Water balancing is very important to maintain a healthy body and proper functionality of organs. If your dog is drinking an abnormal amount of water bowls after bowls then you should be concerned about it because it indicates a serious problem.

The normal intake of water depends upon several factors like size, age, weather condition, diet, and activity level but it is generally noticed that a healthy dog should drink about half or one ounce of water each day as per pound of body weight. If your puppy or big dog doesn’t take an adequate amount of water per day, he may result in dehydration, urinary tract disorder, kidney stones, or kidney failure.

Simultaneously, if a dog has overconsumption of water it will be equally threatening. So keeping an eye on your puppy’s daily intake and learning the cause for under or over-consumption of water can save your pet life.

Top 10 Reasons Why Is Your Dog Drinking Too Much Water

Dog Drinking Too Much Water

Here are the main reasons behind an excessive water intake in dogs. Abnormal thirst indicates certain medical and nonmedical reasons for your dog’s overtaking of water. These are:

1). Polydipsia

Polydipsia is a medical term that refers to the excessive intake of water. The water intake of water beyond the normal limit reason results in certain diseases or water toxication. The pet owners should know the normal routine to predict a change in their pet’s water-consuming pattern.

2). Activity level

The more active a dog the more he needed water. If your dog is exercising more than a normal routine, then he needs more water. Panting during activity also loses water so your dog will have increased demand for water if he is an outdoor pup.

3). Temperature difference

Dogs need more water in hot weather to cool their body temperature. Dogs drink plenty of water in the hot season to compensate for their body heat.

4). Diet

Switching from some liquid diet to dry kibble or dry dog biscuits will increase the need for water. If the diet of your puppy consumes a lot of sodium he may become thirsty very often. A high sodium diet is toxic to dogs.

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5). Medication

Certain anti-inflammatory medicines increase the need for water. like in humans some medicines make your dog extremely thirsty like prednisone and Furosemide.

6). Diabetes

Diabetes in dogs can cause too much water consumption because the body of the dog naturally regulates the amount of blood glucose level by drinking more water. There are two types of diabetes in dogs; diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. The dogs can have severe skin infections, fruity breath, vomit, or blindness.

7). Kidney Failure

The bean-shaped kidneys are naturally functioned to filter blood and balance electrolytes. They can be damaged due to several causes including chronic infections, toxins and cancer.  The damaged kidneys are unable to concentrate the urine by purifying blood and result in over urination. Excessive urination leads to excessive demand for water to overcome dehydration. 

8). Cushing disease

Cushing disease is caused by excessive production of cortisol in the blood. This disease is found generally in older dogs. The affected dogs over consume the water to prevent the buildup of cortisol in the body and results in excessive urination. The symptoms of Cushing disease involve voracious appetite, pot-bellied abdomen, hair loss, and other skin infections.

9). Addison’s disease

Addison’s disease is caused when the balance of sodium, potassium, and water is altered because adrenal glands produce less hormone to balance them. The excessive drinking and urination of water occur due to the innate ability to balance the electrolytes.

10). Hypercalcemia

The build-up of a high rate of calcium in the dog’s body causes hypercalcemia. Kidneys struggle to flush out the excess calcium from the body and result in excessive thirst and urination. At later stages, calcium is a buildup in the kidneys that causes kidney failure. Causes of hypercalcemia include tumors, poisoning of vitamin D, and Addison disease. Symptoms include vomiting, loss of appetite lethargy, and constipation.

How To Stop My Dog From Drinking Too Much Water?

Dog Drinking Too Much Water

If your dog is gulping too much water instantly it means there is something wrong with their health. If you see any unusual behavior, try to reach the veterinarian before concluding your results. The vet will evaluate a diet pattern and some tests according to the condition of your dog. After taking the advice from your vet, figure out your rules to balance the amount of water.

Steps to Take :

  1. Place the water bowl at an elevated surface so your dogs must stretch their neck to gulp water and his pace for drinking water will be reduced.
  2. Placing the water bowl in an elevated position will allow the dog to drink water against gravity.
  3. Use floating bowls to control the amount of water they take. Such bowls use a floating dish that pours a small amount of water in the dish and controls excessive drinking.
  4. Put ice cubes in the dog’s bowl to distract him with a natural floating toy.
  5. Remove the water bowl at night and place it again in the morning.
  6. Refill the water bowl at a fixed time every day.
  7. Make sure your dog is not dehydrated in attempting to keep him away from excessive drinking.

How To Monitor The Amount Of Water Your Dog Takes?

Because of the hazardous reasons and results here are certain steps to follow to monitor the changes in the water intake of your dog.

  1. Develop a water bowl routine to notice the change.
  2. Don’t make it available to your dog every time of the day.
  3. Select a time of the day to refill the bowl of water.
  4. Select a level of the bowl to refill and refill the bowl each time at the same level.
  5. Take a notice of the amount filled and the amount left by the dog.
  6. Never constraint your dog from drinking water as it is critically important for the well-being of your puppy.
  7. Don’t feel shy to call a vet if you seek any problem.
  8. Always determine if your dog needs more water.
  9. Dry and sticky lips determine that your dog needs more water.
  10. If you are doubtful take a small test on your dog. Lift some skin at the back of her neck and then leave. The skin of a hydrated dog will instantly come back to its place.

Symptoms of Water Intoxication In Dogs

Water intoxication is a fatal condition that causes heart failure and brain damage and ultimately death of your beloved pet. Water intoxication occurs when your dog drinks too much water suddenly without any break. The electrolytes of the body are disturbed that results in brain damage. Water intoxication is also known as Water toxemia, water poisoning, and hyper-hydration. Symptoms of water intoxication include bloating, vomiting, lethargy, loss of coordination drooling, pale gums, and glazed eyes.

Dog Drinking Too Much Water: When To See A Vet?

If you suspect that your dog is having water intoxication or dehydration you should seek medical consideration. Both conditions are fatal and can lead to death. Many conditions of excessive water intake can be treated by changing the diet pattern and taking medicines by the vet. Observe your dog closely to know if your dog is drinking more or less. Always fix a volume and level of refilling water and diet bowls to maintain their health.

Dr. Annie Spencer

Annie Spencer is a certified Dog Health Expert Veterinarian and holds a masters degree in Dog Emotion & Cognition from the Duke University, USA. She owns a private clinic and shares knowledge of her 30+ year experience at PetsBeast.com - helping worldwide people with their queries and recommending them with best dog health care products to purchase.