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2020's Top 10 Best Wireless Dog Fences: Waterproof, Repelling, Budget Friendly

if you’re annoyed with your dog running away all the time then you are probably looking for a solution. Since you can’t put up an actual fence as they will destroy the look of your house or might not even be allowed by the society then what you are looking for is an electric or wireless dog fence. While electric fences also work great, they are just too much work to install. And finding a good fence is even harder so below there are the best wireless dog fences.

Using a wireless fence is easier and simpler. Just set the allowed area, connect the transmitter, and switch on the collar. If the dog goes near the off-limit zone then he will be corrected by the canine training collar by tone, vibration, and static shock. But if you are still considering electric fences then see our best electric dog fence.

Best Wireless Dog Fences of 2020

Dog Wireless Fences

Following are the best wireless dog fences:

Best Choices



Best Containment Wireless Dog Fence

Compact Wireless Dog Fence by Petsafe


Most Budget-Friendly Containment Fence

Containment Wireless Dog Fence By OKPET


Most Waterproof Collar

Dog Containment System by JUSTPET


Best Repelling Wireless Dog Fence

Pawz Away Pet Barrier by Petsafe


Most Collars Containment

Petsafe’s Wireless Electric Fence


Best for Small Houses

Pet Containment System by FunAce


Best for Large Estates

Wireless Dog Fence By UTOPB


Best Budget-Friendly Repelling Fence

Indoor Radio Fence by Petsafe


Best for Single Dog

Wireless Fence System by Blingbling Petsfun


Most Dog Fence System With GPS

Dog Fence System with GPS By Angelakerry



Being one of the top companies in pet security, PetSafe makes some of the best wireless dog fences in the market. This one covers an area of up to 3/4 of an acre. The area covered is in a circular diameter and the center point being the transmitter. This PetSafe wireless dog fence can be installed in about 1 – 2 hours since there are no wires to bury. There are 5 different levels pf shock adjustments along with a tone-only setting. Whenever your dog leaves the boundary you made, it’ll get a shock of the voltage you have set for it. However, upon return in the territory there will be no shock.

You can take the transmitter with you on a trip as it is rechargeable. The collar also comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 weeks. This wireless dog fence system allows to you connect unlimited collars to one transmitter. There are boundary flags you can place in your yard to teach your dog about its limits. There is an instruction manual inside to help you with the installation. This is a US-based company that makes high-quality products.


  • Covers an area up to 3/4 acres
  • 5 levels of shock
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Made in the US

Wireless Dog Fence Containment System By Okpet

This wireless electric dog fence does a great job keeping your dog in bounds. Using the international 433MHz frequency channel this dog fence has 100 adjustment levels. This system allows your dog to go maximum 1000 feet away from the transmitter. The 10 – 1000 foot radius is more than sufficient for your dog to run around in. using the dial on the transmitter you can select the allowed range for your dog.

If the dog crosses that radius then the receiver will make a warning sound and pass a 3.7V static shock to your dog. The shock is so minimal that it does not harm your dog in any way, this is a great device for territorial training. The device has been passed by the US patent. The receiver uses two antennas that provide an accurate range transmission and better penetration. The dog collar is waterproof so whether it’s raining or the dog is taking a bath, there’s nothing to worry about. One transmitter can entertain multiple collars individually.


  • 10 – 1000 foot range
  • Sound and 3.7v static shock
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • One unit applicable for multiple collars

Justpet’S Wireless Dog Fence Containment System

This wireless dog fence covers a radius of up to 900 feet which is a pretty good area for a dog to play in. There are 90 adjustment levels, each level varying 10 feet of the radius. The double antenna gives it an impeccable accuracy and has the capability of penetrating through many blockages. Using the international 433MHz frequency, this dog collar doesn’t let your dog leave the premises. Whenever your dog crosses the boundary it will receive vibration and a 3.7V static current which is not harmful to your dog.

Being one of the best wireless electric dog fence, the collar is IPX7 grade waterproof. It doesn’t even matter if your dog goes for a swim there’s nothing to worry about. One single transmitter unit can be attached to multiple pets. The installation is also very easy, just follow the simple step by step guide given in the box and be rest assured that your dog won’t pass the selected radius. The collar can fit in all dogs even your hyperactive small breeds.

As you probably know that small breed dogs require a special diet so you should see our best dog food for small dogs


  • Bound up to 900 foot
  • Accurate radius setting
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Compatible for multiple collars

Paws Away Outdoor Pet Barriers With Adjustable Range By Petsafe

While you need to keep your dog inside the house boundaries, there are some places you need to keep them away from. This is the best wireless dog fence to keep your dog away from outdoor certain places like the pool, or the lawn. There are a few varieties to suit your need and where you want to keep it e.g. outdoor, indoor, or a small area like your bed. There are two types of installations; wireless connection can provide a maximum 16 ft. However, wired installation can cover up to 150 ft. Keep in mind that outdoor, your dog can damage his paw on a throne or chemicals which is very pain full so you should take a look at dog paw protectors.

The collars give off a static shock that is not harmful when the pet enters a banned territory. The outdoor unit id disguised as a rock that blends perfectly on the lawn. It runs on 4 D-size batteries while the collar uses two (2) 3-volt lithium batteries. The collar is waterproof and endurable, it is designed for dogs above 5 lb. The product is made in the US and uses high-quality materials.


  • To keep dogs away
  • Wireless (16ft.) and wired (up to 150ft.) options
  • Waterproof
  • Made in the US

Petsafe Wireless Electric Dog Fence

This PetSafe wireless dog fence is for dogs of weight 8lbs and above. The adjustable collar can fit dogs of a lot of sizes, up to 28 inches. The system is very easy to install and takes only 1 – 2 hours to be set up. You can adjust the boundary as you like. This extreme dog fence can cover an area of 180 feet in radius (1/2 acres). You can also increase the area by using multiple transmitters. There are 5 different shock settings that you can choose from according to your dog depending on its stubbornness to go far.

There is also a beep only setting preferably for when the dog starts to understand the boundary limit. You can use the flags in the package to draw up territory in your yard. There is an automatic safety shutoff mechanism when the situation back to normal. The transmitter can be connected with multiple collars to manage all your pets which gives it another reason to be one of the best wireless dog fences. The waterproof collar uses a replaceable RFA-67 battery that comes in the package.


  • Cover up to 180 feet radius (1/2 acres)
  • 5 shock settings with tone-only option
  • Waterproof
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Connect multiple collars

Wireless Pet Containment System For Small Houses By Funace

This dog fence is different than others. It uses a WIFI signal to operate and send signals to the collar. The transmitter must be plugged into a switchboard. This is the best wireless dog fence for rather small houses. It covers up to 500-foot area to bound your dog. There are 100 adjustment levels in this device to precisely define your dog’s boundaries. That collar is designed in a way that passes a non-harmful shock to the dog for a maximum of 54 seconds. To provide maximum security, it shocks the dog every time it crosses the boundary, or the signal is cut off for whatever reason.

The collar is rechargeable and waterproof so there’s no need to stop your dog from enjoying in the water sprinkler, or the rain. The transmitter can relate to multiple collars. The signals can have interfered near metal buildings, aluminum sidings in the house, and the topography and terrain also matter.


  • Cover up to 500 feet radius
  • Shock for 54 seconds max
  • Waterproof
  • Control multiple collars

Wireless Dog Fence With Long-Lasting Battery By Utopb

This is the best wireless dog fence for you if you are training your dog in a big area. The coverage of this transmitter is up to 1640ft in radius this provides your dog all the space in the world he/she needs to play around. Using the latest technology of sound and shock system, this collar has multiple correction levels for your dog. The collar is made using IP67 waterproof technology which means that even if your dog were to go take a swim, the collar would still work perfectly. The strap pf the collar is adjustable measuring from 8-28 inches length.

Using a rechargeable battery, the collar emits a 3.7V shock that is harmless to the dog. As the dog goes near the boundary, there will be beeps every 2 seconds after the third beep shock correction will start. The transmitter can work with multiple collars at the same time and is very easy to sync. The batter takes only 2 – 3 hours to charge and if used properly, it lasts weeks.


  • Covers up to 1640ft radius
  • IP67 waterproof technology
  • Adjustable collar
  • 3.7V static shock
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery

Indoor Radio Fence For Cats And Dogs By Petsafe

This is an indoor keep away fence for all the pets. Whether you want to keep them away from the kitchen, nursery, bedroom, furniture, bathroom, anywhere you don’t want your dog to go. Just plug this device there and use any PetSafe in-ground collar other than yard max, UltraSmart, and pawzaway collar. This can protect any area for up to 10 ft radius however the range might be interfered with by some factors like metal objects.

The range is expandable using more transmitters. When the dog comes near the restricted place the collar will tone and if it keeps getting closer a static shock will be released to remind the dog of the limits.


  • keep away your pets
  • covers up to 10 ft radius (expandable)
  • tone followed by shock

Blingbling Petsfun’S Wireless Fence System For Pet Containment

Using 2.4G frequency technology this wireless dog fence can cover up to 300 meters in radius. This security system is specially made for one dog so it can focus all the signals in training him/her. Simply plug in the transmitter and choose from 5 distance levels and then turn on the collar. The collar uses a rechargeable battery and IP67 waterproof technology. Now your dog can play in the sprinkler or the wet grass and you don’t have to worry. There are vibration and shock correction modes that automatically start judging by the dog. The adjustable collar can be used on any dog with 7” to 26.5” inches of neck. The collar uses 3.7V of static shock and is fully safe to use.


  • Covers up to 300 meters
  • Allows one collar
  • 3.7V static shock

Wireless Dog Fence System With Gps By Angelakerry

Now if your dog is way too stubborn to stay at home then in the beginning only a wireless fence can’t do much. You’ll need a tracker to know where your dog went. If that is indeed the case with your dog, then this is by far the best wireless dog fence for you. The collar in this has a GPS tracker that is used to set the boundary instead of a transmitter. You can set an allowed area of maximum 800 meters and track your dog anytime you want. Transmitter signals can get interfered at times but with a GPS system that problem won’t take place.

If the dog leaves the boundaries there will be many corrections following. The collar is IP66 waterproof material which is easy to set up and works automatically. You can use it anywhere there’s a GPS signal, no looking for switches anymore. The company stands by its product and gives you a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the product in most cases.


  • GPS tracking
  • Covers up to 800 meters
  • IP66 waterproof, rechargeable collar
  • Full refund guarantee

Why Purchase Wireless Dog Fences Product?

Dogs are like children. They don’t know much and so they need to be kept safe. The owner must protect their pet from things that can be avoided like a road accident. In America alone, 1.2 million dogs are killed every year in road accidents. Using a dog fence, you define a limit to which the dog can go. When it comes near that limit, a static shock stings your dog to remind him about the boundaries. You must get the best wireless dog fences instead of taking chances with the cheap plastic boxes. Along with keeping a dog in a boundary, there are a few fences used to keep them away from certain places like the lawn or kitchen.

Now as you know that some communities have restrictions on certain types of fences like a wired fence for instance. Even in those cases, this wireless dog fence is permitted in almost every community so that your furry friend can stay safe.

Special Characteristics To Consider

  • Perimeter. Before selecting your preferred dog fence make sure you know the area it can cover and the area of your land in which you are planning to keep the dog. These wireless dog fences create a virtual boundary for your pet according to your selection. When the dog comes near it the collar will start correcting him according to its mistake level. You should not get a transmitter that doesn’t at least cover your house otherwise it’ll be no fun for the dog
  • Containing or repelling? Not all the best wireless dog fences are made to contain your dog in a specified region. Read the specification carefully whether you are getting a containment fence or a repelling fence. A dog can’t LEAVE a containment fence while it can’t ENTER a repelling fence. You can put up the repelling fence for your lawn, kitchen, nursery any off-limits place. Whenever the dog goes near the virtual fences, he gets corrected accordingly.

Does a wireless dog fence work?

A wireless dog fence does very well work however sometimes it’s signals can be interrupted by nearby metal buildings, topography, and terrains. Most places where these are placed, they work efficiently and keep your dog from leaving the premises.

Is wired electric fence a better or wireless electric fence?

A wired dog fence is more precise and secure, they can be places to the very corner of the land while wireless dog fence works in a circular radius. You can go look at the best electric dog fences.

How old should a dog be to use a wireless fence?

The dog must at least be 7-8 weeks old so that he can understand the training, otherwise, you’ll just be shocking the little guy in vain.

Can a dog run over an invisible fence?

While playing the dog can cross over the fence under the heat of the moment. But when he does so, he will be corrected using a static shock. Eventually, the dog will be trained to not leave the specified boundary otherwise there will be a punishment.

Are dogs hurt by the wireless dog fences?

No, the static shock that is used to correct your dog is very minimal and doesn’t hurt the dog. The collar has a battery that creates the zap and it is not possible for a little batter to create a harmful shock.

What’s the cost of an invisible dog fence?

The cost of a fence depends on the type, whether it is wired or wireless. And the area it covers. At an average, the fence can cost anywhere from $150 to thousands to dollars.

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