Feeding an optimal diet to a pet rabbit is the single most significant factor in maintaining its wellbeing and life quality. They need to consume a diet rich in fibre, low in fat, and low in starchy carbohydrates. The appropriate diet for rabbits is the one with contents similar to the natural grassed-based diet that they eat in the wild – containing approximately 20% crude fibre, 15% crude protein, and 2% fat.

Best Pet Rabbit Foods

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]Pet rabbits have a much longer lifespan. Many of the prevalent diseases of pet rabbits can be traced specifically to or associated with an “unsuitable diet” and can be avoided to a large degree using Best Rabbit Foods.[/box]

If the appropriate diet-content ratio is not there, such as food with low fiber and high carbohydrate, there may be a dental infection, stomach disorder, obesity, and behavioral problems. Inappropriate calcium content can be linked-to bladder stones, as well.

Therefore, pet parents need to feed the right diet to their rabbits, particularly for maintaining the health of their rabbit’s dental and digestive systems.

Best Rabbit Foods

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Oxbow Pet Bunny Best Food for Adult Rabbits BUY NOW
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Sun Seed Vita Best Food for Mini & Young Rabbits BUY NOW
Oxbow Fortified Nutrition Best Rabbit Food for Growth BUY NOW
Science Selective Best for Mother Rabbits BUY NOW
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Our pet rabbits are our furry-friends and we want them to live healthily for long periods. Therefore, we must understand their dietary needs and feed them on the best Rabbit Food in the market.

Rabbits have a delicate digestive system and this is the most important thing to be taken into account when purchasing food for your bunny. A diet with an inappropriate ratio of energy and nutrients is a sure ticket to poor health and even a shortened life span. Healthy rabbits consuming the ‘right’ diet and being well taken care of by the family, have a lifespan of 8 to 13 years!

Here we present to you our top picks for the “Best Rabbit Foods”. What makes this list so authentic, is our extensive research, self-testing, and certainly those thousands of positive user reviews that make these food products rank among the top best for rabbits.

Kaytee Fiesta Rabbit Food [highlight color=”yellow”](Our Top No.1 Pick & The Best Rabbit Food Overall)[/highlight]

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Kaytee Fiesta food is a nutritionally rich gourmet diet composed of a mixture of premium quality fruits, vegetables, seeds, and cereal that offers the greatest possible quality, enjoyment, taste, and nutrition for your bunny.

Vet-approved and serving the pet industry for 150 years, the Kaytee Fiest Rabbit Food promises a highly-beneficial diet for your friend. The perfect kibble size and texture, the incorporation of natural antioxidants, and the infusion of probiotics and prebiotics – make this product ideal for your rabbit’s wellbeing, immune support, digestive health, and dental care.

Kaytee Fiest is the Best overall Rabbit Food because:

  • Nutritionally-fortified gourmet food
  • Fresh and premium quality
  • Supplies an appropriate amount of nutrients
  • Encourages chewing activity, supporting dental health
  • Antioxidants for immune support
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics for digestive health

Complains about this Product:

The food needs to be stored with extra care, as some customers have complained about the development of bugs and larvae inside the food.

Forti-Diet Pro [highlight color=”yellow”](Best Food for Wild Rabbits)[/highlight]Buy Now

The Forti-Diet Pro offers a pure healthiest diet to wild rabbits – adequately fulfilling their daily nutrition needs and making them live an active and healthy lifestyle.

The nutritionally-fortified diet contains a blend of antioxidants for immune health, prebiotics, and probiotics for digestive health… Plus, it includes bigger and crunchier pelleted pieces to encourage chewing and promote dental health.

We Love this Product because:

  • Vet Approved & Made in the USA
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Naturally preserved for ideal
  • Prebiotics & Probiotics To Support Digestive Health
  • Rich in natural antioxidants
  • Supports immune, digestive, and dental health

Complains about this Product:

Some users are unhappy with the artificial food coloring used.

Oxbow Pet Bunny [highlight color=”yellow”](Best Food for Adult Rabbits)[/highlight]

Buy Now

To preserve the proper operation of their digestive system, all rabbits require high fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. Oxbow Bunny ensures an appropriate supply of needed fiber with stabilized nutrients to grant your bunny with maximum good health.

The food is 100% uniform, which means there is complete nutrition in every bite. It is also abundant in rabbit-beneficial antioxidants that promote digestive and immune health. The infusion of prebiotics and chelated minerals is what makes this rabbit EXTRA special! Prebiotics improve health by feeding healthy bacteria in the GI tract of your animal, and the Chelated mineral formula helps in the easy absorption of minerals.

And Yes… Oxbow Pet Bunny Rabbit Food contains no refined sugars, artificial ingredients, and preservatives.

We Love this Product because:

  • Optimum Protein Level, Essential Fibers, Carbohydrates, Energy, and Fat content
  • Recommended By Veterinarians
  • Contains no artificial ingredients
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Contain prebiotics and chelated minerals
  • Easy food absorption
  • Supports Immune & Digestive health

Complains about this Product:

Not all bunnies love the taste of this product. Therefore, it is advised that you first purchase a small pack to see if your rabbit likes eating it or not.

Vitakraft Care Complex [highlight color=”yellow”](Best Food for Sick Rabbits)[/highlight]

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The Vitakraft Care is our top pick for the best rabbit food for sick bunnies. Made with premium-quality, delicious ingredients that your rabbit would forage for in the wild – Vitakraft nurtures sick rabbits for the former’s complete wellbeing.

This vitamin-fortified food is an appropriate blend of every rabbit’s topmost favorite natural veggies, fruits, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Its Unique Care Complex Formula provides natural probiotics for digestive health, while the infusion of DHA Omega 3’s aids in brain health, vision improvement, healthy coat, and strong immune system that wards of diseases.

Another major fact is its “DELICIOUSNESS Factor”. When sick, rabbits lose all their activeness and stop eating food which further deteriorates their health. Thankfully, the Vitakraft Care offers such a delicious blend of natural ingredients that even sick rabbits would eat the meal – attaining complete wellness in no time.

We Love this Product because:

  • Great-Tasting Flavor
  • Key Nutrients to Support Overall Health
  • DHA Omega-3 fatty acids to Support Brain Health, Heart Function, Vision, Healthy Coat
  • Supports for Immune and Digestive Health
  • Unique Care Complex Formula to fight illness and diseases

Complains about this Product:

There are no major complaints about this product.

Sun Seed Vita [highlight color=”yellow”](Best Food for Mini & Young Rabbits)[/highlight]

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The Sun Seed Vita is our top pick for the best food for young, newborn, dwarf, and mini rabbits. Made to suit the tiniest and the most sensitive of the bunny stomachs, Sun Seed Vita provides young rabbits with a safe and balanced diet. The high fiber solution contains vital nutrients and promotes healthy digestive health and vitality for good nutrition and development.

This diet, improved by essential vitamins, includes fatty acids that aid in a healthy and shinier coat, moisturized skin, illness-free body, and Spirulina Antioxidant formula for immune support of baby rabbits.

We Love this Product because:

  • Specially designed for baby rabbits
  • Light on a sensitive stomach
  • Promotes growth in babies
  • Promotes smooth shiny fur
  • Keeps baby rabbits away from sickness
  • Timothy Hay Pellets

Complains about this Product:

There are no statements against this product.

Oxbow Fortified Nutrition [highlight color=”yellow”](Best Rabbit Food for Growth)[/highlight]

Buy Now

Worried about your bunny’s growth? Feed him Oxbow Fortified Nutrition and see how fast he grows to a healthy Mr.Bunny!

Enriched with all-natural vitamins and minerals, calcium, and high energy – Oxbow is a nutritionally complete food for growing rabbits. The product contains all those premium ingredients which promote faster growth, maximizes your bunny’s health, increases its energy levels, and grants your rabbit with a beautiful coat.

We Love this Product because:

  • Aids in healthier growth
  • Maximizes health and energy levels
  • Enriches body with fiber and stabilized nutrients
  • Aids in dental health, immune support, and digestive health
  • Contains nothing Artificial

Complains about this Product:

Some users have complained that their rabbit’s poop smells nasty after eating Oxbow Fortified.

Science Selective [highlight color=”yellow”](Best for Mother Rabbits)[/highlight]

Buy Now

The Science Selective Rabbit Food is best suited for mother rabbits or those female bunnies who just gave birth to newborn rabbits. Each bite of Science Selective Food packs in it a nutritionally-balanced high fiber food to promote every mother rabbit’s complete wellbeing and vitality.

The diet is protein-based and is balanced by a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and herbs to provide an outstanding natural antioxidant supply that naturally raises mothers’ energy levels.

We Love this Product because:

  • Fulfills the daily nutritional needs of mother rabbits
  • Promote every mother rabbit’s wellbeing
  • A Nutritionally Balanced, High Fiber Rabbit Food
  • Natural Great Taste

Complains about this Product:

Some users have complained of stomach upsets in their rabbits.

Supreme Petfoods Selective Naturals [highlight color=”yellow”](Best Treats for Rabbit)[/highlight]

Buy Now

Supreme Petfoods is formulated to meet your bunny’s nutritional needs and is both healthy and delicious. These rabbit meadow loops with Timothy Hay and Thyme are treats baked to perfection and are high in fibre with no added sugar. We best recommend these treats for developing hand-feeding interaction and bonding with your bunny, or reward it for any of its sweet gestures!

We Love this Product because:

  • Rich In Natural Ingredients
  • Perfect For Hand-Feeding, Interaction, and Bonding
  • High In Fiber – 14%
  • With Timothy Hay & Thyme
  • Freshly Baked
  • Best-Quality Treats w/ no side effects
  • Contains Linseed for healthy skin and shiny coats

Complains about this Product:

Everyone’s bunny loves this treat. No negative comments at all!

Sherwood Rabbit Food [highlight color=”yellow”](Best For Winter)[/highlight]

Buy Now

Most rabbit owners avoid feeding soy or grain-sourced products to their pets. If you are that health-conscious parent, you will love Sherwood Rabbit Food. This is where West Timothy Hay comes into place, as it is free of soy and food grains.

Rabbits who are resistant to soy or grain would surely love this product. It contains a good combination of nutrients to keep them healthy and their coat shiny. It is also light on their stomach and easy to digest.

The pellets have a unique timothy hay scent and are not chemically rendered or flavored… Sherwood Forest bears witness to the nature of its items!

We Love this Product because:

  • Fresh and delicious pellets
  • Free of soy and grain
  • Timothy hay-based
  • Eliminates digestion problems
  • Help prevent fur shedding in rabbits
  • Contains no artificial flavors

Complains about this Product:

Some users have noticed a change in their rabbit’s urine texture.

Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting [highlight color=”yellow”](The Best Timothy Hay for Rabbit)[/highlight]

Buy Now

This is the best quality and freshest Timothy Hay for pet rabbits. It is derived from second-cutting, which means it is softer than the first cut, but not that extreme soft. The strands of hay are long and delicious and contain no powdery or dust residues.

Plus, the hay is not infested with bugs which are a common problem in cheap quality timothy hays. No seeds either, which allows the bunny to eat and digest with ease.

We Love this Product because:

  • Premium 2nd Cutting Timothy
  • Supports Good Digestion
  • Supports Good Dental Health
  • Delivered Fresh & Minimally Handled

Complains about this Product:

Some users have complained about counterfeit or opened products being sold to them. Therefore, make sure the box you purchase is properly sealed and genuine by Small Pet.

Best Rabbit Foods

Feeding Commercial Hays & Pellets to Rabbits: A VET’s Advice!

Veterinarians recommend that rabbits should stay indoors and have a running/playing time of at least 4 hours per day. This, in combination with an appropriate diet, will keep your bunny happy, active, and free from illnesses.

The most important items in the rabbit diet to ensure optimal wellness are: sufficient oral hydration and adequate crude long fiber that helps move hair and food through the intestines, thus maintaining the intestinal muscles well toned.

This is important for preserving a flora (bacteria and yeast) in the rabbit’s cecum in a balanced form. Improper diet can easily contribute to bowel complications, often arising from cecal dysbiosis, an improper balance of cecum’s “ecosystem.”

Feeding Grassy HAY to Rabbits

A very important thing in the rabbit diet is grass HAY and should be fed to both adults and baby rabbits in limitless amounts. A rabbit feeding only commercial rabbit pellets doesn’t have enough long fiber to keep the gut going.

The long fibers in the hay drive stuff through the intestine and hold a strong balance in the intestinal muscles. Besides maintaining the intestinal contents flowing at a good pace, hay may also help avoid intestinal impactions caused by swallowed hair or other indigestible products.

Offering fresh grass hay such as timothy, oat, marine, brome, Bahia, or wheat is recommended.

Feeding Pellets to Rabbits

A high-quality premium rabbit pellet contains nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that a rabbit does not receive if they only eat hay and fresh food. To maintain good health, however, very little pelleted food is needed. No more than 1/8 cup of pellets per 5 pounds of rabbit a day are now recommended by many seasoned rabbit veterinarians. Occasionally a rabbit fed so many pellets will neglect hay, to the disadvantage of the intestinal system!

A quality rabbit pellet DOES NOT contain dried organic products, fruits, berries, nuts, crunchy stuff, or other stuff that are luring to our human eyes but rather destructive to a rabbit. Rabbits are strict herbivores, and never get fruits, nuts, or other oil, starchy foods in nature. If too much plain, edible carbohydrate is ingested — especially if the diet is low in fiber — the complex flora of rabbit’s cecum will become fatally imbalanced.

A decent quality rabbit pellet would contain at least 22% crude fiber, no more than about 14% protein, about 1% fat, and about 1.0% calcium. Before you buy, check the label on the rabbit pellets. Many industrial pellets are focused on alfalfa, indicating that they are higher in calories and lower in fiber than pellets produced on timothy.

Baby rabbits can be fed limitless pellets because they require plenty of protein and calcium for optimal development of their bones and muscles. However, commercial pellet calories and nutrients supplied ad libitum surpass the needs of a healthy adult rabbit and not only encourage obesity but also prevent the rabbit from eating enough hay to ensure proper bowel health.

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