Can a British Shorthair Cat Be Left Alone?

A British Shorthair can be left alone but, for a short while. The cats have always been social animals. Not only for the British shorthair, but it is also true for all the cat breeds from ever since they have come into existence. Being social is in their instinct. They like to live in the form of a group, where they can play together with a sense of safety and togetherness.

Leaving British Shorthair Cat Alone

British Shorthair is an amazing domestic breed. British Shorthair is also a social breed. Although it is an independent breed that can do well alone. It often seems shy and gives a gesture to the owners to move away from its sight but it also ties strong ties with the owners and feels protected when someone is around. Before getting domesticated, this cat breed was habitual of living in a social structure. This social structure provided them a sense of security and harmony.

Myth about British Shorthair Cats

Never leave a British Shorthair alone at home as it can make it frustrated and depressed.

This statement has no logic. It is more like a myth than a reality. There is no good reason to state that a British shorthair can never be left alone. It might be true that nobody will want to leave this cute fluffy fellow alone but everyone has their commitments to fulfill. This does not mean that they are going to sit forever in the home to look after their cat.

It might be possible for families or couples to not leave a BSH at home at some point in life but not for singles.

Can Be Left Alone For a Short While

The truth is that a British Shorthair is an easy-going cat breed and it can be left alone in the home for a short period. This will not leave your cat with any adverse effects like depression and frustration.

Just make sure that you have provided fresh water and food for your BSH until you come back.

The short period for a British shorthair to be left alone can be a maximum of 2 to 3 days. During this time, the cat will keep itself busy in playing with itself, napping, eating, and drinking. Also, it will spend some time of the day searching for you at different corners of the house, and will hope to see you soon.

This is a normal period for a cat to be left alone without getting disturbed.

Never Leave It Alone For a Long Time

The problem arises when a cat is left for 10 to 15 days. During this time, you can not make sure of the freshwater and food for your cat. It will keep searching for you and can fall ill, get depressed and even something worst can happen.

Signs of Loneliness in British Shorthair Cat

The cat is a sensitive social animal and it can not tolerate being left alone for too long. It starts feeling lonely and starts showing signs of loneliness and depression when you come back home. It is an innocent protest of the cat for being left alone for too long.

  1. If your cat starts struggling to stop you through different ways when you are getting ready to leave for work, it means that your cat is feeling lonely and depressed and does not want you to leave.
  2. If your calm and docile cat gets suddenly furious and you return home and see major signs of destruction like scratched furniture, torn pillows, and cushions, then the cat needs your serious attention. It is a matter of serious concern and you must pay attention to it.
  3. If your well-trained cat starts littering outside the litterbox, it is a sign for something wrong. Pay attention to your cat and see if she needs your time, attention, and love.
  4. If your British Shorthair remains upset and depressed, take it to a professional vet.

Loneliness & Depression Affecting British Shorthair Health

If you see constant signs in your British Shorthair, pay a little more attention and you will see the affected health of your cat. If you have not been giving much attention or leaving your cat behind alone for a long period, there can be following health issues for your cat.

  1. Separation anxiety is a common health issue in cats that are affectionate and highly social. If they are left alone for long, they can get severely affected by this disease.
  2. According to some professional veterans, a health issue of cat breeds called Cystitis is mainly caused due to loneliness and stress. In this disease, the urinary bladder is inflamed abnormally and causes urination and kidney problems.
  3. There is another disease of cats called immune suppression illness. The vets say that the root cause of this disease is depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Concerned about your British Shorthair’s health? Learn about the common health issues faced by British Shorthair cats and their treatments.

Turning Towards The Best Solution

If you are concerned about the health of your British Shorthair and it is unavoidable for you to leave your cat alone at home for a bit longer period, then here are a few suggestions for you.

  1. If you have a work commitment of more than 4 to 5 days, then you must arrange for a cat sitter to look after your cat in your absence. Ask the cat sitter to spend a few hours daily with your cat. Make fresh water and food available for it, and do not try to pick it up.
  2. You can also ask a friend for this favor. A daily hello and a little pat on the back will be all a BSH will be looking for in your absence. Ask your friend to make sure of the availability of freshwater and food.
  3. You can also leave your cat at your friend or relative’s house who is quite familiar to your cat and your BSH feels comfortable in their presence. In this way, your absence will not be a point of botheration for your cat.

Adding a New Pal To The Family

If you do not want to take the service of a cat sitter or take the favor of a friend or relative, then adding a new pal will be a great option. Your British Shorthair will feel good if it will get accompanied by a new fellow. Consider parenting any of these best cat breeds.

Do remember that a British Shorthair takes time to adjust with a new pet at home.

Before leaving your British Shorthair with a new pal, give it some time to adjust so that they can stay peacefully together when you are not around for a few days. A gradual introduction of a new pet will help your British shorthair to accept it as a friend easily, otherwise it can turn out to be a destructive idea.

The new pal will give a sense of social structure formation to the British shorthair and it will feel secure and comfortable in the company of the other cat. You will also feel relaxed and there won’t be any fear of getting your British shorthair into trouble while leaving it alone.

Final Words

British Shorthair is a lovely breed and an amazing companion. It is a social breed but can tolerate it if you leave it alone for a day or two. But do not make it a habit and never leave your British shorthair alone for a longer period. It will make your cat depressed, lonely, and can cause many health problems too.

Dr. Halime Bamsi

Dr. Halime Bamsi

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