As pet parents, we are always on the lookout for the perfect toys to keep our dogs entertained and healthy. One such toy is the ChuckIt! Ultra Ball Dog Toy. This high bounce, floating rubber dog ball is designed specifically for the game of fetch and is compatible with ChuckIt! launchers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features of this toy and share some customer reviews to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your pet.

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball Dog Toy Review

Features and Benefits:

  1. Ultra Bounce Ball:

The ChuckIt! Ultra Ball offers high bounce, buoyancy, visibility, and durability. It can be used in water and is specifically designed for the game of fetch, making it a great choice for pet parents and their dogs who love outdoor play.

  1. Natural and Durable:

Featuring an extra-thick natural rubber core, these tough dog toys are durable for long-term use. Customers have reported that these balls last much longer than tennis balls, making them a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

  1. High-Visibility Colors:

The orange and blue design means pets and pet parents can easily spot the bright ball during outdoor play. This high visibility ensures that you won’t lose the ball in grass or water, as can happen with regular tennis balls.

  1. Easy to Clean:

The smooth, rubber surface of the ChuckIt! Ultra Ball resists mess and allows pet parents to easily wash off dirt or slobber. This feature ensures that the toy stays hygienic and safe for your dog.

  1. Compatible with ChuckIt! Launchers:

These medium-sized balls are compatible with ChuckIt! launchers, allowing you to throw the ball further with less effort. This feature adds an extra level of fun and excitement for both you and your dog during fetch sessions.

My Reviews:

I use a Chukit ball on a daily basis as a retrieval tool for my GSP. Each Ball lasts about 6 months before it splits and is the ideal size to use in a ball launcher as well. All in all, great value for money compared to Tennis balls or something similar, more importantly, though they are dog friendly and, to my mind, represent good value for money compared to any of their similar or overpriced rivals.

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Customer Reviews:

One more customer highly recommends the ChuckIt! Ultra Ball, stating: “These are much more sturdy, very bouncy too. We use them for indoor play, especially when it’s wet, and we can’t get out. Highly recommend, after a bad batch of the squeaker ones, I’ll just buy these from now on!”

Another happy customer shares: “These balls are fantastic, durable and bounce really well. They fit into a throwing stick if you get the medium ones, good in water, good on sand, good on grass, and the color stands out well. A little expensive compared to tennis balls, but last so much longer.


The ChuckIt! Ultra Ball Dog Toy offers a durable, high-bounce, and highly visible fetch experience for your dog. With its natural rubber core and compatibility with ChuckIt! launchers, this toy provides endless entertainment for both you and your pet. Based on the positive customer reviews, it’s clear that the ChuckIt! Ultra Ball is a great investment for pet parents looking to give their dogs a fun and engaging outdoor or indoor playtime.

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