Over the world, the number of overweight cats is increasing. like humans, over-weighed cats have trouble in moving as well. Not just that but also several other health problems that affect their lifestyle. And as you know that overweight cats aren’t active which just adds in their calories making them fatter. So, it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that their cat is healthy and active. If you think that your cat is getting fat, then you should try a diet food for them.Diet Cat Food

The following are the top 10 best diet cat foods.

Best Choices



Best nutritional cat food

Hill’s wet cat food


best hairball control cat diet food

IAMS weight & hairball control


Best food with real chicken

BLUE BUFFALO’S protein cat food


Best weight management diet cat food

Hill’s weight management diet cat food


Best grain-free cat diet food

Instinct’s grain-free cat food


Best priced canned cat food

Purina pro’s weight management wet cat food


Best low carbohydrate cat food

Purina’s health management diet cat food


Best priced food

Royal Canin’s weight gain cat food


Best portioned food

Sheba’s portioned variety packs


Best highly digestive cat food

Royal Canin’s easy digestion food


Let’s dive further deeper into the detailed reviews of best cat diet foods so that you can learn more about their ingredients and cat health and their pros and cons.

Top 10 Best Cat Diet Food


Hill’s cat food helps your cat to maintain lean muscles. The canned dietary cat food also contains antioxidants which don’t let oxidation take place. Oxidation is a chemical chain reaction in the body that damages the cells. The food also vitamin C and vitamin E to strengthen the cat’s immune system.ir?t=petsbeast 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B002Z9LHK6

It is made with natural ingredients and each can contain about 147 kcal. It is manufactured in the US using high-quality ingredients from around the world. according to Hills, this diet cat is no. 1 recommended by the Veterinarian.

Key Features:

  • Protein concentrated
  • Contains antioxidants, vitamin, and minerals
  • Natural ingredients

IAMS dry cat food for indoor cat comes in a 16 lb packing. This best diet of cat food focuses on weight and hairball problems. It is made with chicken and turkey. Chicken is the most highly concentrated ingredient in this protein-rich cat food. It helps in the growth and maintenance of lean muscles to provide energy for your cat to play around.

The formulation consists of l-carnitine. Carnitine is a chemical compound that improves metabolism. This helps your cat to lose weight if its overweight and to maintain weight, depending on the serving size. If you want your cat to lose weight, then serve 1 cup, and if you wish to maintain the current weight then 11/4 cup.

A high-quality fiber blend with beet pulp helps in reducing the hairballs even before they start. Along with being a great weight loss diet cat food, this makes it an amazing hairball control food too. this product has 10% less fat as compared to IAMS Healthy adult original with chicken, so your cat can enjoy a high-quality protein meal.

Key Features:

  • Weight and hairball control
  • Made with chicken and turkey
  • Rich in proteins
  • Contains l-carnitine

This 11 lb bag of Blue Buffalo best diet cat food for indoor cats is made to brighten up your cat’s mood. It contains real chicken that is loved by every cat. Chicken is a great source of lean protein; this cat food maintains your cat’s weight by increasing muscle mass as the fat percentage goes down. It is specially made to meet the requirements of an indoor cat to maintain a healthy weight. This grain-free cat food improves the digestive system of your cat. There are no grains with gluten added to this feed.

A carefully supervised blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals carefully selected by a group of professional veterinarians and animal nutritionists to strengthen the immune system of your cat. This will enhance the life quality of your cat and maintain a balanced diet. The nutritional contents are calculated for a healthy indoor cat.

BLUE’s cat food is made for the health and well-being of your adult cat. The food is further improved with vitamins and minerals. There are no by-products of chicken added to the food, like corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives. It is made with the finest natural materials and contains BLUE’s exclusive LifeSource Bits.

Key Features:

  • High protein level
  • Contains real chicken
  • Increase muscle mass
  • No grains
  • Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • For indoor cats
  • contains BLUE’s exclusive LifeSource Bits.

After using this Hills cat food, over 70 percent of the cats showed weight loss within the first 10 weeks of this diet. This diet food for overweight cats has proven to be a breakthrough in weight loss for adult cats. It reduces the fat and strengthens the lean muscles and controls the weight throughout. There are an estimated 3410 calories per kilogram (300 calories per cup).

There are a few flavors to choose from to your cat’s liking, roasted vegetable, and chicken medley. These delicious flavors will be craved by your cat. This whole diet is solely made with the best natural ingredients from around the world. This cat food made in the US; according to Hills it is no.1 recommended by the Veterinarian.

Key Features:

  • Results in the first 10 weeks
  • Reduces fat
  • Flavors: roasted vegetable and a chicken medley

Instinct’s grain-free cat food is made especially for cats with food sensitivities. There are no grains put into this diet, no grain, dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, sweet potato, potato, chickpeas, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, or preservatives. It is made with one protein and one vegetable that is proven very healthy for cats.

Made for cats with food allergies. This best

diet cat food is made limited items that are simple farm-raised rabbits. Their proteins are easily digestible by the cat. It also provides all essential types of amino acids. This cat food is made with special care. Each kibble is firmly coated in the tasty ingredients that are loved by all the cats and kittens.

The cat food is formulated in a way to conserve the nutrition of raw ingredients that are all-powerful. It is minimally processed and made in the US with the finest materials from around the world.

Key Features:

  • For cats with food sensitivity
  • No grains
  • The meat of farm-raised rabbits
  • Nutrients of raw
  • Made in the US

There are 24 cans of 3 oz. each. The pull-top can are easy to use. This cheapest diet cat food focuses on the weight management of your cat. It contains real turkey and rice entrée as main components.

The high protein levels of food aids in weight loss for the cat. Along with fat loss, it develops and grows the muscles to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your cat. At an average, each can contain about 79 kcal and so there is about 928 kcal per kilogram.

This best diet wet cat food for overweight cats doesn’t only focus on the proteins. There are also all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals those help in maintaining the overall body weight and health of your cat. It provides balanced nutrition needed by an average adult cat.

Key Features:

  • Contains real turkey and rice entrée
  • High protein levels
  • 79 kcal per can
  • Contain all nutrients

This cat food by Purina comes in a 6 lb packing. It has a high protein level to improve muscle growth and increase your cat’s weight. The carbohydrate content is low which is beneficial to control the blood glucose level. This way your cat won’t gather excessive fats. This cat food is formulated to make sure that your cat’s urinary system stays healthy. It inhibits the growth of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals in the urinary tract which cause pain and unbearable discomfort to your cat.

It also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which have high nutritional values. In addition to all that this cat food has high levels of antioxidants. They don’t let oxidation take place. Oxidation is a chemical process that causes several chain reactions, damaging the cells in the body.

Key Features:

  • 6 lb packing
  • High protein level
  • Low carbs
  • It inhibits the growth of struvite and calcium oxalate crystals
  • Contain essential nutrients

Royal Canin’s dry weight gain cat food is specially made for cats whose weight is lower than any healthy cat. It is made for older cats age one and above. To maintain a healthy balanced weight, the food is made so it helps in muscle gain and reduces the body fat up to 33%. All ingredients are carefully composed in a way that fulfills the hunger of your cat, there are fibers in it that make the cat feel fuller.

Highly digestive proteins are added in the ingredients those help in quick efficient muscle growth and provide energy to your beloved cat so that it can properly play and enjoy its life to the fullest and this makes it the best diet cat food. Not just that, L-carnitine is added in it which makes the metabolism rate faster. This help in proper digestion and maintaining an ideal balanced weight.

Key Features:

  • To gain weight
  • For age 1 and above
  • Muscle gain
  • Highly digestive proteins
  • Contains L-carnitine

This cat food contains 24 twin packs of 2.6 ounces serving each. (48 servings all together) Sheba ideal serving size for a cat. There are 3 flavors in this pack. 12 roasted chicken, 6 gourmet salmon entrée, and 6 tender turkey entrées.

Natural proteins are used to make this along with all essential vitamins and minerals that play an important part in their health maintenance and growth of kittens. The deliciously soft and one of the best diet cat food made without the use of any grains like wheat, corn, or soy which aren’t good for cats.

Your cat will fall in love with the taste of Sheba cat food and the best part is that because of having separate servings there won’t be any mess to clean up later. The serving will be fresh as ever, just peel off the wrapper and serve the cat with some delicious food.

Key Features:

  • 24 twin packs
  • 3 flavors, roasted chicken, gourmet salmon entrée, tender turkey entrées.
  • Made with natural proteins
  • No grains

This is also another best diet cat food is carefully formulated for cats who have rather sensitive stomachs and problems digesting food. Thin slices of food are added in wet gravy. It is only suitable for cats age 1 and above. The highly digestible proteins put in it makes it easier for your cat to digest all the nutrients properly, these nutrients are important for healthy growth. This also decreases the bad odor from their stool.

The careful blend of nutrient contents helps make sure that that your cat maintain an ideal weight. The balanced mix of vitamins and minerals are added to make sure your cat stays healthy. This is the perfect product for you if your cat is facing problems digesting regular food.

Key Features:

  • For cats with sensitive stomachs
  • For age 1 or above
  • Highly digestible proteins
  • Decrease bad odor from stool
  • Maintain body weight

Why Purchase Cat Diet Food Product?

Over the world, the number of overweight cats is increasing. like humans overweight cats have trouble in moving as well. Not just that but also several other health problems that affect their lifestyle. And as you know that overweight cats aren’t active which just adds in their calories making them fatter. So, it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that their cat is healthy and active. If you think that your cat is getting fat, then you should try a diet food for them.

I f you see any problems with your cat’s normal behavior then it is always ideal to get it checked by a vet and eliminate any possible risks as it might be some other illness. If it’s confirmed that your cat is facing obesity, then the best diet cat food is the best way to go. Choose one from the very best handpicked best diet cat foods from the list above

Special Features Of the Cat Diet Food

Diet cat food should do several things well. Here is what you should be looking for while choosing the best diet cat food for your cat:


Even though dietary cat food should contain fewer calories, the number of nutrients should be the same. being on a diet doesn’t mean that the cat requires fewer nutrients. In several cases, this reverse is true. It is essential to choose a cat food rich in nutrients as the cat is already eating less than before.


Like human beings many of the diet meals, many best diet cat foods can be unappetizing too. if your cat doesn’t eat the diet food it isn’t going to be good for it In the long run. So, it is essential to choose a cat food that is at least a little tasty.

Healthy ingredients:

It is much better to use healthy natural ingredients than artificial ones for diet food. Several times the diet food will become calorie deficit and fulfill the nutrient demand by using artificial products. It is highly recommended to see the ingredient on the back of the pack to make sure that you are picking up a premium product.


How many times a day should I feed my cat?

It might depend on the health of your cat but an average, a kitten should be fed up to three times a day, once a cat becomes an adult (at about one year of age) feeding or twice a day is just fine. Another approach you can try is to place the food in the bowl and just leave it there. Whenever the cats feel hungry it’ll consume a few biscuits and get back to playing.

What is the best diet cat food?

In a diet cat food, the number of calories is less than the usual feeds. However, other nutritional values are the same as vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. there are several types of dietary cat foods. To lose weight, to gain weight, controlling hairballs, and body odor.

How do I know if my cat is overweight?

Different species of cats have different average body weights so only a vet can say for sure if your cat is overweight or not. However, there are a few things you can look for to have an idea of whether it’s time to purchase diet cat food or not. Starting with the appearance of your cat. Look for excessive gathered fat on the body. You’ll also observe that your cat is getting lazier which would be because of overweight as the cat will find it difficult to move around.

How can I make my indoor cat lose weight?

Indoor cats are relatively lazier than stray/outdoor cats, so your best approach is adopting a diet cat food. The best diet cat food is low on calories, but the rest of the nutrient values remain the same. Not just diet but also play with your cat more often to make it exercise, chase the laser, or a ball, anything that makes him run here and there. This is the best and easiest way to shed those pounds. You will see your cat’s health improving in very little time.

How can I switch my cat’s food to diet food?

Start by mixing small amounts of diet food to the food it is currently consuming. Gradually increase the portions of the diet food. Over the week you should be able to switch completely. If you switch instantly then the cat might reject it and start losing nutrients. Also, choose a flavor of your cats liking so it can be easier to switch to that.

Do cats get bored with eating the same food every day?

Just like humans, cats and dogs get bored with eating the same food day in and day out… Cats and dogs that eat the same food for an extended period often develop allergies to one or more of the ingredients in their food. changing their diet prevents the body from being overexposed to potential allergens.

Is it OK for cats to drink tap water?

The minerals in tap water (calcium, magnesium, and iron) shouldn’t lead to any health issues. However, some veterinarians do advise against giving cats and dogs untreated tap water, and that’s not because of the minerals. There’s the potential threat for other contaminants in the unfiltered tap water as well. So, it is a safer approach to use filtered water and keep your cat healthy.

What can I make my cat more active?

To make your cat more active, play games with it. Make it chase a ball, a toy mouse, a laser light. Play with it using a feather. There are tons of cat toys available.

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