Someone has said it right, “A cat in the grass is a tiger in the bushes”. Although a distant relative, belonging to the same family of wild cats – domesticated felines also share a portion of qualities similar to their wilder counterparts. While shelter and best quality cat food are critical, the significance of providing your feline with means to satisfy her wild-instinctual drive to hide, jump, and maul shouldn’t be ignored as well.

Fortunately, cat tunnels are here to satisfy your cat’s wild behavioral patterns and provide it with endless hours of wild fun, safely inside your home.

What is a cat tunnel? A cat tunnel is a covered horizontal passageway with peepholes. They are usually made from synthetic fabrics, and a single cat tunnel may feature comfy private resting places, multiple peepholes, and various passages for your cat to sleep, walk, play, and have a peep.

Best Cat Tunnels 2021

Best Cat Tunnels

We have tested different cat tunnels and have compiled a list of the top picks of the bunch that best serve your feline’s needs. But before we move deep into the details, here’s a helicopter view of our best-featured picks:

Verdict: Product: Score:
Best Overall Prosper 3-Way Pet Cat Tunnel 100%
Best Multi-functional Kitty City Cat Tunnel 95%
Best Budget Pick Tempcore Cat Tunnel 90%
Best for Playing Purrfect Feline Cat Tunnel 95%
Cat’s Best Choice PAWZ Road S-Shaped Cat Tunnel 99%
Best Outdoor Outback Jack Cat Tunnel 85%

[highlight color=”yellow”]Our Best Pick:[/highlight] Prosper 3-Way Pet Cat Tunnel with Crinkly Material

81h9BlSmw6L. AC SL1500
With 3 spacious tunnels, a peek-a-boo hole, and an ultra-strong polyester wrapped around a sprung steel frame – the Prosper Cat Tunnel is the best cat tunnel of 2021!
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Dimensions: Each tube is about 10 inches tall and 17 inches deep.

The Prosper Pet is a 3-way tunnel with a peephole in the center where three passageways intersect. The durable steel frames make the tunnel stay in the best shape, with no collapses on any area.

Best-quality polyester is wrapped all around the tunnel. The fabric provides strong protection against wear/tear, cat bites, and sharp-nail scratches. One of the three tunnel tubes has a built-in crinkle crackle paper that your cat will find irresistible.

71RdnUkmnLL. AC SL1500

This tunnel is spacious enough to accommodate cats of all sizes. Plus, the inclusion of a peek-a-boo hole, swinging jingle bell, and three intersected tubes – provide your feline with endless fun hours.

Some other things to love about this tunnel is that the steel frame incorporates protective ends for your cat’s safety; all the three passageways fold flat and small for easy travel and storage; the fabric is washable.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] Users Feedback: The Prosper 3-Way Pet Cat Tunnel has an impressive 4.8-stars rating on Amazon, with thousands of worldwide customers terming it “by far the greatest” cat tunnel.

Customers say that they love this product for it features 3-different tunnel passages for their cat to play, rest, and walk. The peephole at the center is wide enough for large/medium-sized cats to peek-a-bole and make surprise jumps. Customers are also all praises for the hanging bell and the linking of crinkly material in one of the tubes.[/box]

The Good
  • 3-Way Tunnel for Endless Fun Hours
  • Durable Premium Construction
  • Powerful Steel Frames
  • Built-in Crinkle Texture
  • Collapsible and Portable
  • All Wire Ends Protected
  • 190T polyester that is washable and resists tears, scratches. It does not collect pet hair, either.
  • Available in different colors and design patterns
  • Compatible with all cat sizes
The Bad
  • N/A

[highlight color=”yellow”]The Best All-Purpose:[/highlight] Kitty City Cat Tunnel

71ZHmySNO8L. AC SL1500
Provide your cat with hours of fun workout and comfortable sleep with this fun and plush-bed-featured cat tunnel. Featuring an assortment of bells and whistles, it’s the purr-fect playing and resting area for cats!
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Dimensions: 39” W x 39” D x 12.5” H

The Kitty City Cat Tunnel is the jack of all trades. The package consists of two semi-circular subways, that can either be used separately or attached together to form a long, spacious round tunnel with a peek-a-boo hole. There’s also a super-comfy, plush bed that can either be zipped to either the outside of one single tube or in the empty circular space of the combined donut-shaped tunnels.

On our testing, we found the tunnel’s build quality to be promising. The structure stays in the best shape, all thanks to the durable steel frames with protective ends for your feline’s safety. The covering is of A-grade washable polyester, resistant to scratches and shredding. And the plush bed is super-comfy and machine-wash friendly.

71NpvlJBBIL. AC SL1000

The trendy additional features that make the product more attractive are the hanging heart-shaped toy on the tunnel’s entry; and the “zip-it-down & fold-it-up” feature to make the whole set ready for small space storage or to be taken anywhere.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] Users Feedback: The Kitty City Multi-Functional Tunnel has a 4.7-stars rating on Amazon, with 95% of users all praises for this product.

Customers say that their cats absolutely love this thing. The two separable sections and zip attaching comfy nap bed, have made it easier for them to make a perfectly optimized tunnel for their kitty.

“My cat LOVES to run around the house, and now he has added running a few laps inside this tunnel to his run lol. She uses the tunnel as a good napping spot, and also a spot to hide from the guests she isn’t sure of. This has gotten soooooo much use from my cat. I would highly recommend this,” says a customer.[/box]

The Good
  • Multi-Functional Cat Tunnel
  • Features the Largest & Most Spacious Tubes in this league
  • Catnip Heart Toy
  • Washable Plush Bed
  • Peephole
  • Best for playing, hiding, and resting
  • Durable Build Quality & Fabric
  • Foldable and Collapsible for storage and easy travel
The Bad
  • Some customers claim zippers to be the worst part of this tunnel. This is because the zippers sometimes don’t align well, go rough, or break – which makes connecting and disconnecting the components, a headache for the user.
  • There’s no crinkly material.

[highlight color=”yellow”]Best Budget Pick:[/highlight] Tempcore Cat Tunnel

61Q403tnDYL. AC SL1500
A 3-way spacious cat tunnel with all the premium bells and whistles, but at a reasonable cost!
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Dimensions: Each tube is about 10 inches tall and 17 inches deep. The peephole is 5″ in diameter.

The Tempcore Cat Tunnel has all basic functionalities of what every good-quality cat tunnel incorporates – i.e spacious tubes, wide mouth entry, peeping hole, and even a hanging ball on the exit.

The tunnel is wrapped with good-quality polyester and maintains its perfect tunnel-shape because of the durable steel-frame structure. For your pet’s safety, the round ends of the tunnel are protected with a soft-foamy coating.

The tubes are wide and spacious, making it a perfect playground for cats of all sizes. The peek-a-boo-hole is located in the center where three passages connect and the former is big enough for cats to jump in and out with ease.

Despite the low price tag, Tempcore has made no compromise on the product quality. The durability factor is deeply rooted in the product. The polyester wrapping is strong enough to resist scratches and the wear and tear caused by the cat’s sharp nails and teeth bites. To further spec up a cat’s excitement, there’s a hanging ball at one of the tunnel exits which serves as a great exercising tool to keep a feline active.

This cat subway is collapsible. The trio-tubes fold down small in seconds for easy travel and storage.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] Users Feedback: The Tempcore tunnel has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, with hundreds of users going gaga over this product.

Most customers have deemed this product as the “best affordable tunnel” for their kitties. They have expressed proudness and pure satisfaction over the investment made in this product.

“The cats love it. Easy to store when not in use, but it will never happen. The design will ensure the tunnels won’t deform over time. For the price, this is a must-have for cat lovers,” says a customer.[/box]

The Good
  • Affordable Price
  • 3-Way Cat Tunnel for Endless Fun
  • Wide and Spacious
  • Accommodates cats of all sizes
  • Peeping hole
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Hanging Ball for exercise
  • Foldable
The Bad
  • The stitching is not neat.
  • Some customers have complained of the stitching getting lose and the seams ripping apart after a few months of usage.
  • Very less crinkle

[highlight color=”yellow”]Best for Playing:[/highlight] Purrfect Feline Cat Tunnel

71RgOzs qLL. AC SL1500
The most-entertaining tunnel to provide your kitty with a barrel of excitement. It’s all fun and playing until the furry-creature fells asleep!
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Dimensions: Medium – Large – XL

The Purrfect Feline is unique in the sense that it provides your pet with a four-way tunnel for maximum playing, in and out rushes, and endless hours of hide n’ seek. The tunnel comes in three different sizes – small/medium, large, and extra-large – which means you can buy the product with the assurity that it will fit your cat’s needs. All the four tube-passages connect in the center, where there’s a peek-a-boo hole.

One of the passages is textured with crinkled paper with which your kitty would surely get addicted to. Outside the same passage, there’s a ball toy suspended by a ribbon. The plastic ball jingles when hit, and it keeps the cat engaged for endless fun hours. You will be surprised to see how well your cat welcomes the jingle-ball inside her new subway!

81X9oW4ZT L. AC SL1500

Are four tubes not enough? Worry not, as this product is expandable. There are elastic ties on each tunnel’s ends, which allow you to connect multiple new tubes to create complex passages to challenge your cat through mysterious twists and turns down the road! These elastic ties are easy to tie and unfasten, so it’s more fun with less of the inconvenience.

The build quality of this product is pretty impressive. The tear-resistant polyester material keeps the tunnel resistant to scratches and wear and tear, while the steel frame holds the tunnel strong while your furry friends are playing inside. The subway can be folded flat together for travel and storage purposes.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] Users Feedback: The Purrfect Feline Cat Tunnel has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon, with 98% of the users extremely happy with this product. Customers are all praises for this product and feel proud to have provided their felines with the most entertaining and best quality tunnel.[/box]
The Good
  • Jingle Ball for Playing
  • Durable Premium Construction
  • Powerful Steel Frames
  • Built-in Crinkle Texture
  • Collapsible and Portable
  • 190T polyester that is washable and resists tears, scratches.
  • The fabric does not collect pet hair
  • Available in all sizes
The Bad
  • Customers have complained that the crinkled tube is not properly crinkled, as advertised. Just a smal area of the tube is built with crinkle-textured surface.
  • The tunnel has no wire supporting the center, so it caves in very often.
  • The ball is a bit too noisy to annoy you.

[highlight color=”yellow”]Favorite Choice of Worldwide Cats:[/highlight] PAWZ Road S-Shaped Cat Tunnel

61XCMsuVfAL. AC SL1500
This product is every cat’s no.1 choice. Regardless of your cat’s behavioral patterns, this product has something magical to make every cat fall in love with it!
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Dimensions: 46” in length and 10.5” tall

This time it’s not us or the users’ best choice. The PAWZ Tunnel has been voted as the best product by worldwide felines.

The proof? On placing the PAWZ Tunnel along with other top-rated tunnels, we and hundreds of customers found that 99% felines spent most of their time resting and playing inside the PAWZ Tunnel – ignoring all the others that were placed alongside it.

It’s an S-shaped tunnel with a spacious room for cats of all sizes to run through it from end to end. Unlike most tunnels that are wrapped with polyester, this tunnel is shawled with faux fur material that is more durable and looks more elegant when placed indoors.

71 lIc T4HL. AC SL1500

The 46-inch long subway passage features two peepholes that allow cats to stick their head out and make surprise jumps from inside. At one passage entrance, there’s a soft-plushy hanging ball that brings hours of exercise and endless fun as batting and swatting.

Its strong sprung steel frame with protective ends gives an additional level of security for your felines. It springs up in a couple of seconds and folds down into a little thing that is very simple to carry and store. There’s also an inclusion of ties and connectors at each to hook up as many additional tube passages as you want, and level up the fun!

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] Users Feedback: The PAWZ Road S-Shaped Cat Tunnel is a top-rated product with an Amazon rating of 4.9 stars. About 99.99% of users have rated this product as their kitty’s absolute favorite.

Customers say that this product is best-loved by their felines. It is easily welcomed by any cat of any behavior. Plus, many customers have appreciated the item for being the most durable and long-lasting tunnel of the century.[/box]

The Good
  • Every cat’s No.1 Choice
  • Made of highly-durable and long-lasting Faux Fur Material
  • Hanging ball for playing
  • Extensible
  • Has 2-built-in peep holes
  • Solid sprung steel frame with protective ends
  • Foldable
  • Does not make crinkle noise
  • Unique S-shape design to chase inside and adventure
  • For cats of all ages and sizes
The Bad
  • The faux fur gets dirty in short time. It is difficult to clean as compared to polyester ones.

[highlight color=”yellow”]The Best Outdoor:[/highlight] Outback Jack Cat Tunnel & Play Tent

It’s not just an ordinary cat tunnel. In fact, it is a complete outdoor cat playing-cum-resting unit with lots of features for the advantage of both the cat and the owner.
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Dimensions: 34 x 21.5 x 6.5 inches

Cat craving for outdoor fun? The Outback Jack features a mesh passageway with a 30-square-feet tent to best accommodate your feline outdoors. The complete unit sets up pretty quickly and is perfect for everyday outdoor use.

What makes this product the best tunnel for outdoor fun, is the added level of security and safety against pests, harmful animals, and poisonous snakes when outdoors. Once your pet gets inside the unit, you can zip up close the entry point so that no unauthorized animal enters inside.

The mesh net provides your feline with a 360-degree view of the beautiful weather and the surrounding environment as well as good ventilation and fresh air-flow. This way your pet can enjoy playing in a natural environment with no possible threats of outdoor-dangers.

The tunnel alone can easily accommodate toys, treats, and cat food while also providing your furry-friend with an extra space run, chase, pounce, and tumble. For an increased level of safety and comfort, there’s a mesh tent attached to the tunnel, where your cat can go for either playing or taking a nap.

Using the attaching zipper, you can even close your kitten’s entry into the tent or vice versa. This option is ideal for isolating an injured pet, going outdoors with two different pets, or introducing a new pet.

This whole unit easily folds into a convenient carry bag for travel, storage, and convenience. Plus, the setup of this tunnel and tent house is a breeze with easy pull-string design. This makes this product ideal for outdoor camping, picnic, or a day at the beach.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””] Customers Feedback: Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Tunnel has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon, with about 80% of users satisfied with this product.

Customers say that this tunnel is great for making your cats enjoy a natural environment without getting harmed by other animals or getting lost. They say that this tunnel gives them peace of mind that their pets are playing in a safe environment outdoors.[/box]

The Good
  • Allows indoor pets to have fun outdoors
  • Makes for a secure outdoor playing place for pets
  • Mesh provides 360-degree view and fresh air flow to the pet
  • Huge space
The Bad
  • Not a long-lasting product.
  • The product quality is not up to the mark.
  • The tent’s poles crack and break easily.
  • There’s no second door in the large tent.
  • The zippers can break.

Why are cat tunnels important?

You may have provided your cat with lots of playing toys and may have provided it the best quality of life you can. But you need to understand this one main thing – “Cats are predators”. They love to hide, jump, make surprise jumps, and squeeze through tight spaces to satisfy their hunting and stalking instinct. Therefore, a cat tunnel comes in use.

How to wash cat tunnels?

Most cat tunnels are wrapped with washable polyester. But it does not mean, that you wash them in a washing machine. These tunnels can be hand-washed through soap and water. For tough stains, gently scrub the area with a brush, but don’t overdo. And make sure to rinse the tunnel with plenty of water to get all the soap out.

What is the best cat tunnel for large cats?

The Kitty City Cat Tunnel is the best-recommended product for large cats. The tunnel features the largest and most spacious passage tubes in this league. The tunnel tube is 12.5″ in diameter opening – which is the largest for any cat tunnel in the market right now. Its total dimensions are 39” W x 39” D x 12.5” H.

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