Do you want to stop your dog from jumping onto your guests and visitors when they visit your home? If so, then we are going to teach you how. It is just normal for dogs to jump onto people when they first meet them. The reason for this behavior is that it is normal in dog to dog communication. They do this to show their friendliness and politeness. But that may not be the case for us humans. It may not be the behavior we want from them. Fortunately for you, there is a way to train your dog not to jump onto people. Let me tell you how to do this:Train a Dog Not to Jump

Contain Your Dog When Guests Enter Your House

One of the first effective methods of training your dog not to jump is to confine or contain it whenever guests enter your home. For example, if someone knocks on your door or rings the doorbell, put a leash on your dog and tie it in a spot where it cannot reach your visitors when they enter. You may also place it in a spot where there is a border. If your dog is large that it can jump over the border, then you may want to place it in another room. This will make your dog realize that getting too excited when a visitor comes is not what you want for it to do. At first, your dog may bark non-stop due to the unknown guests. But it will soon calm down. When it does, it is time to introduce your dog to your guests and let it greet them.

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Ignore Your Dog When It Jumps

Another effective training method to teach your dog not to jump is to ignore it altogether when it jumps. When it has its all of its legs on the floor, commend it. But if it jumps, make a gesture that expresses you don’t like what it’s doing. For instance, you can freeze and fold your arms on your chest until your dog calms down. You should also inform your visitors or guests or the other members of your household to ignore your dog when it jumps so that it would realize that it won’t be able to get the attention of people from jumping.

Have Your Dog Carry Something in its Mouth

You can also train your dog not to jump by giving it something that it can hold on its mouth. That thing can be a toy, ball, or chews. Whenever a visitor arrives, give your dog one of these things in order to prevent it from jumping.

Play Fetch

Similarly, you can also distract your dog from jumping onto your guests by playing fetch with it. Toss a toy, such as a dog bone, on an open area in your house whenever a guest arrives. When you do this, you keep your dog’s attention in pursuit of the thing to be fetched instead of becoming too excited when guests arrive at your home. But make sure to throw the thing in an area away from breakables. If your hallway has no fragile things like vases, then it would be a good spot to play fetch with your dog.

Level with Your Dog

There are times when dogs jump onto people in order to express their greetings. They do this to sniff a person’s face. Trying so hard to reach the face of a person, they jump. If your dog is like this, then you can prevent it from jumping by leveling your face with your dog. You can tell your visitors if they can kindly sit to be able to reach your dog. This way, your dog can greet your guests without having to jump. Just make sure that your dog is not violent enough to harm your visitors.

Reward Your Dog

When your dog’s training results in success, do reward it to keep up its motivation. You can give it some treats or foods that will allow you to express your satisfaction with your dog’s successful training in preventing itself not to jump. Also show some kind gestures like petting its head or embracing it so that it will know that you are happy with it not jumping onto new people.

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