on your pet’s live-location tracking.



We Love This Product Because:

    • Bluetooth-based Location Tracking
    • Does not required cellular subscription
    • Free & Unlimited Usage
    • Location Tracking Range of 0.8 miles
    • Compatible with iOS & Android Devices
    • 6 to 9 Months Battery Life

The Smart Dog Tag by DOTT is a high-end premium Dog GPS Tracking device, that traces your dog’s location using Bluetooth connectivity. Simply get your dog wear the DOTT Tag; pair it via Bluetooth in your phone, and get real-time monitoring of your dog’s location.

The best part?

Simple Bluetooth Connectivity. No cellular subscriptions. No service plans. No monthly fees!

PLUS… the battery timing is longest in this league. The DOTT Tag works for 6 to 9 months, using a single CR2 Battery.

To further jazz up the GPS Tracking mechanism, DOTT Smart Dog Tracker also gives an insight into your dog’s daily footprints, potty breaks, and wellness reports.




We Love This Product Because:

    • Technologically-Advanced Dog GPS Tracker
    • Works without Internet
    • Works without Bluetooth
    • Works without Cellular Service
    • Real-Time Live Location Tracking
    • Real-Time Activity Monitoring
    • Works in No-Signal Areas
    • 6-Week Long Battery Life
    • Water-Resistant
    • Can Simultaneously Work with 3 Dogs
    • Strong Radar Tracking System with Deep Scanning
    • Set Pet Safety Zones

The MARCOPOLO Pet Tracking System is the most technologically-advanced gadget in this market – providing real-time Live location tracking your dog using its radar system. The device is unique in a way that it does not require internet, cellular service, Bluetooth, or monthly subscription plans to operate.

How does it work then?

It has a built-in heavy-duty radar system with unlimited range scanning. Get your pet wear the MARCOPOLO Collar Tag, and then you can view your pet’s live location on the Remote Controller panel’s digital display.

While looking for your lost pet, Marco Polo acts like a personal radar system, examining the encompassing zone as you move, even inside a close by homes, backyards, and buildings.

At the point when you are inside range, the tag on your dog’s collar will react to the handheld remote controller once at regular intervals, permitting the locator to home in on the specific location of the pet.

By following the directional arrows displayed on the remote’s digital screen and taking note of the signal quality being received from the dog’s neckline tag, you will be guided to your pet – regardless of whether they are on the moved or hidden somewhere deep into the dense forests!

The best Dog GPS Tracker on the market…

The MARCOPOLO Dog Collar Tracking Device is robust in nature, as it can simultaneously track record of up to 3 dogs and show separate live-location tracking of all the 3 dogs on a single hand-held remote controller.

The 6 weeks battery timing with rechargeable batteries and Water-Resistant mechanism – are other plus points of this Dog GPS Tracker.


7). Tile Pro 2020 Dog GPS Tracking System (W/ LONGEST BLUETOOTH RANGE & SOUND)


The Tile Pro 2020 is a loud-ringing tile that uses its highly-advanced 400 ft. Bluetooth range to locate lost pets. The seek and stylish tile can be attached to the dog’s collar. Using the Tile smartphone application, the user can ring the tile or see its live location on the map, and easily locate their pet.

Tile Pro is a complete package for someone, who wants to keep a tab on their dog’s live location activity without all those subscription plans or cellular services.

Key Features:

    • Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Works with no cell service
    • Loud beep tone
    • Easy to maintain
    • Waterproof
    • Can Pair with Alexa

8). Garmin 010-01486-10 T5 Mini GPS Collar

With an Amazon rating of 5-stars, the Garmin T5 is among the best Dog GPS Trackers on the market. Equipped with high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver, the Garmin T5 can track your lost dog’s live location up to 4 miles away!

The equipment comes with no monthly fees or subscription plans, and extremely easy to use. The pet’s location is reported live on Garmin’s compatible handheld device that comes with this package, plus, there’s a button to activate bright LED beacon lights on the dog’s collar – so that your dog can be easily spotted in low light conditions.


Key Features:

    • Works without cellular subscriptions
    • Works without Bluetooth, Internet or WiFi
    • Equipped with powerful GPS GLONASS receiver to send location signals
    • Tracking range of up to 4 miles
    • LED beacon lights on the collar
    • Easy to mount, Easy to use
    • Long battery life




Some Dog Collars are efficient in location tracking, others can monitor real-time activity, but the Garmin TT 15 model is a combination of all those features – an All-in-one Dog Collar that comes equipped with live location tracking, activity monitoring, and dog training modes.

Using it’s powerful GPS/GLONASS receiver, Garmin TT15 instantly fetches your dog’s location within a range of 9 miles and displays real-time tracking on the handheld remote device.

Furthermore, the collar comes equipped with 3-different Training Stimulation Modes – Vibration, Shock, and Beep/Tone – with adjustable levels and continuous or momentary stimulations.

LED Beacon Lights, Waterproof Resistance, and Ergonomic design – are some other special attributes, which make Garmin TT 15 a hot choice for pet owners!

Key Features:

    • An All-in-One Dog Collar with lots of Features
    • Works without Cellular Service or Plans
    • Works without Internet and Bluetooth
    • Equipped with a high-range Signal Antenna
    • Trace Location up to 9 miles range
    • Offers Triple Dog Training Modes with Adjustable Stimulation
    • Provides Real-Time Tracking & Activity Monitoring
    • LED Beacon Lights
    • Waterproof Resistance
    • Ergonomic Design

10). PetFon Real Time Dog GPS Tracking Device with No Monthly Fees


Petfon GPS tracker features GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and wireless technologies for exact real-time positioning. The little, sturdy, and rainproof gadget permits you to follow your pet’s movement and pinpoint his/her location.

The device is very easy to use. Simply download the Petfon application and adhere to the directions. With the application, you can see your pet’s movements, keep on a tab on your dog’s footprints, and pinpoint his area whenever.

The implanted high-gain, laser cutting radio wire intensifies signal, making it equipped for following extends up to 0.65 miles in downtown/thick space and 3.5 miles in an open environment.

With Petfon GPS tracker clients can also set a protected region around their pet’s area and get informed in a flash if their pet leaves that safe zone. You can also flash the LED lights on the GPS tracker to find your pet all the more effectively in low light.

Voice orders can be recorded and put away on the tracker to speak with your pets remotely. The speaker on Petfon Tracker radiates up to 70 decibels of sound.

Overall, it’s a great product that provides live location tracking of your dog without cellular service or subscription plans. Buy it once, and use it for free forever!

Key Features:

    • Real-Time Tracking
    • No Monthly Fee
    • Long Distance Tracking
    • Rainproof
    • Geofencing
    • LED Beacon Lights
    • Customizable Voice Commands
    • Sound & Light Alarms
    • Escape Alert


11). Garmin Astro 430/T 5 Dog GPS Tracker for Multiple Dogs


Have multiple furry friends in your kennel? The Garmin Astro 430 T5 is the ultimate best option for you. This robust pet tracking device can track up to 20 dogs at a time with real-time position tracking for every one of the dogs.

The mechanism works using Garmin’s powerful signal transmitters and receivers and requires no internet, Bluetooth, or monthly cellular subscription plans. With GPS/GLONASS satellite reception technology, the Garmin Astro can quickly fetch your lost pup’s live location within a range of 9 miles.

The exact locations are pinpointed on the LCD of the Garmin handheld remote controller device, with directions for the user to follow.

Furthermore, the Astro T5 model sports hunting features – which make it an ideal Dog GPS Tracker for hunting as well. The device shows hunt metrics like distance traveled, time afield, and more.

Key Features:

    • Can Track Up to 20 Dogs at a time
    • Works without Cellular Service Plans
    • Comes with preloaded topo U.S. 100K mapping
    • Free 1-year birdseye satellite imagery subscription
    • Hunt metrics
    • Real-Time Exact Positioning

12). Dogtra Pathfinder TRX Waterproof Dog GPS Tracker with App

The Dogtra Pathfinder is unique in its league in a way that it provides pet tracking to the accurate levels – all thanks to its 2-second GPS Rate. Working without any subscription plan, the Dogtra also comes equipped with offline maps, so that user can locate their lost pet dog without an internet connection.

Key Features:

    • No monthly fee required
    • 100% free to use
    • 2-second GPS rate
    • Accurate Location Tracking
    • Real-Time Dog Positioning
    • Offline Maps + Zoomable
    • Resistant to Water, Dust, Wear and Tear
    • Available in a variety of colors

13). Pssopp Anti-Lost 2G Dog Tracking GPS Collar

Pssopp is an Anti-Lost Dog Tracking Collar that uses cellular service to track a pet’s location. The collar needs to be connected with the Pssopp smartphone application, after which you can use it to trace your dog’s location within a range of 100 to 5000 meters.

With remote radio and voice call, your pet can be controlled in the field of vision. And the 120h backup time with low battery update work guarantees long reserve time and you won’t lose contact with your pet.

Key Features:

    • Advanced Tracking Mode with up to 5000 Meters Range
    • Tracks & Monitors Dog’s Activity
    • IPX7 Waterproof Technology
    • Voice Call Feature
    • Proactive Alerts

14). New Pawfit 2 GPS Tracker with Sim Card

The New Pawfit 2 is a brilliant addition in the market, providing highly-accurate real-time positioning of the pet – all with the power of sim card cellular technology, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth. With monthly subscription as low as $4, dog owners can track their furry friend’s live location anywhere in Europe and North America.

Furthermore, the device is injected with extra perks like daily steps, distance covered, calories burned, active hours, rest hours, health conditions, and more. Read our detailed review of Pawfit 2 GPS Tracker here.

Key Features:

    • Unlimited Location Tracking Range
    • Real-Time Live Location Tracing
    • Instant Results
    • Dog Activity Monitoring
    • IP68 Waterproof
    • Dust Resistant
    • Anti-Drop
    • Anti-Bite
    • 6 Days Battery Life (Rechargeable)
    • User-Friendly Phone App
    • Works throughout Europe and North America
    • Affordable Monthly Subscription Fee

15). Zeerkeer Puppy GPS Tracker Collar with Sim Card & Live Tracking

What makes Zeerkeer stand out in the list of 25 best dog GPS trackers, is that it can be used in more than 150 countries around the globe. Working with a sim card, Zeerkeer is capable of providing Real-Time location tracking with 100% accurate results.

Key Features:

    • Wifi+GPS+LBS Position System
    • Displays Tracking Results on Phone App
    • Two-Way Calling Function
    • IP65 Waterproof
    • Virtual Fence creator w/ Safe Zones
    • SOS Alarm Function

16). MCL Pet Tracker Collar with Indicator GSM Signal & Remote Intercom Voice

The MCLSeller is an adjustable pet tracking collar that provides accurate positioning, indoor and outdoor, with strong GSM signals – that are not obstructed by objects or buildings. This way, you are ensured of exact real-time location results in an instant. Plus, there’s a two-way remote intercom, which lets the pet owner communicate with their furry friend in real-time.

Key Features:

    • Affordable Product
    • Strong GSM Signals
    • Accurate Positioning
    • Real-Time Tracking
    • IP67 Waterproof
    • Alarm Reminder

17). PAJ GPS Live Petfinder Tracker for Dogs

PAJ is a completely care-free GPS tracker for pet pups and kittens. Due to its integrated M2M Sim Card, a user does not need to do anything – simply register online and get your dog covered by PAJ live location tracking system. With monthly subscription as low as $5, the PAJ GPS works in over 130 countries.

Key Features:

    • Integrated SIM Card
    • Care-free product
    • Alerts
    • Route Tracking
    • Geo-Fencing
    • Waterproof & Dust Resistant
    • Ergonomic Build Quality
    • Easy to Carry by the Pet
    • Live & Real-Time Tracking
    • Economical Subscription Plans

18). Simmotrade TKSTAR 911 GPS Tracker for Hunting Dogs

Simmotrade is a strong GPS tracker with live positioning result and a highly-specialized tracking system for pets. With its GEO fencing technology, instant SMS alerts are raised the moment your pet leaves the zone.

The GPS locator has a 500 mAh battery for 200 hours of reserve time. It provides Live Location Tracking to display the position on Google maps – either on the phone or online web-based portal.

The tracker is ergonomically small and best for all sized dogs. The tracker also has an exceptionally strong build quality and is in this manner appropriate for hunting hounds.

Key Features:

    • Strong Build Quality
    • Real-Time Location Tracking
    • Sim Card Activated by the Company
    • Long Battery Life
    • View Exact Position on Google Maps (Desktop or Smartphone)
    • Waterproof

19). Kippy EVO GPS & Activity Monitor for Dogs

The Kippy EVO ranks among the top best Dog GPS Trackers to buy in 2020. With top-star rating and lots of positive reviews by the user, Kippy EVO works like a charm. Weighing only 38 grams, the gadget traces your dog’s location using Bluetooth, WiFi, and integrated GPS and GSM technologies – across Europe, India, South Africa, and Turkey.

Key Features:

    • Extremely Lightweight
    • 100% Accurate to-the-point location tracing
    • Activity Monitoring
    • Health Monitoring w/ Wellness Report
    • Virtual Fence Tool
    • Virtual Leash Tool
    • Alarm Notifications
    • Built-in LED Torch on the Collar
    • Waterproof

20). MegaState Mini Waterproof Dog GPS Tracker

A small-yet-robust, sim-operated Dog GPS Tracker that delivers more than it promises. The Anti-Lost Dog Tracker device works with any 2G GSM sim, and have the efficiency to track real-time location via its MegaState iPhone and Android application.

Key Features:

    • Lightweight Design
    • Real-Time Location Tracking
    • Unlimited Range
    • Works with any 2G GSM sim
    • Waterproof

21). Kingneed Anti-Theft GPS Dog Tracker


Get real-time live tracking results with 2G sim operated Kingneed Dog Tracker. The package comes with a pre-activated GSM sim card and 18 MB data for user-testing.

Key Features:

    • Real-Time Location Tracking
    • Preactivated Sim
    • Waterproof
    • Dog Anti-Theft management

22). goTele Anti-Theft Dog GPS Tracker with No Network & Zero Monthly Fee


A newly launched product that offers more than your expectations. The tracker delivers real-time live location tracking without any GSM sim or monthly subscription plan – all thanks to its strong signal transmission system. A worth buying Dog GPS Tracker in 2020!

Key Features:

    • Real-Time Positioning
    • 3-5 Km Range
    • Compatible with iOS & Android Devices
    • Package includes 2 GPS Trackers
    • Monitor your furry friend anywhere, anytime
    • No Monthly Fee, No Sim Card, No Network Required
    • Solid Design – Resistant to dust, water, knocks, and dog bite

23). BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker

With two-way sound and location tracking, the BLACK+DECKER Smart is the best and cheapest Dog Collar in 2020. It features an accurate GPS framework, allowing you to see where your dog is, you’re your dog is doing, and what courses they’ve taken that day utilizing a basic application on your cell phone. This GPS tracker also permits you to set up safety zones and sends instant alarms if your canine leaves the zone.

This neckline is also water safe in up to three feet of water and is resistant to knocks and bumps. Furthermore, it includes an OLED display that keeps your pooch’s name and your contact data should your pup get lost. A message can likewise be shown on the dog’s collar display screen for strangers.

Key Features:

    • Accurate GPS Tracking
    • Zone Geofencing
    • Activity Tracking
    • Dog Tag Display (OLED)
    • 2-Way Audio Connectivity

24). GIBI 2nd Generation DOG GPS Locator

The second-generation model of GIBI dog GPS locator is a very well functioned device that does its job brilliantly. The GSM-based device provides instant location tracking. Furthermore, the company’s partnership with Google Maps – ensures convenience in finding a lost pet.

Key Features:

    • Quick Location Tracking
    • Real-Time Activity Status
    • IP67 Waterproof Design
    • Long Battery Life
    • Google Maps Integration
    • Compatible with iOS & Android App
    • Compatible with PC
    • Provides Safe Zone Alerts

25). Tristar Hangang Pet GPS Tracker for Dog

Equipped with world-class GPS tracking innovation, the All-New Tristar Hangag Collar is a brilliant addition in the market, providing highly-accurate real-time positioning of pet dogs – all with the power of cellular technology, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth. With monthly subscription as low as $5, dog owners can track their pup’s live location anywhere, anytime.

Key Features:

    • Unlimited Tracking Range
    • 1000mAh Li-ion Battery
    • Linked to Google Maps
    • Free App and Web Tracking Portal
    • Lightweight & Adjustable
    • Ergonomic Design
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