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Gokce's love and passion for farm animals stem from growing up on a farm in Mexico. After receiving Bachelor's degree in Equine Sciences & Livestock Farming, she started working at her own farm. Today, while managing her farm animals, she also contributes to - where she shares her experiences as well as helps people deal with their animals the best way.

Best Horse Hoof Boots

Best Horse Hoof Boots

Horses are magnificent creatures, but like all animals, they are susceptible to injuries and discomfort. One area that can be particularly vulnerable is the hooves. Horse hoof boots provide a protective layer for the horse’s hooves, helping to prevent injury and alleviate discomfort. In this article, we’ll explore the best horse hoof boots available on …

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Best Horse Hoof Supplements

Healthy hooves are essential for a horse’s overall well-being. Proper nutrition and regular hoof care can help to maintain hoof health, but sometimes horses need extra support to keep their hooves strong and healthy. This is where horse hoof supplements come in. These supplements contain a blend of ingredients that are designed to support hoof …

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Plymouth Chicken

Plymouth Rock Chicken

Despite being one of America’s oldest breeds of chicken, the Plymouth Rock chicken breed maintains its high level of popularity primarily because of it being a good dual-purpose chicken. The breed is good in providing quality meat as well as good egg yield. Back in the days, everyone was encouraged to keep Plymouth rocks in …

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Brahma Chicken

Brahma Chicken Information

The Brahma Chicken breed is called the King of Chickens breeds. This majestic broody hen breed is of old heritage, the exact reason why its ancestors are unknown. The Brahma chicken deserves its title among poultry judges because it is also an excellent dual-purpose chicken. This means that it excels in both egg and meat …

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Akhal Teke Horse Breed Information

Akhal Teke Horse

Strength, endurance, and speed are not the traits of the large-sized, tall horses alone. These can be the adding up traits of the medium height, smart, and beautiful horse breeds like Akhal Teke. Akhal Teke, also known as the Golden Horse is a Turkmen Breed and is famous for its agility, speed, beautiful shiny coat, …

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Mustang Horse Breed Information

Mustang Horse Breed

There are huge talks and discussions about the famous horse breeds that have well-known origins and recognitions and registries of famous association. There is also a breed with amazing characteristics but people consider it just as a wild horse breed. It is the Mustang horse breed that is found wandering freely in the valleys and …

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American Quarter Horse Breed Information

American Quarter Horse

There are so many horse breeds that have their origin in America and they proudly own these breeds. One such breed is the American Quarter Horse. It is a breed of North-America and is said to be the oldest and most- popular breed of horses in America. The Quarter horse is a friendly, gentle, and …

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