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Dog Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer in Dogs

Cancer is the abnormal cell growth that may or may not invade other parts of the body i.e. it may be malignant or benign. Bone cancer is one of the most prevailing types of cancer in dogs. Each year almost 10000 dogs are diagnosed with bone cancer, the most common type being osteosarcoma (OSA). The …

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Megaesophagus In Dogs

Megaesophagus in Dogs

The function of the esophagus is primarily to carry food in the form of bolus to stomach with the action of muscular peristalsis where longitudinal and circular muscles work antagonistically to push the food down. It is undoubtedly a sensitive part that can suffer from any disorder. One of the major issues of the esophagus …

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Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks

Are you having trouble with your lawn getting burned spots because of your dog’s pee? Have you tried so many different ways to avoid this from happening but they did not work? Worry no more because the solution to this problem of yours is using Dog Rocks – 100% Natural Grass Burn Prevention, which can …

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