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Mini Rex is a domestic breed that belongs to Florida. This miniature is one of the finest breeds of rabbits and belongs to the United States. The Mini Rex rabbits breed is famous for its luxurious coat and friendly nature. Mini Rex is a desired tiny little furball having all the qualities of the Rex rabbit.

History of the Mini Rex Rabbits

The Rex rabbits got popularity in the early 20th century after the discovery of the Rex fur gene in France. People starting breeding these rabbits and ARBA recognized Rex breed.  It is a fully grown large-sized bunny weighing 9 pounds. The miniature bunny lovers desired a bred to have the distinctive features of the Rex rabbit with a small size.

As a result, the Mini Rex rabbits were bred. The Mini Rex breed was formed as a result of gene mutation of the Rex breed.

The credit for this breed goes to Monna R. Berryhill of Texas, who bred a Rex black male with a Lynx red female.

As a result, they produced a litter having seven miniatures with the features of the Rex rabbit. Berryhill presented this litter in ARBA in 1986. After 3 attempts, ARBA recognized this breed in 1988.

The Mini Rex breed was presented in many exhibitions and shows and the breed got famous in the USA and then in the whole world.

Physical Characteristics of the Mini Rex Rabbits

Size & Weight

The Mini Rex is a small-sized miniature breed that looks like a furball. The fully grown Mini Rex is about half the size of the Rex rabbits. This small breed weighs about 4.5 to 5 pounds. The females are bigger and heavier than males.

Life Span

This cute little furball has a life expectancy of about 10 years.

Litter Size

A Mini Rex can have a litter of 3 to 9 kits.

Physical Features


The Mini Rex has a compact small but well-proportioned body. It is just like a Rex packed in a small packing with all of its charm and beauty. They have rounded back, well-developed shoulders, and small straight legs. Their muscular body has firm bones.

They have a short neck and the well-filled head is almost directly connected with the shoulders. They have thick and 3.5 inches long erect ears. They have bold and bright eyes.


The fur of the Mini Rex is something that earned it the most of its popularity. They have a distinctive fur of 5/8 inches length. The acceptable length of the fur is 1/2 to 5/8 inches.

This fur is very dense, remains straight and upright all the time. This fur has a velvety touch and it is very smooth and spring-like. Touching or petting a Mini Rex is a luxurious experience and a treat for everyone, especially for the rabbit lovers.


The guard hairs of Mini Rex are of the same length as the undercoat. The coat is not very soft and silky. It is plush and luxurious. The coat of the Mini Rex rabbits appears with markings on the nose, eyes, ears, tail, and spots on other body parts.


The ARBA recognizes the Mini Rex with more than 20 colors. These colors include castor, white, lilac, black, lynx, chocolate, chinchilla, red, seal, silver marten, smoke pearls, opal, otter, red, tortoise, and many more.

Personality and Temperament of the Mini Rex Rabbits

The Mini Rex bunnies are considered as friendly, calm, and docile breed for the first time owners, couples, singles, or families who want to add a little furball of joy to their family and home. It is a good companion for children to play with.

These miniatures like to roam and do not encourage to be picked up often. They become aggressive and start struggling if they do not want to be picked up and can fall off to the ground.

This breed is not very sharp and it is not very easy to train it for using a litter box and other simple instructions. The Mini Rex is a playful breed and wants to play with toys like plastic balls, wooden sticks, toilet paper rolls, woolen yarn, etc.

Health Issues of the Mini Rex Rabbits

The Mini Rex rabbits live a healthy life when kept in a healthy and hygienic place. However, they can be prone to some common and basic health issues of rabbit breeds.

The most basic problem of rabbits is the over-growth of teeth. The teeth of the rabbits never stop growing. They can be harmful and can start growing in the jaws and face if not taken care of. Chewing hay can wear their teeth short. The over-grown teeth can be extremely painful for this miniature and may have symptoms like drooling, loss of appetite, and sluggishness of behavior.

A respiratory issue, snuffles is also common in rabbits. This disease is mainly caused due to pasteurellosis bacteria, resulting in blindness, sores, and abscesses in rabbits. The symptoms of snuffles are sneezing, running nose, and watery eyes.

Uterine cancer is also common in female rabbits that can be cured by spaying them once they get 4 to 6 months old.

Nutrition of the Mini Rex Rabbits

The nutrition of Mini Rex is like other rabbits. Good quality and fresh loose hay are best for them. It helps in fulfilling the fiber requirement of the body and keeps the gastrointestinal tract moving regularly and properly.

Pallets should be given in a smaller amount as treats. Fresh and green leaves, vegetables, and fruits should also be added to their diet.  Fresh and clean water is also necessary for the good health of all rabbits.

Care of the Mini Rex Rabbits

Mini Rex is a small bunny that can live a healthy life if it is kept with proper care.

Keep this miniature in a cage measuring 30×30 inches for a single one. If you keep them in a group, make sure to provide a wider, safer, and comfortable cage. Take them out of the cage daily and let them play and hop in an open place. Just keep an eye on them for their protection.

Keep some toys like balls, wooden pieces for the rabbits to play. Also, take some time regularly to play with them. Do not just focus on feeding them.

Clean their cages regularly to keep them healthy. Also keep their litter boxes, water bottles, and food bowls clean. It will protect them from getting sick. Do not pick them as they do not like it. Let your Mini Rex roam and hop freely on the floor.

Do not groom them regularly. It can damage the texture of their beautiful velvety fur. The Mini Rex is a self-grooming breed. They just need occasional brushing to avoid hairballs. Also do not wash them regularly. If their fur gets dirty or spotty, clean it with a damp piece of cloth.

Trim their nails regularly and give special care to their toenails as any missing toenail can result in disqualification of the Mini Rex rabbits from ARBA. Also, keep checking the over-growth of their teeth.

Final Words

The Mini Rex is a cute little bunny and can be a good pet for families, couples, and children. They grow and behave very well if you take care of them properly and make sure of all of their basic needs.

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