In this digital age, the pet industry is welcoming highly-innovative technology products. This includes everything from gaming consoles for your pets to smart sensor-equipped food dispensers, den gates, auto self-cleaning litter boxes, fitness trackers, and a lot more. Gone are the days when having a pet was just about feeding and nourishing it. Today, the game has taken a new turn and for the better. For example, understanding the pet’s mood and thinking was something that only the most skilled of animal psychologists could claim. But now, with the latest gadgets and tracking devices, even an illiterate person can accurately observe their pet’s behavior, track his heart-rate, and monitor his wellness… ‘This is TECHNOLOGY’ GUYS – Something which has made pet ownership even more efficient and fun.

Types of Pet Technology Products

There’s a wide range of technology products available to keep pets happy and entertained. Serving different purposes, have a look at the categories covered and what you can expect under the hood of each of these categories:

Pet Health Care Products – Highly-innovative smart health care products to help monitor and support a pet’s health and be better care-takers and partners.

Pet Owner Convenience – Products designed solely for the purpose of “making daily lives with your pets easier”. This includes smart tech products that have automated manual processes like automatic cleaning of the pet’s litter box and automatic pet feeding stations.

Communication & Entertainment Products – Communicating with your pets could have never been much easier, all thanks to the latest pet collars and remote-control receivers, through which owners can communicate with their pets from a distance as far as 13000 ft!

Pet Safety Products – Modern technology-enabled products that are there for the true peace of mind. Either your pet gets lost in a crowded city or deep into the woods, these products can help you track the real-time location of your pet and recover it immediately.

Monitor Pet Health Care at Home

Technology has made it easier for owners to keep a tab on their pet’s wellness and monitor their health issues – through the smart diagnosing systems. Companies like Embark, Wisdom Panel and FitPro can perform instant DNA tests of your pet and can tell you if it’s pure or mixes breed. Then there are products that deeply scan your pet’s body to monitor glucose levels, check kidney healthy, and see if there’s an infection in the stomach lining. The instant anything wrong is predicted, the owner is sent immediate alerts of the pet’s current health issues so that it can be taken to the vet for medications. Smart Beds is another great addition to this league. They not only control your pet’s sleeping patterns but are temperature-controlled for your pet’s maximum comfort.

Convenience Pet Tech Products

Made for the owner’s convenience, this is a segment that has literally made the lives of pet owners much easier than before. For example, self-cleaning litter boxes have totally diminished the hassle of manually cleaning those smelly waste boxes. The hygiene is maintained and the box is auto-cleaned so that your pet enjoys a clean bathroom even when you are not there! Since pets can’t go to the kitchen and feed themselves on their own, today there are automatic pet feeding stations, that track your pet’s hunger levels, and then automatically dispense food and water for it to feed on.

Pet Entertainment Products

Being a pet owner is much more than just keeping your pet fed and watered. There’s still a lot more to be done at your part, to make sure your pet is always happy and feels like family. After all, it’s literally about being a pet ‘PARENT’ and not just an ‘OWNER’! To make your beloved animal feel special, there are dedicated pet-friendly toys that will surely add to their happiness and make them enjoy to the fullest. Specially designed according to your pet’s nature, Pet Toys are a great time-buster and stress-reliever accessory. Ranging from squeaky to chewy to plushy – there’s a wide range of playing products available for all pet types. Also, there are interactive ball, board, and card games which you can play with your furry friend in leisure time and make memories to cherish later.

Pet Communication Products

With the latest Pet tech products, you can now communicate with your pet from a distance as far as 3 miles! You can give them commands, send them stimuli sensations, monitor their live footprints, and even watch them through surveillance cameras.

Products for Safety

The most advanced segment in the pet technology, that covers everything for your pet’s safety. This includes real-time pet locating tracking devices, pet-calming gadgets, and even controlling your pet’s action from a remote-controlled device (commanding them what to do and what not to do from a huge distance). Then there are electronic pet fences, which avoids your pet from going beyond the boundaries and even if it managed to go beyond the fence, you will be set instant alerts on your smartphone! The manner in which pet technology is developing, we can anticipate that a great deal of new advancements should assist us with improving our pet's lives. For an insight into best-buying guide – you can browse and view the No.1 Top Rated Pet Technology Products.

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