Dog Dental Water Additives

Oral health and hygiene are just as important to your pet dogs as it is for you. That’s why establishing a daily brushing routine is of utmost importance. But neither every pet parent has the time or patience to brush their dog’s teeth nor does every dog like the daily tooth brushing activity.

There’s where Dental Water Additives come in. In simple words, you can say it’s Listerine for dogs that aids in oral hygiene.

Just add a teaspoon or two in your pets drinking water every day and let the fresh breath party begin. The non-toxic chemicals inside the additive will break down plaque and tartar buildup inside your dog’s mouth and refresh its breath.

The Best Feature?

It hydrates and protects your dog’s chompers against periodontal disease; removes plaque and tartar buildup; freshens breath; removes plaque buildup under the gumline – all without having to brush your dog’s teeth.

Improve your dog’s dental health by simply adding the formula to their drinking water – it couldn’t be easier!


The 15 Best Dog Dental Water Additives

Product Feature Purchase
Dental Fresh Dog Dental Water Additive For your Dog’s complete A-Z Oral Health Care & Oral Hygiene Buy Now
TropiClean Dog Dental Water Additive For Instant Breath Freshen Buy Now
Nylabone Dog Dental Water Additive For Advanced Tartar & Plaque Control Buy Now
Dechra Vetradent Dog Dental Water Additive Biotrate Technology for Bacteria Removal Buy Now
Naturel Promise Dog Dental Water Additive Fresh Breath for 12 Hours Buy Now
Fresh Breath Natural Dog Dental Water Additive For Puppies & Sensitive Dogs Buy Now
Well & Good Dog Dental Water Additive Tartar Formation Control Buy Now
imrex Breathalyser Dog Dental Water Additive Xylitol-Free for Sensitive Stomach Buy Now
Ceva Clenz-a-dent Dog Dental Water Additive RF2 Edible & Refreshing Mouth Rinse Buy Now
Petrodex Dog Dental Water Additive Strong Antimicrobial Properties w/ Chlorhexidine and Zinc Gluconate Buy Now
Paw Brothers Dog Dental Water Additive Effectively fights Plaque and Tartar Buy Now
Essential Values Water Additive for Dogs Direct Spray Application + Water Additive for Tartar, Plaque, and Gum Infections Buy Now
Virbac Aquadent Water Additive Solves all Gum-Related Issues Buy Now
Oxyfresh Water Additive for Dogs Advanced Oxygene Formula Aids in Oral Care & Hygiene Buy Now
Pet Kiss Water Additive Oral Care Stink-free Kissable Mouth Buy Now

While dental cleanings are expensive, regular teeth brushing is time-consuming for pet owners and disliked by animals. So people are looking for easier ways to keep their dog’s teeth clean and keep their furry friends away from periodontal diseases and infections like Gingivitis.

Dental Water Additive is the best alternative to regular tooth brushing activity. It is a complete brushless tooth cleaning activity that aids in your pet’s oral hygiene and reduces the frequency of costly trips to the dentists.

Since additives are something which is added to your pet’s drinking water and consumed by your pet, so as a pet parent, you must ensure that the Dental Additive you are going to use to treat your dog is 100% Safe, contains non-toxic ingredients, does not wreak havoc in the dog’s sensitive stomach, and does not cause any sort of irritation when in contact with any part of your dog such as eyes.

This is where comes to your rescue…

Here we present you a list of Top 10 Best Dog Dental Water Additives. Possessing all the qualities to bless your pet dog with sparkling white teeth and minty-fresh breath, all of these Dental Water Additives are Vet-Approved and 100% safe for puppies, adult, and senior dogs.

1). Dental Fresh Water Additive For Dogs (Our Topic Pick & World’s No.1 Teeth Whitening Water Additive)

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Best Features:

  • Advanced Tartar & Plaque Control
  • Self-Regulating Anti-Microbial Formula
  • Clinically-Proven & Vet-Approved
  • Teeth Whitening & Cleaning
  • Treats Gum Infections & Teeth Disorder
  • Prevents Periodontal Disease
  • Fights Bacteria
  • Guarantees A-Z Dog Oral Health & Hygiene Needs
  • Free from Toxic-Chemicals
  • Odorless & Flavorless

Dog Dental Water Additive by DENTAL FRESH, is hands-down the world’s best dog oral health care product. Unbeatable and unexcelled in this market, this product enjoys its position as the world’s best product not just because of its matchless qualities, but also since it is Vet-Approved and Clinically-Proven.

Best for dogs of all ages, Dental Fresh features an advanced self-regulating Anti-microbial formula which is released only when exposed to bad bacteria, plaque, tartar, and periodontal pathogens in your dog’s mouth.

On its release, the Antimicrobial formula strongly fights against Plaque buildup, yellow stains, tartar formation, harmful bacteria, and stinking odors. At the end of the day, your dog will be having sparkling white teeth and mouth smelling minty-fresh!

Apart from advanced oral hygiene and care, Dental Fresh Water Additive has numerous other benefits as well. For example – it protects gums from inflammation, dryness, and itchiness; prevents periodontal disease; treats Gingivitis, tooth decay, and discolored teeth; and even eliminates slime (bacteria) from the dog’s water bowl.

Furthermore, the product contains no alcohol, no sugar, no artificial flavor, no detergents, and no harmful chemical.

Overall, Dental Fresh is the best Water Additive for your Dog’s complete oral health care needs and hygiene. Simply add it to your pet’s water bowl, it will magically brush their teeth each time they drink water!

2). TropiClean Fresh Breath Dog Dental Water Additive

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Best Features:

  • Instant Breath Freshening Formula
  • Maintains Fresh & Sweet Breath for 12 Hours
  • Fights Bacteria, Plaque, Tartar
  • Eliminates Germs from Dog’s Mouth
  • No Harmful Ingredients

TropiClean comes with a unique dental care formula that not only cleans your puppy’s teeth but also grants it with healthier gums. The moment your dog drinks water mixed with TropiClean, the formula reacts with plaque and tartar inside the dog’s mouth and eliminates these germs – giving your dog shinier teeth and sweet breath.

What makes TropiClean rank among one of the best Dog Dental Water Additives is not just its bacteria-fighting ability, but also the ability to grant your pooch with an “Instant” Dose of Breath Freshness, that is maintained for 12 hours!

Dog owners have found TropiClean Fresh an ideal dental water additive for their dogs, with lots of positive compliments and 5-star ratings on its instant breath freshening formula.

3). Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dog Liquid Tartar Remover

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Best Features:

  • Effective against tough Plaque & Tartar Buildup
  • Strong action against Harmful Bacteria

As the name suggests, the Nylabone Advanced is made to fight those tough yellowish stains and tartar buildup on your dog’s canine and molars.

Unlike other water additives, the Nylabone is specially formulated with a strong non-toxic formula that performs abrasive action against years-old plaque buildup on the dog’s teeth surface and gradually breaks the former down for whiter, cleaner, and shinier teeth.

The product is best suited for adult dogs or the ones with extremely dirty teeth and unbearable breath. The formula goes deep in between the teeth, under the gum line, and areas that are hard to reach by a toothbrush – and then cleanse those areas for a bacteria-free mouth.

4). Dechra Vetradent Water Additive for Dogs

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Best Features:

  • Biotrate Technology for Bacteria Removal
  • Cleans Plaque & Tartar
  • Removes Germs
  • Inhibits Bacterial Growth

Biotrate Technology is something that makes Dechra Vetradent rank among the best Dog Dental Water Additives. While the product perfectly carries out its main job of cleaning tartar and plaque buildup, the Biotrate technology gets through biofilm in the mouth, lessening the microscopic organisms liable for plaque and tartar development.

Best known for its teeth whitening properties, the Dechra Vetradent has also proven to be effective against harmful bacteria formation and plaque buildup. Flavorless and Odorless, the product does not contain any sort of smell for your dog to sense. Free from harsh chemicals, use this product with no worries!

5). Naturel Promise Dog Teeth Care Additive

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Best Features:

  • Provides Long-Lasting Fresh Breath for up to 12 hours
  • Made from Non-Toxic Chemicals
  • Cleans Teeth & Freshens Breath
  • Made in the USA

The Naturel Promise is an effective oral health care additive for your dog, with long-lasting effects. Regular usage provides multiple advantages – ideal to maintain your dog’s oral health, while a single wash provides fresh breath for up to 12 hours.

Made in the USA, the Natural Promise is an odorless and colorless plaque and tartar removal agent for your pooch that diminishes the hassle of tooth brushing.

6). Fresh Breath Natural Dog Oral Care Drops (Best For Puppies & Sensitive Dogs)

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Best Features:

  • Made from 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Safe to Swallow
  • Safe for Puppies
  • Safe for Sensitive Dogs
  • Strong Plaque Defense Technology

What makes TropiClean Fresh Breath Oral Care Drops rank among the Top Best Dog Dental Water Additives, is its ingredient-base. Yes, you guessed it right!

This tooth care additive is made from non-toxic, 100% Natural ingredients – which makes it a perfect product for small puppies and dogs with sensitive gums and stomach.

This dogtooth care product helps defend against plaque, leading to fresher breath for up to 12 hours. Dog owners have found this item very effective against teeth stains, mouth bacteria, and tartar formation.

7). Well & Good Tartar Control Water Additive for Dogs

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Best Features:

  • Advanced Tartar Control & Plaque Defense Formula
  • Fix Bad Mouth Odor
  • Flavorless & Odorless Formula

Equipped with Advanced Tartar-Control & Plaque Defense Formula, the Well & Good is one of the best additives for controlling tartar formation and preventing plaque buildup.

The odor and flavor-free formula mix with water, thus ensuring your dog does not sense the additional taste of an additive and drink water without hindrance. Apart from its tartar control mechanism, Well & Good has proven to be very effective against bad mouth odor.

8). imrex Breathalyser Water Additive for Dogs (Without Xylitol)

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Best Features:

  • Contains No Xylitol
  • Does not Cause Diarrhea
  • Free from Harsh Chemicals
  • Aids in proper oral cleanliness of your dog

The Imrex Breathalyser is a drinking water for dogs and cats. What makes it superior to others, is not only its plaque and tartar defense technology… but the fact that it is Xylitol-Free.

What makes it so special?

Some dogs are sensitive to water additives and usually suffer from diarrhea when treated with dental additives. But that’s not the case with imrex Breathalyser. The product does not contain Xylitol, which makes it a perfect and 100% safe drinking water additive for puppies and sensitive dogs.

Breathalyzer Water Additive removes the hassle of brushing while at the same time making oral cleanliness a breeze. By treating a pet’s drinking water with Breathalyzer, one can promote proper oral cavity health without battling with a brush and paste. Oral cleanliness is critical to a dog’s wellbeing and Breathalyzer Water Additive is a clinically-proven and test solution.

9). Ceva Clenz-a-dent Mouth Rinse For Dogs

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Best Features:

  • Contains RF2, acting as a shield against bad bacteria growth
  • Edible & Refreshing Mouth Rinse + Drinking Water Additive
  • Prevents Stinking Breath Odors
  • Sweet & Minty Flavor

The Ceva Clenz-a-dent can be added to your dog’s drinking water, applied directly using finger application, or can be used as a mouth rinse. It is an edible and refreshing solution that contains RF2 which inhibits the growth of bad bacteria that prompts stinking mouth odors.

Ideal for dogs of all ages, the product helps remove yellow stains from teeth while also battling against tartar and plaque formation. The product has a sweet-mintish flavor, which keeps your canine smelling minty-sweet all day!

10). Petrodex Dental Water Additive for Dogs

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Best Features:

  • Contains Chlorhexidine and Zinc Gluconate
  • Strong Antimicrobial Properties
  • Keeps Dog’s Drinking Water Fresh & Bacteria Free
  • Removes Plaque & Controls Tartar
  • Effective Against Bad Odor

Adding Petrodex to your pet’s daily drinking water, aids in complete oral health care and oral hygiene of your dog. Its two main ingredients – Chlorhexidine and Zinc Gluconate provide strong antimicrobial benefits helping to keep the drinking water fresh throughout the day, while also fighting against plaque and tartar buildup on the canine’s teeth.

The Best…?

The water additive fights the bacteria and neutralizes the hot trash smell that drifts out when dogs open their mouth. It also helps in reservoir waterers to forestall that gross slimy buildup in the bottom of the dog water dishes between washings.

Furthermore, the product helps brighten teeth, freshen breath, supports healthy gums… and makes your dog’s teeth and gums look like those of a yearling!

11). Paw Brothers Dog Dental Water Additive for Fight Against Periodontal Diseases

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Best Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Freshens breath
  • Reduces plaque and tartar
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Prevents Periodontal Diseases

Dog Dental Water Additive by Paw Brothers, is a complete dental solution for dogs. With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, the product effectively fights plaque and tartar and keeps your dog’s breath smelling fresh for 12 hours.

12). Essential Values 8 OZ Pet Dental Spray & Water Additive for Dogs

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Best Features:

  • Direct Spray Application + Water Additive (2-in-1 Formula)
  • Diminishes Tartar, Plaque, and Gum-Related Infections
  • Eliminates Nasty Smelling Pet Breath
  • Contains no Alcohol and no Toxins

Excellent for Direct Spray Application in Mouth and Safe for Use as A Water Additive – the Essential Values 8 OZ Pet Dental Spray is a 2 in 1 solution for all your dog’s oral care and oral hygiene needs.

The product effectively removes nasty pet breath while diminishing tarter, plaque, and other gum related infections. Designed to Eliminate Nasty Smelling Pet Breath Without The utilization of Alcohol or Toxins, this All-Natural Dog Breath Freshener also works great as a digestive aid in dogs.

It helps fight, defend, and slow down the process of gum-related ailments that may lead to gingivitis. Regular use of this product disposes of foul breath while keeping your pet a bay from periodontal diseases and mouth infections.

13). Virbac Aquadent Water Additive for Healthy Gums

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Best Features:

  • Promotes Healthy Gums
  • Solves Gum-Related Infections

Designed purely for healthy gums, Virbac Aquadent is only recommended for senior dogs battling Gum-Related issues and infections. The product contains Xylitol as the main ingredient, which helps to maintain healthy gums.

14). Oxyfresh Water Additive for Dogs

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Best Features:

  • Features Advanced Oxygene Formula
  • Eliminates Smelly Dog Breath
  • Fights Plaque & Tartar
  • Tastes Odorless
  • Made in the USA
  • Vet Approved

Recommended by Veterinarians in the USA and made from 100% non-toxic ingredients, the Oxyfresh features Oxygene Formula which has proven to be extremely effective against plaque buildup, tartar formation, and bad breath.

With thousands of positive user ratings on Amazon, Oxyfresh promises best oral care and oral hygiene for dogs of all sizes, while also diminishing the need for regular tooth brushing.

15). Pet Kiss Plaque and Tartar Water Additive Oral Care

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Best Features:

  • Alcohol-Free
  • Freshens Breath
  • Reduces Plaque and Tartar
  • Contains Natural Ingredients

The Pet Kiss Plaque provides your pooch with the essential daily oral hygiene care they need. This Alcohol-Free product cleans teeth while effectively fighting against plaque, tartar, and smelly mouth breath.

How to use a Dog Dental Water Additive?

Check with your veterinarian for appropriate use and guidance preceding starting dental water additives to ensure they don’t react with any health condition that your dog has or any medicine they might be on.

To use dental water additives in your canine’s water, adhere to the guidelines on the packaging. This commonly includes how much additives should be poured in how much quantity of water.

*For best results, Dog Dental Water Additives should be added to your pet’s drinking water daily, except if in any case noted on the packaging label.

What are the benefits of using Dog Dental Water Additives?

  • Eliminates the need for manual tooth brushing
  • Ideal for stubborn dogs who dislike brushing
  • Quick, Easy & Effective Dog Teeth Cleaning
  • Fights Plaque Buildup
  • Controls Tartar Formation
  • Keeps Bacteria out from Dog’s Mouth
  • Freshen Dog’s Breath

Are Dental Water Additives Safe for Dogs?

All the Vet-Approved and Clinically-Proven Dental Water Additives are 100% safe for dogs of all sizes and breeds and require no prescription. These products come from these three major brands – Oxyfresh, Dental Fresh, and iMREX.

Other additive products contain Xylitol and Chlorhexidine gluconate which might not suit every dog and cause diarrhea. Therefore, you must ask your VET before using them.

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