Dog Rocks

Dog rocks are made from naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock mined from Australia. They provide a natural solution to urine burn patches on lawns.

Are you having trouble with your lawn getting burned spots because of your dog’s pee? Have you tried so many different ways to avoid this from happening but they did not work? Worry no more because the solution to this problem of yours is using Dog Rocks – 100% Natural Grass Burn Prevention, which can eliminate urine burn spots on your lawn. If you continue reading below, you will find out why this product is what we highly recommend for you to use.

What are Dog Rocks?

Dog Rocks

Dog rocks are made from naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock mined from Australia. They provide a 100 percent natural solution to urine burn patches on lawns. They can also treat urine patches on shrubs and the box hedges caused by your dog. They are safe to use because they do not react negatively with your dog’s urine.

How do dog rocks work?

Dog rocks work like a sponge. They absorb all excess nitrates and other trace elements from your dog’s urine. These compounds are the ones that cause urine burn patches on grass. But they can’t do that anymore when you use dog rocks because these rocks will absorb them instead.

Key Features of the Dog Rocks – 100% Natural Grass Burn Prevention

  • Safe for your pets – Dog Rocks have been laboratory tested and are safe for your pets. Your dogs and puppies will be happy and so will you when you see those burn spots start disappearing as the Dog Rocks takes effect.
  • No more burn spots – Within 3 5 weeks, you should start to notice a change in your lawn’s appearance and new urine patches should not appear. If they do, verify that your pet’s water bowl is their primary source of water and that it does not hold more than a half-gallon of water with 200 grams of Dog Rocks.
  • Long lasting solution – 200 grams of dog rocks can work for 2 months. Simply replace the Dog Rocks in your pet’s water dish every 2 months to prevent urine patches on your lawn for iit to remain lush and green.

Dog Rocks

Customer Reviews

Dog Rocks is proud of its good reviews from about 2,785 ratings in Amazon. Customers have commended this product because they were able to witness how effective it is in reducing and eliminating burn patches on their lawns caused by their dogs’ pee. In fact, one happy customer even said that his lawn’s appearance improved by as much as 80% because of these miraculous rocks.

How to use Dog Rocks?

Dog Rocks is very easy to use. You just have to put in the dog rocks in your dog’s water bowl. These rocks will not change the pH balance of your dog’s water or urine. There are no side effects. The only effect it will have is your lawn becoming more beautiful as all those burn patches disappear.

Final Verdict

And with all that information in your mind, you now have all the key details that you need to decide whether to purchase this product. Of course, we highly recommend for you to use it especially if you have burn patch problems in your lawn due to your dog’s urine. It is proven to be highly effective by the customers who have bought and used the dog rocks. You can buy the dog rocks here.

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