Collars & Leashes

Collars and Leashes are on the most important pet supplies, especially in households where there are dogs. Used for correcting dog behaviors, controlling, training, and even communicating with them – leashes and collars present a vital role in every pet parent’s journey with their furry friend.

Training collars and leashes is a pet accessory that will proceed to exist and stay applicable for a long time to come. Today those simple, old collars have been replaced with the latest ones that come equipped with control assistant technology and stimuli modes to assist in pet training, correcting their behaviors, and even communicate with them. They have given pet owners more confidence when taking their four-legged animal for walk without any fear of the animal running away.

Types of Collars and Leashes

Training Collars – a neckline collar that comes equipped with different stimuli modes to assist in pet training. These collars make multiple stimuli like shock, vibration, sound, spray, and scent - each of which is manually activated using a remote-control device by the owner to target their pet's behavior and enforce them to quit doing an inappropriate action. The pet instantly reacts to the stimuli, and once it stops doing that inappropriate thing, the stimuli is turned off.

GPS Collars – a location tracking collar that tracks the real-time, live location of your pet and transmits signals to the receiver or smartphone, from where the pet owner can determine the real-time location of their pet and easily chase it. GPS collars come both with and without GSM cellular plans. Here is list of best dog gps trackers.

Anti-Pulling Leashes – best suited for those who take their pet dogs or cats for long walks, but want to avoid unnecessary pulling and jumping. These collars provide delicate correction for the pet - tightening around its neck and then immediately releasing, without causing any discomfort or choke.

Simply strap it around your pet’s neck, and a light pull will remind your pet to not to pull away, hope or misbehave. There’s no excruciating strain to the animal's throat or head — only a delicate redirection of their attention.

Benefits of Buying a Collar & Leash for Your Pet

When owning a pet dog or cat, it’s important to have it leashed and collared. Not only does it give you full control over your pet’s movement, but it also protects other people or animals from being harmed by your pet and makes you abide by the ‘Community Leash Laws’.

They Aid Pet Training…

Collars and Leashes are of great use, especially when it comes to training your pet. With the help of these pet supplies, you can guide untrained dogs or cats, draw their attention, control them from misbehaving, teach them stunts, teach them good manners, prevent them from unnecessary jumping, and give them proper “GO-STOP, SIT-STAND” training.

They Aid Behavioral Correction…

Using the latest training collars and leashes, you can actually correct your pet’s behavior and make it understand what is right and what is wrong for him.

Featuring stimuli modes, these collars are operated using a remote-control device that transmits signals to the collar receiver on a simple press of a button and make the pet feel sensations like vibrate, shock, or listen to a warning beep. These collars and leashes are found to be effective against excessive barking and bad behaviors.

They Are For Safety Purpose…

Pet leashes are there for the safety of both your pet and the community. Even if your pet is well-behaved, there are times when something unexpected could happen when you take it for a walk. For example, it may hurt an innocent stranger, may run and chase someone, may run towards heavy trafficked road, or get into a dangerous fight with other animals around. Therefore, with a leash you have your pet in your complete control, thus ensuring both your pet and community’s safety.

They Help Identify or Locate A Lost Pet…

It's an identification tool, symbolizing that the pet has a owner and it is not a stray dog or cat. If your furry friend gets separate from you, the tag on him can assist somebody with taking him back to you. In a perfect world, the tag on your pet's neckline must include the pet's name, your location, and your telephone number or the residence address.

If your pet participates in competitions, a collar or leash will help recognize him among many other similar looking pets or breeds.

What is the best collar and leash size for my pet?

Measure the girth and neck size of your pet, but it is recommended that you purchase collar or leash with adjustable tightness so that there are no chances of your pet getting chocked.

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