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Pet Kennels, Crates, and Dens create a safe and dedicated space for your pet to comfortably dwell into at home, outdoors, or anywhere between. Designed for your furry friend, a pet kennel serves as a secure containment for dogs, cats, rabbits, or any four-legged pet – while also preventing destructive habits being developed in your pet and keeping your home mess-free.

Types of Pet Crates, Kennels & Dens:

Metal Pet Kennels – the most popular pets dens known for their robustness and life-time longevity. These come in different sizes, so as to contain all sizes of dogs or cats, and even multiple furry pal’s in a single abode. The best thing about these metal pet pens is that they can withstand all conditions, are strong enough to resist pet bites, and don’t turn over or drag on the floor when your naughty furry friend jumps inside!

Plastic Pet Crates – best suited for cats, rabbits, and small puppies. They are preferred because of their ease of use when carrying your pets from one place to another, transporting them via car or plane, or taking them for vacations. Other benefits include waterproof structure, rust-resistant, easy to clean, and inexpensive price tag.

Wooden Pet Dens – are known for providing good insulation i.e. warm in winter and cool in summer. Additionally, the wooden kennels offer lots of customization options. For example, you can make modifications in the construction and paint the den according to your choice. And yes, they do look very modern. The only downside is the wood may rot if damp; it can absorb water and allow wood mites to inhabit in; not fully cleanable, and require proper care.

Accessories for Pet Dens

Pet dens can be made comfy and cozy so that your furry friend loves to stay in his snuggly bed till the last second – all thanks to accessories like pillows, covers, cushions, foamy mattresses.

Love your pet to the moon and back? Modify their houses with these accessories and help them get a pleasant sleep. Also, there are weather-resistant covers, which can be laid over the pet den so as to keep your furry friend warm in cold weather and dry in rainy conditions.

Other kennel accessories include – trays, attachable eating bowls, crate dividers, pet-friendly toys, and more.

Why Get a Kennel for My Pet?

A pet kennel provides a fully-secured and dedicated shelter to your pet dog or cat. From house-breaking your new doggy to keeping the household products safe from pet bites and destruction – a crate also serves as an effective training tool for your pet. When outdoors, these kennels serve as a comfy space for your pup or pussy cat to den.

Do pet cats and dogs like to stay inside pet kennels?

A kennel that offers enough space for your pet to move his directions, lay down in any position, rollover + proper place for sleeping + offers them privacy or secure feeling – is something which any pet would surely love.

However, it should be noted that pet cats and dogs need their independence. They don’t like to be caged inside a tiny limited space for so long. It can lead to stress and may make them aggressive.

So, it’s good to keep them free most of the time. Cage them for a short period – for example at night, when camping outdoors where you feel they might escape or get hurt by another animal, in the training period, or for any reasonable purpose.

Does my pet need a pet house?

There are different circumstances, where your pet surely needs a dedicated crate for his abode:

  • To offer protection against elements like rain, snow, sleet, and wind when outdoors.

  • To secure them against other animals that might harm them

  • To train them

  • Preventing them from damaging your possessions

  • To keep them safe when you can’t supervise them

  • To calm them during storms or firework

  • To securely transport them from one location to another

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