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Whether you and your pet travel a lot together or you need something to comfortably carry him from one place to another, a Pet Carrier should be the next addition to your pet accessories: it keeps him safe during travel and makes it possible for you to take him on long or short journeys in a safe and sound manner.

Best Pets Carriers & Travel Products

Travelling with your pet isn’t risk-free at all. He may get lost in a crowded place, run towards that trafficked highway, or you may lose track of him at all. So, here’s when Pet Carriers & Travel Accessories come in handy!

Available in different types and styles, Pet Carriers are small portable bags or boxes – that are used to safely secure your pet inside and take him to places without any risk of him getting lost, panic, or running into traffic. The Travel Carrier can be carried using handle on top, worn as backpack, or carried in one’s arms.

Types of Pet Carriers & Travel Products

When transporting your furry friend to the vet or anyplace else, it is important to keep it sheltered and secure in a pet-friendly transporter. This will shield your beloved animal from injury and will guarantee that is no danger of your pet panicking or running into traffic when you show up at your destination.

The main purpose is providing a comfortable shelter for the pet to stay in, while you are travelling outside and here are the type of pet carriers and travel products which brilliantly serve this purpose:

Backpack Pet Carriers – are of great use when going with your pet for hiking, road trips, shopping or appointments to the veterinarian. Available in multiple sizes and colors, these carriers feature a well-ventilated and comfortable compartment to the pet for secure and enjoyable journey.

Some backpacks come with extra pockets which can be used to store pet products and accessories, while some come with wheels so that the backpack carrier can be converted into a roll-along carrier.

Airline Pet Carriers - When travelling via plane, every airline has its own particulars and necessities to ensure that the pets travels securely and comfortably among other passengers. Airline carriers are of two types: For small pets in the cabin & For large-sized pets in the cargo.

For puppies and kitten in the cabin, the general guidelines are that the carrier must fit underneath the sit in the front of the passenger and it must have a waterproof base. The carrier needs to be large and comfortable enough for the pet to stand up, lie down, and turn around during the journey. Moreover, the carrier must be ventilated from at least three sides.

For large-sized pets like adult dogs, there's a need of carrier with a metal door - that is strong enough to prevent the pet from escaping. Again, this one should be well ventilated and have enough space for the dog to sit, stand, and turn around.

Pet Car Seat Carriers – Specially designed for road journeys, the car-seat carriers protect your pet from injury if the car stops suddenly or gets involved in an accident. Today, the latest ones can be converted into a bed - providing a comfy shelter to your pet in the back seat, where he can comfortably enjoy the journey without being panicked. Safety nets and gates are also there, which prevents the pet from interfering with the front-passenger and driver.

Purse Carriers for Pets – These are intended for small pets that don't weigh in excess of 12 pounds. These carriers normally have a reinforced floor for the pet's safety and outfitted with ventilation openings and roll-down mesh windows.

Standard Hard-sided Carriers – are favored for their durability and solid construction. The hard shells with ventilated windows ensure added protection for your dog + these carriers are easy to clean. A mounted handle on top is used to carry the carrier.

Many products like Dog ramps, Pet Seat Cover Hammock, Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers, Cat Car Bed

Benefits of Pet Carriers & Travel Products

  • Keeps your pet safe when transporting one place to another

  • Water-resistant and robust build quality ensures your pet’s safety and security

  • Provides warmth and comfort

  • Avoids your pet from being getting panicked or stressed while traveling

  • Allows for easy carrying of your pet

What is the best carrier-type for my pet?

If it's just for vehicle trips or to keep your pet contained when making the rounds with you, consider a carrier that is lightweight, waterproof, simple to carry, easy to pack, well-ventilated and comfortable for your pet dog or cat.

If you intend to fly, airlines have strict guidelines for pet bearers. There are the size and build-quality guidelines, and mostly hard-sided carriers are recommended.

How to measure my pet’s size for the traveling carrier?

You need to know your pet’s height, length, and weight to choose the right-sized carrier. The carrier should be spacious enough for him to stand up, sit down, turn around or loosen up when resting. Here’s how to measure your pet’s size:

  • Measure his back from the neck, where the collar sits, to the base of the tail. Then add a couple of inches to that estimation.

  • Measure shoulder range from the highest point of the shoulders to the ground.

  • For soft-sided carriers, add 2 to 3 inches to shoulder height.

  • For hard-sided transporters, add three-to-five inches.

  • Wearable carriers, like backpacks and purses, are intended to be cozy and comfortable; the pet is supported against your body, not by the carrier itself.

Manufacturers usually list size and weight limits for carriers, and if your dog or cat is between those sizes, pick the bigger size that is probably 2 to 3 inches more than your pet’s size.

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