Recently, Siberian Huskies have become a popular breed for dogs. Many families clamor to own one. Pet lovers even wanted to own a bunch of them. Their interesting features can catch everyone’s attention. They have a wolf-like appearance, mysteriously beautiful blue eyes, and gray, white, or black colored fur.

But one question that people seem to keep asking about is that are huskies good service dogs? With extensive research about this question, I will gladly provide you with the answer.

Can a Husky Become a Great Service Dog?

Huskies as service dogs

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] Siberian Huskies are energetic, resilient, and dynamic dogs. They have a natural acclimation to cold climates. But in spite of being companionable and intelligent, Huskies can be stubborn and hard to train. This is primarily due to their free-spirited nature. They even tend to escape barricaded and fenced backyards without their masters noticing. That is how smart they are.

Because of this intelligent yet stubbornness, being a traditional service dog doing guiding and emotional support jobs is not the most recommended role for a Siberian Husky.[/box]

The Kinds of Service Dogs

In general, dog experts consider different types of service dogs which are:

  1. Guide Dogs
  2. Hearing Dogs and Mobility Assistant Dogs
  3. Emotional Support and PTSD Dogs
  4. Rescue Dogs
  5. Medical Service Dogs; and
  6. Sled Dogs

These kinds of service dogs differ in the role that they can do. Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and mobility assistant dogs are the best service dogs helping their masters out in public. They have the ability to remain calm even in the midst of crowded places.

On the other hand, emotional support dogs and PTSD dogs are those able to provide good emotional support to their owners or masters. They have the ability to cheer them up and give off a great impression of being a loyal friend.

We also have rescue dogs and medical service dogs who can pull heavy loads, carry objects, and quickly go from one place to another.

Best Role for a Husky

Most dog experts recommend Huskies to be sled service dogs. This is the role perfectly fitting them if one wants his or her Husky to become a service dog. We often see in movies or TV shows that people tend to use Huskies for transporting objects and people across the snow. This practice is still prevalent in places where there is always ice and snow. But it is rare to see them in our societies today. Eventually, this practice might stop.

A Great Family Pet

Nevertheless, one of the top qualities of a Siberian Husky is their friendly personality. They tend to want to become the center of attention. Some of their acts may come off aggressive when in fact they are not. For example, when guests or visitors enter your home, your Husky might get too jumpy and run around the place. They do so because they want to lick these strangers and greet them, and definitely not to incapacitate them.

And also unlike popular belief, Huskies are friendly towards children. They mean no harm to them. But if you have children, your Husky might become one of them since they are actually as needy as your human children.

Because of these reasons, Huskies are great family pets. They may not be the best dogs for services like rescuing and guiding, but they are still a great addition to the family.

Exercising is a Must

Huskies are very active and as mentioned earlier, they can be quite stubborn and love to run. This is because of their high energy meter. You can help them release this energy by giving them plenty of exercises. It would be good if you can walk them for long distances. Better yet, give them a weighted vest while walking so that they would feel like they are working.

There are different ways to exercise with your Husky. I remember seeing a kid riding her bicycle as she was accompanied by her running pet Husky.

A Challenge to Train

Huskies are known for being good escapists. This means that if they feel bored being locked into your backyard and they become tempted to go outside of it, they will find away. They can climb, jump, swim, or dig their way out of the yard.

This instinct comes from the fact that they live to explore and run free. But if you exercise more with your Husky, it is more likely to stay put as its energy has been released through exercising.

Can Be a Great Friend

All in all, a Siberian Husky is not perfectly fitted for the role of a guard dog. It can be a great sled dog but chances are you don’t live in a place that snows or has snow all the time. It is best to have a Husky as a loving and caring pet and a part of your family. If you train your Husky well, you could be into some great memories with a great dog who would be your forever great friend.

Aamir Iqbal

Aamir is crazy for pets, but not the traditional ones… In fact, he enjoys chilling with cold-blooded reptiles. He loves adding reptiles and amphibians, whom he terms as his family. His local community calls him, Amir the Beast Boy!