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Are British Shorthair Cats Hypoallergenic?

Learning if British Shorthair Cats are Hypoallergenic or not? Latest 2021Study by Feline Health Care Expert [Dr. Halime Bamsi]

British Shorthair Cats Hypoallergenic

Many BSH lovers ask, “ Are the British Shorthair hypoallergenic?”

The answer to this question will drop down many jaws but unfortunately, the British Shorthair is not hypoallergenic.

Not only British Shorthair, but no cat breed is completely hypoallergenic. The allergic effect of one can breed can differ from the other breed, but all of them are one way or the other, non-hypoallergenic.

If you have been thinking that British shorthair is hypoallergenic, you must have been following a myth, gone viral on social media.

The British Shorthair is also one of the cute and fluffy cats with a short and dense coat. This coat gives them an adorable look. This short coat is easy to groom and maintain and most people think that this cat breed is hypoallergenic.

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Myths about British Shorthair being Hypoallergenic

All the cat breeds are not hypoallergenic. It means that they contain allergens that can cause allergic reactions to the people who are sensitive and allergic to cats. These sensitive people when come in contact with a cat breed, they start showing symptoms of allergy like coughing, sneezing, breathing difficulty, and vomiting.

People have been assuming for a long time that the British Shorthair has a short, dense, and clean coat thus they are hypoallergenic. It is not good news to reveal but the British shorthair is not hypoallergenic and this is just a myth.

British shorthair is just as same as the other cat breeds. The fur or coat or this cat breed also contains the same kind of allergens that bother those sensitive people.

This myth that British Shorthair is hypoallergenic is not very old. It originated from a company that aimed to introduce a genetically hypoallergenic cat breed. The first sample breed they took for testing was the British shorthair. It is not certain whether the experiment got successful or not, but this myth started spreading like a fire that British shorthair is a hypoallergenic cat breed.

It was also very easy to circulate and believe in this myth because a British shorthair possesses a very clean, tidy, dense, and short coat which can be easily assumed as being hypoallergenic.

How do the British Shorthairs become allergic?

The British shorthair cats have a short and dense coat which is self-grooming. Cats have an instinct to clean their body now and then. When the cats like British shorthair clean up their bodies, their dander and saliva contain allergens that are transferred into their fur and start breeding there.

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How do allergens spread allergic reactions?

The main cause of the spread of allergy is a protein on the bodies of these allergens. The protein is called Fel D1. It is a very strong and stable kind of protein that does not break easily. When the sensitive and allergic people hold the British shorthairs, pat the, or brush their coat, this protein gets into their body and results in allergic reactions.

So, this point makes one thing clear that the people are not allergic to cats, but the proteins carried by their fur. All the cat’s fur contains this protein and this is a naturally occurring process. There is nothing that can be done to remove this protein from its fur.

How can you protect yourself from these allergic reactions?

No one can stop the natural existence of the allergens or the protein they carry. There is one thing that is possible and applicable. You can try to reduce the number of allergens to a certain level where they stop bothering you.

Allergens do spread allergic reactions but only when they reach a certain amount or number. You can protect yourself from these allergies if you start taking protection against them before they get too much in number.

You can try the following few ways that can work as a protective shield for you against the allergens.

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Are there any Hypoallergenic Cats available?

There are also many misconceptions about the hypoallergenic cats. Like British Shorthair, many people think that cats with a short coat are hypoallergenic or at least, less-allergic. About the bald cats like Sphynx, people assume that as they do not have a coat, they are completely hypoallergenic. All such concepts are incorrect. There is no such cat breed that is completely allergen-free. One way or the other, every cat breed is going to bother the people with sensitivity and cat allergies.

Final Words

People with allergies should not get disappointed. Their love for cats is natural and their allergy is also a fact. They can be the owners of a cat, like British shorthair but for this, they have to be very careful. They must follow the suggestion to keep themselves safe from the allergens as much as possible while keeping a cat in their house.

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