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Ragdoll Cat

Many people like the adorable point colorization of the Siamese cat breed. If someone is struggling to find a breed with similar traits and characteristics, Ragdoll is the best option for them. This cat breed is not very old and the world got its introduction in the mid-20th century. This sweet looking, strong, and huge cat breed is very affectionate with high vocals and social behavior. The Ragdoll cats have slow growth and completely mature at the age of 3 to 5 years.


History of the Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is a comparatively new breed that has its origin in America. It was created by a cat breeder named Ann Baker at California in 1960. This cat breed was a result of Ann Baker’s desire of having a special cat with distinctive features.

Somewhere in the 1960s, a white longhaired, Persian or Angora type cat named Josephine gave birth to several kittens. Some of them were like Josephine and some resembled the Birman, Siamese, or Burmese cats. In the next litter, Josephine gave birth to docile and affectionate kittens. When Josephine continued to have a similar litter, Ann Baker purchased a few kittens from her neighborhood and started selective breeding to get her desired breed.

It took years and generations when Ann Baker got successful in getting a beautiful cat with point colorization, large size, gentleness, affection, and the tendency of lap loving.

Ann Baker gave it the name of Ragdoll. She made her registry for this cat breed in 1971 named International Ragdoll Cat Association. No other association was allowed to register this cat breed. In 1993, Cat Fancier Association started registering this cat breed.

After getting famous in the USA, a pair of Ragdoll was exported to the UK and in this way, Ragdoll started getting popular first in Europe and then in the whole world.

The Physical Characteristics of the Ragdoll Cat

Height & Weight

The Ragdoll is a medium-sized cat. It is about 11 to 13 inches tall and 15 to 20 pounds heavy. The males are usually heavier and taller than the females.

Life Span

The expected life span of a Ragdoll cat is 13 to 15 years. Some healthy cats can live for 1 or 2 additional years as well.

Ragdoll Cat

The Appearance of the Ragdoll Cat

Body Features

The Ragdoll cat has a strong, broad, and heavy body with a deep and broad chest. They have a short but strong neck to support the broad head of wedge shape. All sides of their head are equal to give it a squarish look. The head has medium-sized ears with rounded tips and the ears are slightly tilted forward and large eyes.

Their legs are sturdy and muscular with heavy bones and are long in size. Front legs are smaller than the hind legs. Their big paws and a long waving bushy tail are covered with heavy feathering and fur.

Eye Colors

The Ragdoll comes with only one eye color, blue.

Coat and Stripes

Ragdoll cats have a long silky and dense coat. This coat is short on the head, face, and shoulders, ruff around the neck, and long on the back, stomach, and tail. Like Siamese, the Ragdoll also has a light-colored body and point coloration on its ears, nose, paws, legs, and tail.

The coat is available in four patterns. Matted, color point, bi-color, and van. Each pattern has a different color combination and makes the Ragdoll look distinctive and amazing.


The coat of the Ragdoll is available in several colors like chocolate, lilac, red, cream, blue, and seal. For different coat patterns, these colors appear in combination with mostly white color.

Personality and Temperament of the Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat was created to have an affectionate and sweet temperament cat. This cat breed is very loving, bears a relaxed temperament, and loves to be carried and sit in the lap. It also goes well if it is made to cradle on its back. The calm, gentle, docile, and floppy nature of a Ragdoll cat is said to have been adopted from the Persian and Birman cat breeds.

The Ragdoll follows their people at every corner of the house, wait for them to come back and welcomes them at the door. They have sweet vocals that they use to remind of food or petting.

The Ragdoll is a docile cat breed but it is very active and playful, it likes to play with toys, fetch things, and chase the teasers. The Ragdolls are very intelligent cats that are quick learners and easily trainable.

They like to remain in low places like bed and sofa to stay close to the family members and do not develop the habit to climb up in high places. This cat breed is very loyal and undemanding. It can easily tolerate situations like being left alone for several hours.

Health Problems of the Ragdoll Cat

The mixed cat breeds like Ragdoll generally have good health, yet they are prone to some genetic diseases.


Fluffy cats look cute but the overweight turning into obesity is a big threat to the life of a large cat, like Ragdoll. It can lead to many other health problems related to the heart, kidneys, and lungs.

Calcium Oxalate Bladder Stones

Sometimes, the Ragdolls suffer through a disease in which many stones are formed in their bladder and cause severe pain and other urination problems. Lots of water can help in curing this disease.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

This is a genetic heart problem in which the left ventricle gets thickens and affects the circulation of blood in the body. It can be caused due to obesity as well.

Ragdoll Cat Breed

Nutrition of the Ragdoll Cat

Keeping in mind the health issues of the Ragdoll cats, it is necessary to provide them with wet cat food that can fulfill their need for water. Apart from wet food, lots of water must be provided to Ragdoll cats to avoid bladder stones.

Divide the cat food into 2 meals a day and do not leave the food for all day in the cat bowl. This is because overeating can lead to diabetes in Ragdoll cats.

Care of the Ragdoll Cat

A Ragdoll appears to be a bit sensitive cat breed. Extra care can make this cat live a healthy and good life.

  • The single silky coat of the Ragdoll cats is low-matted. It needs twice or thrice a week brushing and grooming to avoid matting. It will also help to avoid knots and tangles of the fur.
  • Use ear cleaning drops to keep the Ragdoll’s ears clean and free from bacteria and debris.
  • Trim the claw nails regularly and provide good scratching post to the cat.
  • Give a bath when the coat of the Ragdoll becomes greasy or stringy.
  • Feed the Ragdoll with puzzle toys to make eating fun.
  • Utilize the energy of the Ragdoll by proving it with cat toys and puzzles.
  • Plenty of exercises and playing games like fetch and retrieve objects is required to maintain good health and ideal body of the Ragdoll cats.
  • Keep the litter box tidy.
  • Outdoor cats can be affected by infections, attacks by other pets, accidents, and stealing. Keeping them indoor can save their lives.

Friendliness of the Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdolls are highly social and affectionate cats and show a high level of friendliness towards the family members, children, and other pets. They love to sit in the lap. They enjoy playing with children and like to be carried in the arms.

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